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Cornelia July 22, 1851 Smyrna to New York

From the "New York Times" dated Sept. 19, 1851

Pass.'s Surname ; First Name ; Remarks ; Ship ; Rig ;Origin Port ; Destination ; Master ;Trip start; Cargo; Consignment
BENTON ;William A., Rev. ;lady and child; Cornelia ;Bark ; Smyrna ;New York; [Hutch….] ;07/22/1851 ;wood ;to master
PAULDING ;James B. ; Cornelia; Bark ; Smyrna New York ;[Hutch….] ;07/22/1851 wood ;to master
SEARGENT ;Seawall ;and lady ;Cornelia ;Bark ; Smyrna ;New York ;[Hutch….] 07/22/1851 ;wood ;to master
SHERMAN; John Roger ; Cornelia ;Bark ; Smyrna ;New York ;[Hutch….]; 07/22/1851 wood ;to master

Last Updated on June 19, 2003
Transcriber Diane McClay
Dates are in month/day/year format
Notes from Diane: data from the 4th and last ship mentioned under "Passengers Arrived" in the "New York Times", for the paper dated Friday Sept. 19, 1851 (issue 2), page 4.

The surname "Rev. William A. Benton", might begin with a "R.", but it looked more like a "B." After the surname, there was wriiten: " A. B. C. F. M., lady and child". I do not know what those letters after his name stands for.

Under "Arrived", where the ship was also listed, it was smudged, and it was difficult to read the captain's name, but it started with "Hutch..", and then maybe "ins",after the "h", and then 2 or 3 letters, that I could not read at all.

There were only four names listed for this ship.

On the microfilm reel for this paper, for these beginning dates for this paper, there were NO dates and NO page numbers, at the top of each page, so I had to go by the begining page (page 1) of each day's paper, and then count the pages. This data about the "Passengers Arrived" and "Marine Intelligence" (Port of New York- September 18, 1851) I had counted to be on page 4. But two (2) more pages after this page, was annother "Passenger Arrived" list of 3 ships and the "Marine Intelligence" (Port of New York-September 19, 1851) "Arrived" and "Cleared" lists of ships. I do not know what date, nor what page number to give it.

Then there was the first page(front page) of the paper, dated for Sept. 20, 1851, issue 3, and counting forward to page 4 for that day, was the "Marine Intelligence" (Port of New York-September 20, 21, 1851) list of ships "Cleared" and "Arrived". There was no "Passengers Arrived" list, but a couple of ships mentioned "pass." as cargo.

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