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Jewish Home for Children

Source: Philadelphia Ward 22, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1900 Census ED 512

Historical Background

The Jewish Foster Home was founded in 1855 by Rebecca Gratz (and others). Five children were taken into the Home which originally was at 799 North Eleventh Street. By the time of the 1900 census the Home moved to Church Lane (Mill Street) near Chew Street in Germantown and the name was given as the Jewish Home on the census of that year. The official name was the Jewish Foster Home and Orphan Asylum of Philadelphia.

The first person listed in the 1900 staff and inmate list is Samuel Fleischman and family. He is listed as "Minister and [Suff?], his wife Matilda is listed as "Matron" There is also a "Governor" and "Governess" and other employees. The 118 children are all listed as inmates

...See PJAC website for more information and photos of the Jewish Home

Name; Estimated Birth Year; Birthplace

Louis Aaroustein born abt 1892 New York
  Philip Aaroustein born abt 1890 New York
  Jennie Adolphi born abt 1885 New York
  Rebecca Alls born abt 1887 Pennsylvania
  Herman Ball born abt 1900 Romania
  Jacob Becker born abt 1891 Pennsylvania
  Louis Becker born abt 1889 Pennsylvania
  Rebecca Beckerman born abt 1892 Pennsylvania
  Ida Behrman born abt 1888 New Jersey
  Isaac Behrman born abt 1890 Philadelphia
  Morris Behrman born abt 1890 Philadelphia
  Irene Benson born abt 1889 Pennsylvania
  Charles Bernstein born abt 1892 Pennsylvania
  Stella Blum born abt 1888 Pennsylvania
  Harry Brannstein born abt 1889 Russia
  Nathan Chaikin born abt 1887 Russia
  Michael Clofine born abt 1887 Russia
  Pearlie Cohen born abt 1887 Pennsylvania
  Philip Commonmaker born abt 1887 Russia
  Harry Deancoin born abt 1887 Pennsylvania
  Jennie Dublitzky born abt 1887 Pennsylvania
  Samuel Edelman born abt 1886 Russia
  Nathan Einhorn born abt 1890 Pennsylvania
  Sylvan Einstein born abt 1892 Philadelphia
  Rebecca Feldman born abt 1886 Russia
  Isidore Freidman born abt 1892 Pennsylvania
  Tillie Freidman born abt 1891 Pennsylvania
  Leah Friedlander born abt 1891 Pennsylvania
  Sara Friedlander born abt 1887 Russia
  Ida Friedman born abt 1887 New York
  Benjamin Glaser born abt 1887 Russia
  Jennie Glaser born abt 1891 Russia
  Mary Glick born abt 1887 Pennsylvania
  Florence Goldberg born abt 1891 Russia
  Bessie Goodman born abt 1892 Pennsylvania
  Rosa Goodman born abt 1890 Pennsylvania
  Samuel Gordon born abt 1894 Philadelphia
  Morris Gross born abt 1890 Pennsylvania
  Samuel Gross born abt 1891 Pennsylvania
  Annie Grossberg born abt 1893 Pennsylvania
  Soloman Grossman born abt 1887 Russia
  George Halpern born abt 1888 Russia
  Florence Harris born abt 1889 Philadelphia
  Abraham Harrison born abt 1887 England
  Samuel Harrison born abt 1891 England
  Daniel Hayman born abt 1890 Philadelphia
  Rachel Heisler born abt 1888 Philadelphia
  Lillie Hollenberg born abt 1893 Pennsylvania
  Samuel Huss born abt 1888 Russia
  David Hyman born abt 1890 New York
  Bennie Jastofsky born abt 1891 Pennsylvania
  Hyman Kanders born abt 1887 Hampdenvery
  Hannah Kantrawitz born abt 1887 Russia
  Sarah Kaplan born abt 1894 Pennsylvania
  Rosei Klein born abt 1886 Pennsylvania
  Mager Kohn born abt 1891 Russia
  Jacob Krakofsky born abt 1888 Russia
  Morris Krakofsky born abt 1890 Russia
  Harry Landan born abt 1889 Russia
  Bertha Lax born abt 1889 Hungary
  Emanuel Leherwitz born abt 1887 Pennsylvania
  Morris Levinson born abt 1887 England
  Rachel Lewin born abt 1891 Pennsylvania
  Mamie Liepshutz born abt 1887 Pennsylvania
  Anna Machefsky born abt 1885 Philadelphia
  Samuel Margulies born abt 1891 Philadelphia
  Abraham Massowitch born abt 1889 Pennsylvania
  Thomas Massowitct born abt 1886 Pennsylvania
  Charles Meiman born abt 1890 Russia
  Abraham Migalsky born abt 1889 Pennsylvania
  Emily Miller born abt 1891 Pennsylvania
  Harry Miller born abt 1893 Pennsylvania
  Israel Miller born abt 1890 Philadelphia
  Louis Miller born abt 1888 Pennsylvania
  Mayer Mitchnick born abt 1883 Pennsylvania
  Alice Myer born abt 1886 Pennsylvania
  Jennie Myer born abt 1884 Pennsylvania
  Fannie Octser born abt 1888 Pennsylvania
  Annie Perlman born abt 1891 Russia
  Abraham Pollowitzky born abt 1889 Russia
  Morris Pollowitzsky born abt 1891
  David Ratin born abt 1887 Russia
  Benjamin Reipstein born abt 1894 Pennsylvania
  Bessie Reipstein born abt 1888 Pennsylvania
  Samuel Reipstein born abt 1890 Pennsylvania
  Nettie Reisman born abt 1893 Russia
  Afred Roggenburger born abt 1889 Pennsylvania
  Hyman Rosenbaum born abt 1891 Pennsylvania
  Louis Rosenthal born abt 1888 Pennsylvania
  Aaron Rosenzweig born abt 1888 Russia
  Benjamin Rosenzweig born abt 1887 Russia
  David Rubenstein born abt 1893 Pennsylvania
  Samuel Rubenstein born abt 1890 Pennsylvania
  Solomon Rutnick born abt 1889 Russia
  Harry Sadler born abt 1886 Pennsylvania
  Clarence Saltiel born abt 1895 New York
  Benjamin Schwartz born abt 1893 Pennsylvania
  Lillie Schwartz born abt 1891 Pennsylvania
  Jennie Silberman born abt 1887 Russia
  Mollie Silverman born abt 1889 Russia
  Soloman Silverman born abt 1888 Russia
  Morris Sokolow born abt 1890 Russia
  Soloman Sokolow born abt 1892 Russia
  Ella Stadler born abt 1900
  Herman Sugarman born abt 1891 Pennsylvania
  Louis Sugarman born abt 1891 Pennsylvania
  Frank Taub born abt 1888 Hungary
  Esther Weiss born abt 1890 Pennsylvania
  Harry Weiss born abt 1893 Pennsylvania
  Lazarus Weiss born abt 1892 Pennsylvania
  Lizzie Weiss born abt 1893 Pennsylvania
  Soloman Weiss born abt 1889 Pennsylvania
  Joseph Winkelman born abt 1893 Pennsylvania
  Sophia Winkelman born abt 1891 Pennsylvania
  Fanny Witofsky born abt 1890 Philadelphia
  Helen Witofsky born abt 1892 Pennsylvania
  Abraham Zipper born abt 1890 Pennsylvania
  Lena Zipper born abt 1892 Pennsylvania

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