Walt, Walters, Bowen, Bowder, Zoller, Snyder, Bauder, Moyer, Fox, Smith, Lampman, Fake, Keller, Cary, Hornkey, Hess, WIles, Johnson, Johnston, Sneck, Miller Family Civil War
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Lost Faces

Album #51 Bauder Zoller Family Photo Album

Civil War Era Bauder Zoller Family Album with CDVs [Cartes de Visites], circa 1860s.

Surnames: Walt, Walters, Bowen, Bowder, Zoller, Snyder, Bauder, Moyer, Fox, Smith, Lampman, Fake, Keller, Cary, Hornkey, Hess, WIles, Johnson, Johnston, Sneck, Miller

Locations: New York, Rochester, Little Falls, Fort Plain, Minden, Cobbleskill, Syracuse, Amsterdam

Types of Early Photographs

The type of photograph in an album helps to date the album

Daguerreotypes (ca 1839)

Photography in USA began circa 1839 but not many are found before 1854.

Ambrotypes (circa 1854)

The ambrotype was a glass negative backed with black material so it appeared as a positive image

Tintypes (ca 1855)

The Ferrotype process (tintypes) was introduced in the United States in 1855. It substituted an iron plate for glass and is one of a kind. No copies could be made from a tintype.

Carte de Visite or CDVs (ca 1859)

CDV stands for carte de visite. CDVs replaced ambrotypes, producing a card 2.5 by 4" CDVs arrived in the United States around 1859, on the eve of the Civil War (1861-1865). On June 30, 1864 a tax on photographs, ambrotypes, daguerreotypes and other "sun-pictures" went into effect. Tax Revenue Stamps had to be placed on the backs of photographs from that date (1864) until August 1, 1866. This helps date CDVs taken in this time period.

Cabinet Cards (circa 1870)

CDVís were replaced in the 1870s by Cabinet Cards which were on a larger 4 by 6" card.
I am pleased to now offer individual photographic reproductions for sale! You can purchase a photographic reproduction of any family photo from my albums. I have rescued over 2500 one-of-a-kind identified family photos taken 1850 to 1900.

