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Child Apprentices in America from Christ's Hospital, London 1617-1778

This is an index of names of Child Apprentices in America from Christ's Hospital, London 1617-1778. For full details see the book Child Apprentices in America from Christ's Hospital, London 1617-1778 by Peter Coldham. The page numbers refer to the page in that book where the child apprentice immigrant ancestor will be found. The book is available in many libraries or it can be ordered through or you can request a lookup from Bonnie Weber

Christ's Hospital was established in 1553 for the benefit of orphaned children or those impverished or orphaned children made homeless. If they were legitimate children of free men of the City of London, over four years of age and free from obvious infirmity, they were to be educated and prepared either for entrance to a university or apprenticeship to a trade. From the late 17th century, up to 150 children were admitted annually to "Bluecoat School" on recommendation of their parishes, and a further ninety or so under the terms of charitable endowments. But as early as 1617 large numbers of these children left England to serve apprenticeships in America. Beginning with those children apprenticed to the Virginia Company in 1617, about 1,000 Christ's Hospital students left England to take up such apprenticeships. The "Children's Registers" are housed in the manuscript department of the London Guildhall, and it is from these that Mr. Coldham extracted data on child emigrants. The entries are in chronological order and in a slightly abbreviated form. Given are the name of the child, his date of birth or baptism, date of admission, native parish, the name and occupation of his father, date of discharge, the name of the person to whom he was apprenticed, and the place in America where he was to serve his apprenticeship.

"W" Surname Child Apprentices in America from Christ's Hospital, London 1617-1778

