Philetus Sawyer Family Civil War
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Lost Faces

Philetus Sawyer Family Photo Album

Civil War Era Philetus Sawyer Family Album with CDVs (Cartes de Visites) and tintypes circa 1860s. Note: V=Verso (back of photo)

Album #39 Philetus Sawyer

Surnames: Sawyer, Sturtevant, Pinkney, Hadley, Ellwsworth, Perkins, Flynn, Marden, Perkins, Falder, McDonald, Johnson

Locations: Wisconsin, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont

Types of Early Photographs

The type of photograph in an album helps to date the album

Daguerreotypes (ca 1839)

Photography in USA began circa 1839 but not many are found before 1854.

Ambrotypes (circa 1854)

The ambrotype was a glass negative backed with black material so it appeared as a positive image

Tintypes (ca 1855)

The Ferrotype process (tintypes) was introduced in the United States in 1855. It substituted an iron plate for glass and is one of a kind. No copies could be made from a tintype.

Carte de Visite or CDVs (ca 1859)

CDV stands for carte de visite. CDVs replaced ambrotypes, producing a card 2.5 by 4" CDVs arrived in the United States around 1859, on the eve of the Civil War (1861-1865). On June 30, 1864 a tax on photographs, ambrotypes, daguerreotypes and other "sun-pictures" went into effect. Tax Revenue Stamps had to be placed on the backs of photographs from that date (1864) until August 1, 1866. This helps date CDVs taken in this time period.

Cabinet Cards (circa 1870)

CDVís were replaced in the 1870s by Cabinet Cards which were on a larger 4 by 6" card.
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List of photos as identified in album with my personal research notes inside [ ]
  • PINK-1. Col. Pinkney [Bertine Pinkney, see notes below]
  • PINK-2. Nye G. Sturtevant [born 1816 NY died 1883 Wisconsin. . The Sturtevants were early Oshkosh settlers and neighbors and relatives of the Sawyers] v= Wilkins & Co, Oshkosh Wisconsin. Photo taken before 1864
  • PINK-3. Mrs. N. G. Sturtevant [Mahala Hadley]
  • PINK-4. John H. Sturtevant [s/o Nye & Mahala, taken circa 1864-1866] v= Webster & Walker, Oshkosh Wisconsin plus 2 cent revenue stamp.
  • PINK-5. Mrs. John H. Sturtevant [Susan Hume]
  • PINK-6. Wm. T. Ellsworth [William born 1836 New York s/o Samuel & Nancy Ellsworth]
  • PINK-7. Mrs. Wm. T. Ellsworth [Olive Laverna (Verna) Sturtevant d/o Nye & Mahala, taken circa 1864-1866] v= 3 cent revenue stamp
  • PINK-8. May Eugenia Ellsworth [d/o William & Verna, taken circa 1864-1866] v= 2 cent revenue stamp
  • PINK-9. Emma Eugenia Sturtevant v=W F Webster, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
  • PINK-10. Philetus Sawyer [born 1816 Vermont, died 1900. U. S. Senator 1881-1893, U. S. Congressman 1865-1875, Mayor of Oshkosh Wisconsin] v= J. Wilkins, Oshkosh Wisconsin
  • PINK-11. Mrs. Philetus Sawyer [Malvina Hadley, sister to Mahala - No. 3 above. born 1824 NY died 1888 Washington DC, taken circa 1864-1866] v= Webster & Walker, Oshkosh Wisconsin
  • PINK-12. Emma Sawyer [d/o Philetus & Malvina] v= Webster & Walker, Oshkosh Wisconsin
  • PINK-13. Erna Sawyer [d/o Philetus & Malvina] v= W F Webster, Oshkosh Wisconsin
  • PINK-14. Edgar Sawyer [s/o Philetus & Malvina b 1842 NY md Mary Jewell] v= J. Wilkins, Oshkosh Wisconsin
  • PINK-15. Edgar Sawyer [ taken May 1864] v= J G Roorback, Fond du Lac Wisconsin
  • PINK-16. David Perkins v=Webster & Walker, Oshkosh, Wisconisin [probably David age 55 born Vermonth in 1860 Rosendale Fond du Lac Wisconsin Census, beside Edwin Perkins and family]
  • PINK-17. Mrs. David Perkins v= Wilkins & Co., Oshkosh Wisconsin [Olive T age 63 in 1860, born NY wife of David Perkins]
  • PINK-18. Mary Flynn f="Mary Flynn" v= John F Nice, Williamsport Penn.
  • PINK-19. Armstrong Flynn f="Armstrong Flynn" v= John F Nice, Williamsport Penn
  • PINK-20. Edward Marden [photo taken Dec. 1864] v= Wester's Oshkosh plus 3 cent tax stamp cancelled "Dec. 1864" [Edward born 1842 NY living Oshkosh Wisconsin 1870 near Nye Sturtevant and EDgar P Sawyer and William Ellsworth]
  • PINK-21. Libby Marden [she may be Elizabeth born 1861 Wisconsin, living with Edward Marden family in 1870] v=Wilkins & Co, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
  • PINK-22. Emma E. Sturtevant v= Webster & Walker, Oshkosh Wisconsin "Emma Eugenia Sturtevant aged 5 months & 20 days"
  • PINK-23. Erna Sturtevant v= W F Webster, Oshkosh Wiskinson
  • PINK-24. Edwin Perkins. Civil War Soldier, man in uniform. Tintype, brass mount inserted into paper matte on CDV card. f="Yours truly Edwin R. Perkins" v="Comp. H. 2d Regt. Wis. Vol. Infantry" [Edwin age 29 born VErmont found in 1860 census for Rosendale, Fond du Lac Wisconsin, with Sarah E, age 21, and children Louis E. age 11 and A J (Arthur) age 8 months. See PINK-46, 47. Edwin's parents were probably David Perkins PINK-16 & Olive T., PINK-17, living next to him in 1860]
  • PINK-25. Mrs. Edwin Perkins Tintype in oval matte. v=Robinson's, Ripon WIsconsin[ink stamp]
  • PINK-26. Fanny Falder - governess E. Sawyer [d/o Philetus & Malvina] v= Webster & Walker, Oshkosh Wisconsin
  • PINK-27. Erna & Emma Sawyer & friend [d/o Philetus & Malvina, taken circa 1864-1866] v= 2cent tax revenue stamp
  • PINK-28. Mrs. Stephen Hadley. Gem tintype in oval matte.
  • PINK-29. Stephen Hadley Gem tintype in oval matte [probably father or brother of the Hadley sisters, Mahala and Malvina]
  • PINK-30. Nye P. Ellsworth v = W. - - Robinson, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
  • PINK-31. Nye P. Ellsworth v = W. - - Robinson, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
  • PINK-32. empty
  • PINK-33. Sarah & Nancy Ellsworth v=J Wilkins, Oshkosh Wisconsin
  • PINK-34. no name
  • PINK-35. Mary Moore - N. G. Sturtevant's sister
  • PINK-36. Mary E. Ellsworth [d/o William & Verna] f=Webster Oshkosh, Wisconsin
  • PINK-37. Nye P. Ellsworth [s/o William & Verna] v= = W. - - Robinson, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
  • PINK-38. empty
  • PINK-39. Bertine Pinkney v=Wyckoff's, Ripon Wisconsin [Bertine Pinkney born NYC 1824 s/o William Pinkney & Hannah Bertine, married Louisa Freer/Frear of Poughkeepsie New York. Bertine was a Col. in Civil War,]
  • PINK-40. empty
  • PINK-41. Olive Perkins daughter of Ed. Perkins f=Lockwood, Ripon Wisconsin
  • PINK-42. empty
  • PINK-43. N. G Sturtevant [Nye G, born 1816 NY died 1883 Wisconsin] v= J Wilkins & Co, Oshkosh Wisconsin. "Grandfather Sturtevant"
  • PINK-44. Erna Sawyer [d/o Philetus & Malvina] v= J Godins, Washington DC
  • PINK-45. Erna & Emma Sawyer [d/o Philetus & Malvina]
  • PINK-46. Lewis Perkins v=Cartes de Souvenir, Green Gallery, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
  • PINK-47. Arthur Perkins
  • PINK-48. Robert McDonald v=W F WEbster, Oshkosh Wisconsin
  • PINK-49. no name v= H F Patton's, Appleton Wisconsin
  • PINK-50. Ella Johnson [ taken circa 1864-1866] v= J D Kellogg, Watertown Wisconsin plus 2 cent revenue stamp

