Lost Faces - Hele and Kingsford Families of Oxford County Ontario
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Lost Faces

Hele and Kingsford Families of Oxford County Ontario

Green Photo Album with Brass Clasps

[Gone to a Good Home]

Inside front cover has a paper glued in which reads

"This album belonged to Mr. & Mrs. John Carroll Hele nee Ann (Annie) Kingsford, The Knowles, Newton Abbott, Devonshire, England. John Carroll Hele was born in England May 2nd 1834. Married Annie Kingsford Feby 20th 1857. Died May 27th 1887 (while visiting relatives in Norwich Ontario and vicinity) at the home of his sister-in-law Mrs. Simcoe? Woodrow, nee Mrs. (Rev) Hugh McGregegor, nee Elizabeth (Lizzie) Kingsford, in North Norwich.

Annie Kingsford was born at Upchurch, England, June 28th, 1831 - the fifth daughter of William and Harriet Kingsford (nee Buncher), married Feby 20th 1857. Died at Woodstock, Ontario, Dec. 20th 1912.

(Signed) Annie Carter Thomas
Henry C. Thomas"

The album is in good shape and it does not look like any of the photos have been taken out of their pockets since they were first inserted. The photos appear to range from the late 1850s, with most from the 1860s and 1870s. All the photos are 2 1/2 x 4" and there are 4 to each page. The total number of photos is 117. I haven't finished listing them all yet but here's a start….. First though, Here are most of the photos laid out - you can see what a treasure trove I've saved from being lost! Please note that the photos in this album are not available for copies.