Nearly every Photo in this album has the name of the person below it. This was an ESTATE item straight from the families attic. Below is a List of EVERY PERSON shown with a Name [an any additional info acquired] - if there is no location next to the name they are from Fort Plain or Minden
  • BF-1. Granny Walter or Walts
  • BF-2. Mr. Bowen Hotelkeeper v=2 cent revenue stamp [1864-1868]
  • BF-3. Mrs. Bowen or Bowder
  • BF-4. John Zoller [father of Eliza Zoller her DOB 1839. John I. Zoller State Legislator 1843]
  • BF-5. Grandmother Zoller - [mother of Eliza Zoller nee Eliza Sander?] v=2 cent revenue stamp [1864-1868]
  • BF-6. Jacob Snyder
  • BF-7. Caty Snyder [interesting CDV it looks like she is holding this album!]
  • BF-8. John G Bauder v=D Wentworth, Fort Plain New York [DOB 1836 - married Eliza Zoller Bauder 1864]
  • BF-9. Eliza Bauder v=D Wentworth, Fort Plain New York [Eliza Zoller? DOB - 1839 - married John Bauder above and had child Frank W. Bauder]
  • BF-10. Peter B. Moyer v= Wm H Abbot, Little Falls New York [ married in Stone Arabia to Helen M. Fox Moyer BF11 on Oct. 1, 1866]
  • BF-11. Helen Moyer v = Wm H Abbot, Little Falls New York [born Oct. 2, 1848 in New York - Married to Peter B. Moyer BF10, her parents were Peter Daniel Fox and Catherine Smith, her grandparents Daniel Fox & Mary Lampman] Ė
  • BF-12. Hiram Fox v=JJ Putman, Little Falls New York [born April 16, 1822 s/o Jacob Christian Fox & Catharine Galard - DECEASED 1899 - married to Hannah Fake BF-13]
  • BF-13. Hannah Fox - [born - Sept 2, 1822 in Minden New York to George Fake & Catherine Sneider or Snyder- DECEASED 1900 - married to Hiram Fox BF 12]
  • BF-14. no name v=D Wentworth, Fort Plain New York [BF-14 & BF-15 are probably husband and wife]
  • BF-15 no name v=D Wentworth, Fort Plain New York
  • BF-16. Solomon Zoller. Mrs. Solomon Zoller & John [ Little Falls NY DOB 1828 - married Mary Ann Edick 1818-1860]
  • BF-17. John Bauder, Mrs. John Bauder & F. W. v=Wentworth, Fort Plain New York [John Bauder, Eliza Zoller and Frank W. Bauder born 1866]
  • BF-18. Aunt Caty Fake v=Abbot, Little Falls New York
  • BF-19. Isaac Zoller, father of Rob. Charley & Eliza Bauder B--chy. v = C E Dunshee, Rochester, New York [DOB 1816 brother of Eliza Bauder Zoller]
  • BF-20. John Henry Keller & Family v = W H Abbott, Little Falls New York
  • BF-21. Frank W. Bauder [DOB Sept 29, 1866 s/o John & Eliza - married Demetra Estelle Devoe 1888]
  • BF-22. Frank Cary [tintype]
  • BF-23. Sarah Cary v=H Wentworth, Fort Plain New York
  • BF-24. Christian Homkey or Hornkey v= P P Ackley, Ft. Plain New York
  • BF-25. Elizabeth Hess [DOB mid to late 1700s some relation to FOX family] -
  • BF-26. Ephraim F Bauder v="E. F Bauder" "Capt. E. F. Bauder" C H Whitney, Baldwinsville, New York [ PHOTO IN CIVIL WAR MILITARY UNIFORM. Ephriam F. died in Virginia in 1865 ]
  • BF-27. Mrs. L Bauder v= "Mary C. Bauder" GJ Word, Syracuse New York
  • BF-28. Ephraim Wiles [b 1832 New York]
  • BF-29. Betsy Wiles [wife of BF 28 born 1822 New York]
  • BF-30. Robert Zoller v=Stanton, Amsterdam New York. [ brother of Eliza Zoller Bauder]
  • BF-31. Mrs. Robert Zoller v=Stanton, Amsterdam New York.
  • BF-32. empty "Anna Walroth Deifendorf"
  • BF-33. Libby Snyder v= Mather & Lyon, Gazenovia New York
  • BF-34. Solomon Miller v=Wentworth, Fort Plain New York [born 1838 s/o NOrman & Mary. in 1860 living Palatine Bridge]
  • BF-35. Mrs. Solomon Miller v=Wentworth, Fort Plain New York
  • BF-36. Sara Jane Cronkhite & Husband v= J - Kent, Rochester New York
  • BF-37 F. W. Bauder v= W D Wentworth, Ft Plain New York[child about 6 or 7 years old]
  • BF-38. Myron I. Moyer [possibly s/o of Peter B. and Helen Moyer]
  • BF-39.Clara Moyer [possibly d/o of Peter B. and Helen Moyer]
  • BF-40. Mr. Griswell f = J W Taylor, J Barhydt, Rochester NY
  • BF-41. Jenny Moyer Griswell f = J W Taylor, J Barhydt, Rochester NY
  • BF-42. Rev. Wadsworth f= v= W P Bacon, St Johnsville, New York
  • BF-43. Levi Bauder f=A D Blye, Baldwinsville New York [ Palatine DOB Jan 28, 1840 - DECEASED Oct. 2, 1913 - his parents were - Johan Bauder and Anna Eva Saltsman. He was married to Williamina Burlyun]
  • BF-44. F. W. Bauder v = Wentworth, Ft Plain NY [young boy about 10 years old]
  • BF-45. John Zoller v= A E? Diefendorf, Ft Plain New York [child about 7 years old]
  • BF-46. Mrs. John Snyder v= Wenthworth, Ft Plain NY [Hannah Elizabeth Johnston, married BF 47]
  • BF-47. John Snyder v= Wenthworth, Ft Plain NY [DOB Sept.. 24, 1850 - DECEASED date not listed but died in Victor, NY - married on Sept. 1, 1874 to Hannah Elizabeth Johnson F 46 - his parents were Jacob B. Snyder and Catherine Zoller Snyder ]
  • BF-48. Mrs. Jonas Snyder v= Wenthworth, Ft Plain NY [Minerva Riggs Johnson - COOPERSTOWN DOB Aug 5, 1850 - DECEASED May 10, 1894 - married Jonas Snyder BF 49 - her parents were George Johnson and Catherine Wagoner]
  • BF-49. Jonas Snyder v= Wenthworth, Ft Plain NY [DOB Jan 19, 1848 - DECEASED March 28, 1881 - married on Oct. 11, 1871 to Minerva Riggs Johnson sister of Hannah Elizabeth Johnston BF 46. His parents were Jacob B. Snyder and Catherine Zoller Snyder
  • BF-50. George Sneck v= Hess, Cobbleskill New York
  • BF-51. loose picture 1x1 of a woman's head
  • BF-52. Mrs George Sneck v= Hess, Cobbleskill New York
  • BF-53. Kate Miller

Purchase Your Ancestor Photo in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Write down the Album #. Example: #55
Step 2: Write down the Name & Number of each photo you are interested in. Example: MA-2, MA-15
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Name: Ephraim F Bauder , Enlistment Date: 22 August 1864 Distinguished Service: DISTINGUISHED SERVICE Side Served: Union State Served: New York Unit Numbers: 1460 1460 Service Record: Enlisted as a Lieutenant 1st Class on 22 August 1864 at the age of 27 Commission in Company A, 185th Infantry Regiment New York on 02 September 1864. Transfered on 12 February 1865 from company A to company C Promoted to Full Captain on 12 February 1865 [As of Co. C] Wounded on 29 March 1865 at Quaker Road, VA Died of wounds Company A, 185th Infantry Regiment New York on 15 April 1865 in City Point, VA Hospl

