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Ship Annapolis, Liverpool to Baltimore Maryland 20 May 1851

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Ship Annapolis, Liverpool to Baltimore Maryland 2
...Transcript of Leaf 1 of Passenger List (pages 1 & 2 online) from David Asprey
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Transcript of Passenger List

List of Passengers taken on board the Ship Annapolis at Liverpool burthen 896 65/96 Tons and bound for Baltimore

Annapolis May 1851
Name Surname Age M/F Occupation Where going Deaths/Births
Mary Doherty 35 F Housewife Maryland  
Hugh Doherty 2 M -- --  
John Doherty Inft M -- --  
James McKenna 18 M Labourer do.  
Thomas Conlon 20 M do. do.  
Henry Doolitter 40 M do. do.  
Francis Benvill 18 M do. Kentucky  
Cathn O達rien 50 F Seamstress Maryland  
James O達rien 24 M Labourer do.  
Ellen O達rien. 20 F Seamstress do.  
Bridget O達rien. 17 F do. do.  
Phillipp O達rien. 11 M -- do.  
Cathn Whelan 18 F do. do.  
Cathn Steadon 45 F Housekeeper do.  
Cath Steadon 12 F -- do.  
Anne Curtis 23 F Seamstress Philadelphia  
James Cavanagh 50 M Weaver Maryland  
Anne Cavanagh. 30 F Housekeeper do.  
Wm Kenny 34 M Labourer do.  
Mary Elwood 12 F -- do.  
Bridget Elwood. 10 F -- do.  
Thomas Coan 20 M [illegible] do.  
Anne McCade 20 F Seamstress do.  
Robert Shiels 20 M Labourer do.  
Lewis Delaney 25 M Farmer do.  
Edwd Digby 24 M Labourer do.  
Unity Digby. 20 F Seamstress do.  
Cathn Digby. 22 F do. do.  
Andy Farrell 22 F do. do.  
Bridget Byrne 25 F do. do.  
George Chester 32 M Farmer do.  
Sarah Chester 32 F Housekeeper do.  
John Chester. 7 M Child do.  
William Chester. 5 M do. do.  
George Chester 50 M Farmer do.  
George Gibson 40 M do. do.  
Chas Gillespie 24 M Labourer do.  
Wm Shiner 12 M -- do.  
Bridget Keenan 45 F Housekeeper do.  
George Shehan 22 M Labourer do.  
Michl Gofney 24 M do. do.  
Thomas Gilded 20 M do. do.  
John Elogate 22 M do. do.  
Thomas King 30 M do. do.  
Pat Curtis 56 M Farmer Washington D.C.
Mary Fracid** 17 F Seamstress Maryland  
Peggy Daly 22 F Housekeeper do.  

Last Updated on 27/08/03
By Lorine McGinnis Schulze

Transcribers Notes:

** uncertain [sic] as given, though in error

original spelling retained, except: "Seamstress" seems to be written "Seamstres" in some cases - it has been regularised

Full names have been added to replace 'ditto' for ease of reference'

The original manifest clearly consisted of five leaves, now reproduced in 10 frames in overlapping pairs. Apart form the 1st page the sequence of leaves as filmed is almost certainly not correct

The 5th and 6th frames probably comprise the final leaf as it ends with the only cabin passenger and is the only one that is complete. All the others have lost at least one entry from the foot, maybe more, apparently in the filming process

ANNAPOLIS reported as arrived Baltimore 20 May 1851

Source: Microfilm print of original manifest FHL US/CAN 417390

Transcribed by David Asprey [email protected] August 2003

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