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1864 Remley Family Photo Album

Album wine coloured leather, no clasps, book format

Civil War photo album, full leather with twenty-five pages, done as a book without a clasp, 6 by 7.75", pages 6 by 7.25", holding 48 vintage, original albumen photographs on CDV and two ninth plate tintyped in paper frames. The album was presented and signed by Capt. Joseph R. Remley to his wife, Margaret R. ("Maggie R.") Capt. Remley served with the 163rd Ohio Regiment (National Guard). The second image is of his wife, the next image is of William T. Cunningham, who later was a captain with the 40th Ohio Infantry, and the other uniformed soldier is Thomas McGuire, who was married to Mrs. Remley's sister. McGuire served in the 163rd under his brother-in-law and died near the end of the war of dysentary. All the remaining photos are of Civil War period and all from Ohio. Remley was from Mansfield, Ohio, and other towns represented are Ashland, Wooster and several from Cincinnati.

Surnames: Remley, McCrim, Cunningham, Broadwell, Rider, Traylor, Igasham?, Hopkins, Mason, Haines

Locations: Ohio,

Album #3 REMLEY

List of photos as identified in album in period handwriting

Inscription: Mrs. Maggie R Remley’s Album. Presented Sept 17th. 1864 by Captn. J R R
  • REM-1. Civil war officer with sword and full uniform. Writing in album “Capt. Joseph R Remley” reverse: A. Whissemore, photographer, Mansfield Ohio [Note from a CW enthusiast "The featured photo of the standing officer is, I believe really Colonel Hiram Miller of the 163rd Ohio rather than Captain Remley. The double-breasted uniform coat indicates a field officer (colonel) and not a line officer (captain)"]
  • REM-2. Writing in album “Mrs. Margaret R Remley” reverse- A Whissemore, photographer, Mansfield, Ohio
  • REM-3. Writing in album “James A. McCrim?” reverse – A Whissemore, Photographer, Mansfield ohio
  • REM-4. Writing in album “William T. Cunningham” front – W T C. Reverse – The Compliments of W T C to Mrs. M R R
  • REM-5. Writing in album “Bruce Remly” reverse – “for Bruce. Your Pa was 16 years when this was taken”
  • REM-6. Woman, cw period. Reverse – B F Baltzly, photographer, Wooster Ohio
  • REM-7. Writing in album “father Remley”
  • REM-8. Woman no writing
  • REM-9. Young woman no name. Reverse – Prof. G W Doty, photographer, Wooster Ohio
  • REM-10. Young man no name
  • REM-11. man no name. Reverse – 2 cent blue george washington stamp
  • REM-12. young woman, ringlets, cw dress. No name. Reverse – 2 cent blue george washington stamp
  • REM-13. young woman, ears show. Front Greenwald photographer Wooster Ohio. Reverse – J P Greenwald, S E Cor Public Square, Wooster Ohio
  • REM-14. man no name. Reverse – E M Ensminger, photographer, Ashland Ohio. 2 cent blue George Washington Stamp
  • REM-15. man no name. Reverse – A Whissemore, photographer, Mansfield ohio
  • REM-16. woman no name
  • REM-17. toddler no name. Reverse – Johnson’s Photograph and Fine Art Gallery, one door east of Miller House, Ashland Ohio
  • REM-18. young woman, ringlets, no name
  • REM-19. man, no name. Reverse – Winder & Co’s Gem Gallery, 160 Fitfth St between Race & Elm, Cincinnati
  • REM-20. man no name. Reverse – M V Dunalp. Photographer, rooms opposite National Bank, Main St. Salem Ohio. 2 cent orange George Washington Stamp, cancelled
  • REM-21. woman, no name. Reverse – two 1 cent brown george washington stamps, cancelled
  • REM-22. older woman, no name. Reverse had stamp, it is missing. Cowan’s New Photograph gallery, Cincinnati
  • REM-23. woman. Reverse 2 cent orange George Washington Stamp, cancelled. In pencil “Becca Haines, Wayness, Ohio”
  • REM-24. man no name. Reverse – Landy Photographer, 208 Fourth St Cor. Plum, Cincinnati, ohio
  • REM-25. woman no name. Reverse – 2cent George Washington stamp, cancelled
  • REM-26. man, no name. Reverse – From Porter’s Gallery, 106 Fourth St. Cincinnati
  • REM-27. writing in album “Amelia Ihgsham”? last name hard to read – I-ghsam. Reverse – Melissa Hopkins. One 2 cent orange George Washington stamp, cancelled
  • REM-28. man no name. Reverse From Howland’s New Gallery, 170 W Fifth St, Cincinnati Ohio
  • REM-29. young man no name. Reverse 2 cent George Washington Stamp, torn. Cancelled. M V Dunlap, Photographer, Room sopposite National bank, Main St. Salem Ohio
  • REM-30. woman, ringlets, cw style. Reverse – Winder’s Cartes de Visite, Photograph Gallery, No. 373 Central Avenue, Opp. C—art St. Cincinnati, Ohio
  • REM-31. writing in album “George Mason” reverse – George Mason
  • REM-32. tin. Man no name
  • REM-33. writing in album “Nathaniel Broadwell” reverse – “Nathaniel Broadwell” Photographed by Van Loo & French, Successors to Charles Waldack, 24 Fourth Street, over Smith and Ditson’s Hall, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • REM-34. young man. Tin. Potters Patent March 1, 1863 stamped and embossed on front cardboard
  • REM-35. young woman no name
  • REM-36. young woman no name
  • REM-37. man no name
  • REM-38. man no name
  • REM-39. little chubby toddler, no name
  • REM-40. baby no name. Reverse – Jo’s Watson, photographer, 160 W 5th St betw Race & Elm, Cincinnat, ohio
  • REM-41. writing in album “Clara Rider” front of photo “Clara Rider” different handwriting
  • REM-42. man no name
  • REM-43. man no name
  • REM-44. two women, no names
  • REM-45. little girl, no name
  • REM-46. man. Front “D. L. Heath Norwalk Ohio” photographers label
  • REM-47. man no name
  • REM-48. reverse – Mrs. N. C. Trayler plus something else (initials?) underneath
  • REM-49. man no name
  • REM-50. man no name
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Remley Civil War Family Photo
Remley Civil War Family Photo
Remley Civil War Family Photo
Remley Civil War Family Photo
Remley Civil War Family Photo
Remley Civil War Family Photo
Remley Civil War Family Photo
Remley Civil War Family Photo
Remley Civil War Family Photo
Remley Civil War Family Photo
Remley Civil War Family Photo
Remley Civil War Family Photo