Daniel Isaac Devoe's obituary from the Fort Plain Standard [c. 1930] reads:

Daniel I. Devoe died at his home on Lydius street, Fort Plain, on Sunday night, February 25. Mr. Devoe had been in ill health for several years but been confined to his home only during the past few months. Mr. Devoe had been one of Fort Plain's most prominent citizens for 45 years and his passing has created widespread sorrow in the town in which he passed so many years of his active and fruitful life. Daniel Isaac Devoe was the son of Daniel Anthony Devoe and Maria Snell of Fordsbush. The Devoe family is of pioneer Colonial stock. Anthony Devoe moved from present Renssalear county to Andrustown in 1798. Cornelius Devoe, his son, was born there and was a farmer of Warren, Herkimer county.

Daniel Anthony Devoe, son of Cornelius Devoe, was born in Warren April 19, 1820. He leased and subsequently bought a farm in the town of Warren. In 1863 he purchased a 200-acre farm on Clinton's road, just south of its junction with Seeber's Lane. He moved to this place and lived in the handsome brick house standing on a knoll and overlooking a considerable extent of fertile farming country. The Harvey Wagner farm stood directly opposite the Devoe place. Daniel Anthony Devoe was prominent in the life of his day and acted as a trustee of the Church of the Messiah, Universalist, Fort Plain. He died December 28, 1898. He has the following children: Nelson, who died at the age of 4; Margaret Ann [Mrs. Schuyler Duryee of Everett, Washington]; Charlotte [wife of Dr. Alvero Zoller of West Union, Iowa]; Ida [who died at an early age]; Demetra Estelle [Mrs. Frank W. Bauder, Fort Plain]; Daniel I. Devoe, who was born at the family home in Warren on January 19, 1860. He moved to the town of Canajoharie when his father bought land in that town in 1863. Following his schooling in the local district school, he entered Clinton Liberal Institute, then at Clinton, from which he graduated in 1878. He later attended the Rochester Business College. In 1879, Mr. Devoe came to Fort Plain where he took a position as clerk in the drug store conducted by Pettit and Reid. In 1880 he went into the drug business in Canajoharie in partnership with John N. Snell. Later Thomas E. Dygert bought Snell's interest, after which the firm became Devoe and Dygert. In 1885 Mr. Devoe returned to Fort Plain, after selling his interests in the Canajoharie store. D. I. Devoe and his brother-in-law, Walter F. Shumway, formed the partnership known as Devoe and Shumway and bought out the long-established drug business, then conducted by Pettit and Smith. Mr. Devoe then became interested in the manufacture of knit underwear and, in 1893, he sold his share in the drug business to Mr. Shumway, who has conducted it ever since. Mr. Devoe installed his knit goods business in the former Elwood silk factory on Upper Canal street. In 1902, it was incorporated as the Fort Plain Knitting Co., and, after a long time, it did a very extensive business. Conditions in the knit goods business became unfavorable and Mr. Devoe closed his mill in 1928 and retired from active business. For nearly half a century -- 47 years to be exact -- D. I. Devoe was a trustee of the Universalist church of Fort Plain and did a tremendous work toward its upbringing.

Mr. Devoe was a member of Fort Plain lodge, No. 433, F and A M, in which he was master of four years; Hiram Union Chapter, No. 53, Royal Arch Masons; Knights Templar Commandery, No. 26, Little Falls; Ziyara Temple of the Mystic Shrine of Utica. Mr. Devoe was a member of the Knights of Pythias. Before he retired from business, he was a member of the present Fort Plain Community Club. Mr. Devoe was a lifelong member of the Republican party and was a successful candidate for county treasurer, a position which he held for three years.

On May 24, 1882, Mr. Devoe was married to Agnes E. Shumway, daughter of Joseph Hill Shumway and Cornelia Van Horne Sunmway. They had one child, Ethel, now Mrs. Eugene Mercer Weiskotten of Utica. Mrs. Devoe died on Janaury 8, 1915. Mr. Devoe married Miss Lillian Adria Failing on June 1, 1916. Mrs. Devoe is the daughter of the late Adam L. Failing and Rachel Smith Failing. A number of years ago, Mr. Devoe purchased the present handsome brick Devoe residence on Lydius street. Mr. Devoe was a man of culture, with a taste for good literature which he gratified in his excellent library. He was very much interested in the history of the Mohawk valley and its Indians and he possessed a fine, large and varied collection of Mohawk Indian and other relics, which he had gathered during his lifetime. Mr. Devoe was a man of genial nature with a kindly outlook on life and a most happy and friendly feeling for mankind. He was deeply interested in the progress and prosperity of Fort Plain and did everything in his power to promote it. He was always ready to assist anyone and his generosities were many.

His many friends, who enjoyed his genial and cultured society and his kindly personality deeply feel the loss of one of Fort Plain's outstanding citizens and extend to his bereaved wife and daughter, their most sincere sympathy. [Article continues, but the piece is lost.]

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