Surname First Name Page Number
Wade John 102
Wade Samuel 107
Wadeson Samuel 58
Wadham John 106
Wager Elizabeth 110
Waite John 75
Walcott Eyare 56
Waldy James 32
Walford John 89
Walford Tompson 89
Walker Abraham 73
Walker Alexander 92 93
Walker Anthony 47 110
Walker George 42 59 101
Walker James 34 50 101
Walker Job 103
Walker John 103
Walker Mary 73
Walker Peacock 47
Walker Thomas 79 101 129
Walklate Sarah 130
Wall Tobias 59 74 78
Wallace Mary 135
Wallace Samuel 135
Wallace Thomas 135
Wallband Mary 47
Wallcott William 98
Walley Samuel 64
Wallington Benjamin 21
Wallington William 21
Wallis Edward 17
Wallis Humphrey 84
Wallis John 84
Wallis Joseph 17
Walmsley Edward 87
Walmsley Sarah 93
Walmsley Thomas 69
Walmsley William 69
Walnar John 101
Walnar William 101
Walrond Main Swete 133
Walsh Delacourt 129 131
Walter James Siddall 133
Walters Ellinor 23
Walters James 23
Walters John 23
Walton Isaac 107
Wane George 93
Ward Isaac 15
Ward Jacob 15 44
Ward Martha 82
Ward Richard 15*
Ward Thomas 82
Ward Ursula 44
Ward William 134
Warner Ashton 73 95 103
Warner Daniel 106 114
Warner Thomas 98 106
Warren Dominick 106
Warren Elizabeth 10o6
Warren John 95
Warren Josiah 106
Warren Miles 106
Warren Thomas 17 95
Warter Francis 57
Washington George 7
Waterman Lawrence 64
Waterman Priscilla 64
Waterman Samuel 64
Watkins John 116
Watkinson John 34
Watson Benjamin 14
Watson George 58
Watson Jane 58
Watson John 26
Watson Mary 123
Watson William 14 58
Watton John 114
Watton Thomas 114
Waugh John 125
Wayne Richard 121
Weadley John 105
Weale Charles 79
Weatherill James 96
Webb Isaac 55
Webb Jacob 92
Webb James 92
Webb John 55
Webb Nathaniel 53
Webster Henry 56
Webster John 74
Weeden Nicholas 22
Welch Edward 118
Wells Francis 58 74
Wells Henry 130
Wells Joseph 12
Wells Richard 12
West George 65
West Jane 65
West John 14 77
West Richard 14
West William 65
Westcott John 112
Westell Francis 45
Westell Nicholas 45
Whaley Mary 30
Whaley Richard 64
Wharton Anthony 111 112 116
Wheatle Robert 75
Wheelhouse John 37
Wheelhouse William 37
Wheeler Hannah 117
Wheeler Henry 119
Wheeler James 117
Wheeler John 117
Wheeler Samuel 67
Whiffing Richard 17
Whitaker Chief Justice 91
Whitaker Edward 59
Whitaker John Thomas Henry 138
Whitaker Sarah 59
Whitaker William 59 90 93 138
Whitechurch James 107
White Henry 88 122
White John 17 26 34 38 127 128
White Margaret 34
White Patrick 108
White Samuel 17 38
White Thomas 26 34
White William 109 112 127
White Zachariah 112
Whitehall Samuel 99
Whitehead Charles 97
Whitehead Phillip 46
Whitehorne Bartholomew 26
Whitehorne William 68
Whitlidge Daniel 41
Whitlidge George 41
Whitlidge Robert 41
Whitlock George 73
Whitlock James 73
Whillte John 130
Whittorne Giles 22
Whittorne John 22
Whittorne Ruth 22
Whitworth Cornelius 51
Whitworth Daniel 51
Whitworth Sarah 51
Wicks John 101
Widenell Francis 34
Widenell Hester 34
Widenell John 34
Wibird John 78
Wibird Joseph 78
Wibird Mary 78
Wickham John 73
Wigg George 96
Wightwick Francis 84 99
Wigston Robert 111 112
Wilcox Elizabeth 82
Wilcox John 82
Wilde Joseph 12
Wilkington Richard 16
Wilkinson Rachel 48
Wilkinson Richard 16
Wilkinson Samuel 48
Wilkinson Thomas 48
Wilkinson William 121
Wilks Anthony 35
Willard William 33 34
Willett John 47
Willey Thomas 20
Williams Elizabeth 85
Williams George 47
Williams Hannah 47
Williams James 85
Williams John 16 70
Williams Mary 29 85 126
Williams Thomas 47 67
Willis Francis 46 111
Willis John 29
Willock Robert 100
Wilmoth Mary 93
Wilmoth Richard 93
Wilmoth Robert 102*
Wilmoth William 93
Wil[l]son Ann 60
Wil[l]son Benjamin 75
Wil[l]son Charles 126
Wil[l]son Edward 60
Wil[l]son Francis 100
Wil[l]son Henry 134
Wil[l]son Jane 77
Wil[l]son Patrick 109
Wil[l]son Robert 60
Wil[l]son Roderick 119 127
Wil[l]son Thomas 28 29
Wil[l]son William 75
Wilton Edward 19
Wilton Mathew 19
Winder Abraham 76
Winslow Catherine 123
Winslow Isaac 91
Winslow Richard 123
Winslow Richard Bright 123
Winston Charles 137 138
Wint Samuel 66
Wint Thomas 66
Winthrop Jonathan 53
Winthrop Wait 53
Winwood Joseph 97
Wise John 53
Wise Thomas 16
Wise William 16
Wiseham Richard 106
Wiseham Samuel 122
Wiseham William 122
Withall Joseph 59
Withers John 64
Withers William 64
Withers John 44 47
Withers Robert Smith 47
Wondey Thomas 71
Wood Elizabeth 113
Wood Hannah 52
Wood Lionell 27
Wood Robert 27
Woodall Hester 96
Woodards Rebecca 123
Woodards Thomas 123
Woodards William 123
Woodason James 110
Woodbridge Dudley 38 53
Woodin Henry 129
Woodin John 129
Woodley John 45
Woodropp Alexander 58
Woodward Amos 66
Woodward John 111
Woodyatt Edward 70
Woodyatt Joseph 70
Woodyer Edward 81
Woodyer Lumley 81
Woolford Thomas 106
Woollery John 92
Wolley Benjamin 25
Worger James 85
Wragg Joseph 50
Wragg Samuel 49* 50 64 66 93
Wray James 90
Wrayford William 18
Wright Ann 104
Wright Benjamin 135
Wright Griffin 75
Wright Jacob 76
Wright James 112
Wright John 64 122
Wright Katherine 88
Wright Mary 41 76
Wright Robert 22
Wright Savell 13
Wright Susannah 112
Wright William 22 76 127
Wrighton John 53
Wrighton Margaret 53
Wrighton William 53
Wriglesworth Charles 32 37
Wyatt Lucy 31
Wyatt William 41

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By Glenda


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