Neilson Family of Esquesing Township, Halton Co. Ontario
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Lost Faces

Neilson Family of Esquesing Township, Halton Co. Ontario

Burgundy Photo Album, 3 Flowers on Cover

Someone has written on many of the photos in ink. A different hand has written on the backs of some in pencil. Someone also stuck 1935 Easter Seals on the corners of the photo inserts, where tearing had occurred. It almost looks as if someone took the photos out of their pockets, wrote on them and then added the seals to fasten the pockets shut.

Here are most of the photos, postcards and funeral cards from the album. What a great find I made the day I bought this so it wouldn't be lost forever to descendants. Please note that the photos in this album are not available for copies.

Neilson Album

1. Loose photo (cut from larger photo) man in carriage with team of 2 horses. Writing on front: "R. J. Graham" Writing on back: Team reaised by James Stark and sold to R. J. Graham for $400. Later sold by Graham for $700. To go to Nova Scotia

2. In Loving Memory" card glued to page. Died in Puslinch Township, on Tuesday March 1st, 1921 Andrew Aitken Aged 76 years, 4 months and 3 days. The funeral will be held from his late residence, Lot 6, Conc 4, Puslinch, where services will be held on Thursday March 3rd at 2 pm, thence to Hespeler Cemetery for Interment. Friends and acquaintances will please accept this intimation

3. In Loving Memory" card glued to page. Died In Galt Hospital, on Thursday, July 3rd 1919 Annie Matilda, Beloved daughter of Andrew and Margaret Aitken In her 31st year. Thy Will Be Done. The Funeral will be held from the residence of her parents, Lot 6, Conc 4, Puslinch Township, where services will be held, on Sunday, july 6th at 3 o'clock pm thence to Hespeler Cemetery for interment Friends and acquaintances will please accept this intimation

4. top of page: missing photo labelled "Neilson Homestead Lot 5 Conc 6 Esq. Halton"

5. bottom of page: inside of Christmas card (cover on previous page) "Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year, and many returns. Graham Neilson, Sheriff. Prince Albert, Sask. Christmas, 1910

6. unlabelled photo of man with large moustache, in suit with hat and walking stick, left hand in his pocket. Studio backdrop is of trees and Greek columns with stairs. Photographer: Foster & Bezanson, 70 St. Paul St. St Catharines & 42 Jarvis St. Hamilton

7. Unlabelled photo, cut from larger one - 2 children, one is a badby in a wicker pram or chair. One is toddler with ringlets, high boots with laces, wearing drop-waist jacket/dress with leggings. Photographer: N. A. Lou---[cut off], Dresden

8. Photo of man, written on front "John Joyce". Photographer: W. O. Adair, Main Street, Milton

9. Studio photo of seated older man and woman with child between man's legs, two women standing behind them. Writing on back: "Four Generations, Grandfather and Grandmother Neilson, Aunt Ann, Maggie Wilson & daughter" Writing on front : "Abe Neilson, Ann Wilson, Louisa Neilson, Louisa Topham" Photographer: Will. Kay, Georgetown" The older seated woman is wearing a frilly cap, tied under her chin and a big floppy 'tie'. Her mouth has an unusual angled down tilt. The older man has a beard that does not touch his face, only under his chin. I am pretty sure they are Abraham and Louisa (Lawson) Neilson

10. More recent Photo of young child, seated with fancy gown. Writing on front (hard to read) "Alice Williamson" Photographer Ferguson, Georgetown, Ont"

11. Studio photo man with moustache seated with roll of paper in hand, woman standing beside him with high necked gown. Writing on front "W. W. Brown--- [Brownage/Brownridge?]". Photographer: R. N. Trueman, Brampton [Lorine's Note - This is William Ward Brownridge, husband of Louisa Graham Neilson]

12. informal photo, possibly ca 1920s/30s - unlabelled group shot of 8 people.

13. informal photo, possibly ca 1920s/30s - a man crouching, reaching towards a box on ground. Writing on it reads "Jas. Stark br--- [can't read]"

14. unlabelled studio portrait, head and shoulders. One is woman, hair parted in middle and tightly drawn back from her face. . Photographer's name J. W. Cole, Brampton, Ont. 15. unlabelled studio portrait, head and shoulders - a man with moustache and something in his lapel. It is faded and appears to be a photo of a photo, as the man is framed inside oval frame. There is no photographer mark.