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Philetus Sawyer (September 22, 1816 Ė March 29, 1900) was an American politician of the Republican Party who represented Wisconsin in both houses of Congress.

Philetus Sawyer was born in 1816 in Whiting, Vermont, and moved to Crown Point, New York, as an infant in 1817. He moved to Wisconsin in 1847 and worked in the lumber industry. Sawyer's early political career included serving in the Wisconsin State Assembly in 1857 and 1861, and as mayor of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, from 1863 to 1864. He ran for and was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1864 and served for ten years from 1865 until 1875; he did not run for reelection in 1874. Sawyer returned to Congress in 1881 as a U.S. Senator. He served two terms from 1881 to 1893 and did not seek a third.


William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas


COL. BERTINE PINKNEY, Postmaster, was born in New York City, April 26, 1824; his father's name was William H. Pinkney and his mother's Hannah Bertine Pinkney. In 1847 he removed to Rosendale, Fond du Lac Co., Wis., where he resided until coming to Kansas. In 1861 he enlisted in the Third Wisconsin Volunteers and was elected Major of that regiment; was assigned to the Army of the Potomac under Gen. Banks. He participated in the Shenandoah campaign and was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. In 1863, was made Colonel of the Twentieth Wisconsin Volunteers and was ordered to the frontier under Gens. Curtis and Schofield; was soon afterwards afflicted with a stroke of paralysis; and in 1864 resigned and returned to Wisconsin, where he engaged in farming. He was honored by his fellow citizens with one term in the House and two terms in the Senate of Wisconsin; was a candidate for Lieutenant Governor on the first ticket put in nomination by the Republican Party of that State in 1853. Col. P. was married at Ithaca, N. Y. in 1851, to Miss Louisa Frear, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y. and has two children living -- Bertine, now a publisher of Minneapolis, Minn.; Charles C. of Durango, Colo.; William H., a law student, died April 14, 1883, aged twenty-three years and two months; he had graduated from the Kansas State University in 1882 and was a student of Albany Law School when taken sick. Col. P. located in Peabody in 1871 and in 1875 was elected to the Legislature; was appointed Postmaster in 1877. He is a member of the A. F. & A. M. and of Newton Chapter.

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