Hele Kingsford Photo Album

  • 1. Small portrait, hand coloured, of a man wearing clothes in style of Charles Dickens era. His jacket has puffed sleeves where they join at the shoudler, and his vest is curved in front showing a lot of white or light coloured 'bib' effect. His necktie is a loose scarf-like band around his neck with a high white or light coloured collar showing above. He appears to be mid 40s or 50s in age. This is a very early photo, probably when photography first began. Photographer: C. R. Pottinger, Imperial Nursery, Cheltenham [England]
  • 2. 2 hand-written labels but no photos. First says "aunt Annie Hele" Second "Groundreea? Kingsford's older sister who brought her up. A.C.T." [This would be written by Annie Carter Thomas]
  • 3. Small photo of man with dark hair, loosely kept, a bit shaggy, parted on side. His beard is under his chin, but not on his face and he has no mustache. He has a stand-up collar and white or light insert plus a bow. Photographer: Arthur Dawe Artist, Queen St. Exeter.
  • 4. Small photo of woman - the woman herself is a very tiny part of the photo and it is hand painted. She is wearing a cap with lots of ruffles and frills, tied on the side under her chin. Her dress has wide flowing sleeves. She is sitting on a chair hand painted with green upholstery. On back is written "Med Blue Eyes, Little Color, Dk Bn Hair, Eyebrow light" Photographer: C. M Pottinger, Artist, Promenade, Cheltenham. It appears to be same time period as Photo #1
  • 5. Small photo, hand painted, of young woman with dark hair parted in middle, tied back loosely in a bun at nape of neck. She is wearing a dress with a frilly neckline and light insert. Hand written loose label reads "Aunt Annie Hele". It is in the same hand as Annie Carter Thomas' note. On back is written "Mrs. John Carroll Hele (nee Ann "annie" Kingsford)" Photographer: J C Clarke, Artist and Photographer, Aldeburgh
  • 6. Small photo of middle aged man with mutton chops and loosely styled hair parted on side. He is wearing a jacket, vest, shirt with stand up collar and loosely tied tie. Photographer: Walker Bros, 150 Colborne Street, Brantford, Ont. Writing on back "Groundrea's cousin" which is crossed out, then "Rev. George Chittenden of Brantford Ont. My mother's cousin. A.C.T." Also on back is a photographer mark "McMichael Brantford" [Lorine's note - my research found that Annie Carter Thomas' mother was Emma Kingsford, sister of Annie and Lizzie mentioned in note inside album, so her mother's cousin would be either a Kingsford or Buncher nephew] See Brant
  • 7. Small photo of man standing with legs crossed. He is wearing a jacket/coat which is below his knees. His pant legs are wide, he has a jacket/vest buttoned up the front, quite high on his neck and a stand up collar showing under it. His hair is short but loose to his head, parted on side and swept up and back. He has a neatly trimmed beard, no mustache. It looks very much like a Civil War era portrait. Photographer: C. R. Pottinger, Artist, Promenade, Cheltenham
  • 8. Head and shoulders photo of young woman in dress with a fringed collar which ends below her chest. Her sleeves are wide and end loosely at the writst. She has a white or pastel blouse with a high collar and a large ribbon around her neck ending in a locket. She is wearing drop earings and a dark bow/ribbon in her hair which is loosely pulled back. She is wearing large bracelets on her wrists. Looks very much like the woman in Photo #5. Also see Photo #29. Photographer: Bradnee, Torquay & Newton Abbot
  • 9. Small photo of little gril standing besided a chair. She is wearing a pretty gown with dropped shoulders and a ruffled edge along the neckline. The sleeves end half way to her elbows, they are flared and have the same ruffled edging. The skirt is full and gathered at the waist, it ends in two bands of dark coloured ruffles. She has light leggings and dark ankle boots. Her hair is parted in the middle but loosely pulled back in a hairnet at the nape of her neck, similar to Civil War era styles. No photographer markings
  • 10. Head and shoulders photo of young woman with her dark hair parted in middle, swept back at sides but piled up in top knot on her head. She has simple dark earrings and a high necked dark gown with lighter coloured insert at neck. Writing on back "Mrs. Hugh McGregor (nee Elizabeth Kingsford) Aunt Lizzie". Photographer: Heimbecker, Moore's New Block, Norwich
  • 11. Photo of young woman seated in chair. She has dark shiny hair pulled back to nape of her neck and rolled. It covers her ears. Her dress is a horizontal striped shiny material with a very full 'hoop' skirt. There are 8 extremely large 'buttons' down the front all the way to the hem which touches the ground. The neckline has a white or light collar which is a round neck one. She is wearing a dark fringed shawl and a long chain around her neck ending in her lap. Photographer: F. Steele & Co. Photo, Exeter. Writing on paper label "Nellie Yates, daughter of William & Harriet Yates (Kingsford)"
  • 12. Portrait of woman standing wearing long dress with loose wide sleeves ending loosely at wrists, white cuffs showing underneath at wrists. The skirt is very full and gathered at wasit, the top part is tight to her body with a row of very small close buttons and a collar and bow tied at her neck. Her hair is parted in middle and swept back loosely over ears to nape of neck where a matching ribbon is tied. It is Civil War period style. Faded ink writing on back in different hand than ACT's "Maria Healey, taken May 3, 1865" Inserted paper label reads "Mother's cousin daughter of James Buncher my grandmother Kingsfords' brother. ACT" Photographer: Gilchrest, 92 Merrimack St. Lowell, Mass"
  • 13. Head & shoulders photo of elderly woman. She looks to be in her 70s. Her hair is white or grey and lossely styled with ringlets hanging past her chin in front of her ears. She is wearing a white or light coloured cap which hangs down the back of her head like a veil or train. She has a loose white or light coloured shirt crossed at neck and fastened with a brooch. Photographer: Powelson, Detroit [Michigan]. Writing on back "Mrs. William Kingsford (nee Harriett Buncher)" and on inserted paper label written by ACT - "Grandmother Kingsford"
  • 14. Head photo of young woman with hair parted in middle and pulled back loosely into a netted roll at back of head, Civil War style. She has a ribbon in her hair which matches the large bow at her neck. She has a short stand-up collar with white frill showing above. Photographer:Gilchrest, Lowell Mass. I would guess that this is one of Maria Healey's daughters, and based on Photo #15 and census records, I would guess it might be Emma who was 10 in 1860 but would be about 16 or so when this photo was taken.
  • 15. Head photo of young woman with dark hair parted inmiddle and crimped and wavy at top either side of part. It is pulled back loosely to nape of neck and then hangs in ringlets. She has a light coloured lacy band around her neck above her dress. Faded writing on back, not in ACT's hand: "Julia Maria Healey, Lowell, April 19, 1869" Photographer: N. C. Sanborn, Lowell, Mass [Lorine's note - this is Maria Healey's eldest daughter]

.....Continued on page 2

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