16. Studio portrait of small child seated in chair wearing what looks like a dress with scalloped hem. Writing on front "John Newton". Photographer: C W Hill, Acton Ont [Lorine's Note - This is the son of William Newton and Mary Neilson]

17. Man in suit and topcoat (to knees) carrying gloves in one hand, a cigar or walking stick in other. He is wearing a hat and gazing in profile off to side. Has large moustache and is posed in outdoor scene with partial wall. Photographer: Hamilton Photo Co. (sucessors to van Norman) 42 James St. North 42, Hamilton

18. Loose Card with pic of boat. Printed card says "The famous Old Steamer Maruis as it now lies in ruins on the south bank of the Saskatchewan" and under in printed type "A Relic of the Early Eighties"

19. Loose page with hand written names and dates: Abraham Neilson, 23 July 1814; Louisa Neilson, 5th Sept. 1825; Ann Neilson, 20 Dec. 1845; Abraham Neilson 20 Mar 1848; Graham Neilson 23 Jan 1850; Mary Neilson 28 Jan 1852; Margaret Neilson 21 Apr 1854; Andrew Neilson 1 Oct. 1856; William Neilson 24 Arpil 1859; Ellen Neilson 28 Mar 1863; Louisa Graham Neilson 22 Aug 1866. On the side is written "Married Jan 25, 1893"

20. Loose studio photo, head and shoulders shot of man with large moustache, labelled "Graham Neilson". Photographer Marshalls, 96 Wyndham street, Guelph"

21. Loose studio photo, head and shoulders shot of man with beard and moustache, labelled "William Neilson". Photographer AEMcCollum, Brampton

22. Loose In Memoriam Card. Died In Dawn Township On Friday, February 10th, 1939 Jane, Relict of the late Abraham Neilson In her 80th year. The Funeral service will be conducted from the home of her son William Neilson, Lot 11, Conc 1, Dawn township on Sunday February 12, at 2 pm by Rev. G W Stevens of Chrarlemont. Interment in Dresden cemetery. Friends and acquaintances will please accept this intimation and attend

23. Loose funeral card for Louisa Lawson. "Died in Esquesing on Friday Dec 23rd 1904, Louisa Lawson, widow of the late Abraham Neilson in her 80th year. Funeral from her late residence, lot 5, conc 6, Esquesing, on Wednesday, 28th inst. At 2 pm Interment in Boston Church Cemetery. Friends and acquaintances will please accept this intimation [see the funeral card at Ancestors At Rest]

24. Loose funeral card for Abraham Neilson. "Died in Esquesing on Wednesday Oct. 14, 1903, Abraham Neilson, in his 90th year. Funeral from his late residence on Friday, 16th inst. At 2 pm. Interment at Boston Cemetery, Mansewood. Friends and acquaintances will please accept this intimation [see the funeral card at Ancestors At Rest]

25. Loose In Memoriam Card. Died in Dawn Township on Thursady, October 8, 1914, Abraham Neilson, aged 66 years, 6 months, 16 days. The funeral service will be doncucted at his late residence, lot 11, con. 1, on Sunday October 11, at 1:30 pm by the Rev. Norman Lindsay, B.A., afer which interment will take place in Dresden Cemetery. Friends and acquaintances will please accept this intimation

26. Loose studio portrait of man with moustache. Writing on front "William Stark". Photographer D. M Reid, Milton Ont. [Lorine's Note: William STARK b: Abt 1867 in Ontario]

27 Loose studio photo, cut from larger one, of seatedman and woman. Man is in wicker chair. Writing on front "Ann & William Wilson" Writing on back "Uncle Wm & Aunt Ann Wilson" Photographer A. G. Hamilton, Brampton

28. Studio portrait man with moustache, standing, with large rolled documents in his hand. Backdrop is a sofa where his hand rests, and a table with flowers, also a sideboard (probably painted). Writing on front visible only at certain angles reads "Robert Stark" Photographer D. M Reid, Main Street, Milton [Lorine's Note: Robert STARK b: 11 MAR 1870 in Ontario]

29. Studio portrait man with large moustache, head and shoulders shot. Writing "Graham Nolan?Neilson?" Photographer Marshall, Wyndham Street, Guelph

30. Informal photo woman with cow, no writing

31 Young baby , no writing

32 Young woman, studio portrait 1880s? Hair parted middle, tight to heard. J. W. Cole, Brampton Ont , no writing. Looks like No. 35

33 old man, long white hair, scowling, no facial hair, large loosely tied necktie. Photographer: J. S. Thom, Lucan , no writing

34. Loose photo young girl standing leaning backwards on chair. Photographer P. Dobereiner, Guelph.

35. Studio portrait old man, scowling, no facial hair, looks like older version of man in Photo 4 No. 26. Wearing boater type hat, looks like circa 1910s? Photographer Hamilton Photo Co. 42 James St. North, Hamilton

36. Studio portrait man in formal evening wear? Mustache. Writing on front "George Stark" Writing on back "Uncle George Stark, Dentist, Detroit" Photographer Arthur, Detroit. Photo has been cut down from larger one [Lorine's Note: George STARK b: Abt 1873 in Ontario. He was James Stark's brother - James having married Ellen Neilson]

37. Photo, stained and spotted, of man with bushy moustache. Writing on front "Graham Neilson" Writing on back "Uncle Graham Neilson one time Sheriff of Prince Albert, Sask" Photo has been cut down from larger one

38. Studio portrait young man, with moustache. Writing on front "Abe Stark" Photographer R E McCollum, Main St. Brampton [Lorine's Note: Abraham STARK b: Abt 1869 in Ontario]

39. Studio portrait man and woman, cut from larger photo, no photographers mark visible. No writing. Woman is wearing glasses and has frilly 'bib'. Man has bushy moustache and looks like older version of Graham Neilson. I suspect it IS him and possibly his wife

40. Studio portrait of baby in wicker pram with fancy pillow. Cut from larger photo so no photographer's mark. Writing on back "Graham Neilson Jr born 1903"

41. Studio portrait of group of 8 people - man and woman sitting front outside with 4 women (their daughters?) and one young man and one young boy (their sons?) On back is written "Abraham Neilson's Family at Dresden" There is writing in ink on front but it is difficult to read

42. Studio photo of 3 women and a baby - looks like a 4 generation photo. It is cut from a larger one. One woman, the eldest, has glases and a frilly hat tight to her head and tied under her chin. Second oldest woman has her hair parted in middle and tight to her head, third oldest is standin gbehind and has a looser style of hairdo. The 4th person is a baby in a long gown. On back there is writing but some of it was lost apparently when photo was cut (to fit the album?). "…nnie Neilson, Margaret Austin, Matilda Austin, Margaret Au…[rest is missing]"

43. informal photo taken outside - two are of the same man in No. 13. He has the same box.

44. informal photo taken outside - two are of the same man in No. 13. He has the same box.

45. informal photo taken outside - a man holding two horses by the reins

46 . informal photo taken outside -a woman with a dog. My guess is this is the farm of James Stark and wife.

47. Studio shot of young baby in long dress, it has been cut down from a larger picture. No photographer name and no writing

48. Studio portrait, an early one, of man seated and woman standing. This woman has an almost identical cap tied under her chin as the woman in #42. Her mouth has the same angled slant to it and I suspect it is the same woman at a younger age. The man has a beard that is under his chin, not on his face. Photographer G A Hemstreet, Milton Ontario

49. Photo of Louisa Neilson's Coffin Plaque and 4 floral arrangements. It has been cut from a larger one. Writing on the back says "Grandma Neilson" [see the coffin plate at Ancestors At Rest]

50. Studio photo of young man, no facial hair, hair parted in middle, circa 1910s? Writing on back reads "Uncle Hodgin Sta…" This must be Stark. The last name is missing because this photo has been cut down from a larger one. [Lorine's Note: Hodgin STARK b: 1877 in Ontario]

51 . One informal picture glued into album. The picture is a duplicate of the woman and dog in #46.

52 In Memoriam cards glued into album: Died at her late residence, lot 12, Fifth Line, Esquesing Township, on Monday April 19, 1937, Ellen Neilson widow of the late James Stark. The funeral will be held on Wednesday afternoon with service at the home at two o'clock. Interment at Greenwood Cemetery, Georgetown. Please omit flowers

53 In Memoriam cards glued into album: Died at Guelph General Hospital Oct. 2, 1922 Charles Austin, aged 55 years [55 is crossed out and 54 written over in ink], 2 months, 1 day. The funeral will take place from his late residence 6th line Eramosa, to Everton Cemetery. "Thy will be done"

54 & 55. Two loose slips of paper, they look like cheques, with Christmas decorations. They are from "The Bank of Happiness" to "Mr. N. Stark"in the sum of "365 days of Joy, Health and Happiness" from the "Milton District Co-operative" One is dated Dec. 25, 1940, the second Dec. 25, 1941

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Types of Early Photographs

The type of photograph in an album helps to date the album

Daguerreotypes (ca 1839)

Photography in USA began circa 1839 but not many are found before 1854.

Ambrotypes (circa 1854)

The ambrotype was a glass negative backed with black material so it appeared as a positive image

Tintypes (ca 1855)

The Ferrotype process (tintypes) was introduced in the United States in 1855. It substituted an iron plate for glass and is one of a kind. No copies could be made from a tintype.

Carte de Visite or CDVs (ca 1859)

CDV stands for carte de visite. CDVs replaced ambrotypes, producing a card 2.5 by 4" CDVs arrived in the United States around 1859, on the eve of the Civil War (1861-1865). On June 30, 1864 a tax on photographs, ambrotypes, daguerreotypes and other "sun-pictures" went into effect. Tax Revenue Stamps had to be placed on the backs of photographs from that date (1864) until August 1, 1866. This helps date CDVs taken in this time period.

Cabinet Cards (circa 1870)

CDV’s were replaced in the 1870s by Cabinet Cards which were on a larger 4 by 6" card.
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Research on Family

See my research on the Neilson family

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