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Marriages ~ Ontario


NOTE: Surnames of marriages in Ontario are not in strict alphabetical order. Use your browswer's FIND feature or scroll down to the end to be sure you have not missed a name.
  • LACOCK, Ada Catherine, AGAR, John, 21 August 1878, St. Vincent Tp., Grey Co., ON,
  • LAIRD, Fonnen, STEEPER, Charlotte, 30 March 1880, Markham, York Co., ON,
  • LAMONT, Mary, KAYE, Benjamin, 9 Jan 1901, Owen Sound, Grey Co., Ont,
  • LAMPHIER, James, SULLIVAN, Johannah, 16 May 1882, Biddulph Tp., Middlesex Co., ON,
  • LAMPORT, Emma Maria, McDONEIL, Ralph, 23 May 1896, Crediton, ON,
  • LANCASTER, Blake M. K., CARSON, Maude, 20 May 1908, West Lorne, Aldborough Tp., Elgin Co., ON,
  • LAPORTE, Joseph, OHLHEISER, Rosina, 19 May 1874, Formosa, Carrick Tp., Bruce Co., ON,
  • LAROCQUE, Diana Marie, BESNER, Robert Hermas, 09 October 1999, Kemptville, Ontario,
  • LASSITER, Oscar, ARCHER, Alice, 17 Feb 1931, Lethbridge Alberta,
  • LAUCH, I.C., McKENZIE, Georgie, 18 June 1902, Parkhill, Middlesex Co., ON,
  • LAURIE, James, CALDWELL, Margaret, 29 January 1890, Durham, Grey County, ON,
  • LAVER, George, FURNESS, Elsie, 23 May 1914, Barrie, Simcoe Co., Ont,
  • LAWRENCE, Percy Cornelius, ANTLER, Emma Elizabeth, 9 September 1912, Englehart, Nipissing ., ON,
  • LEAR, Elizabeth, LYON, Joseph, 16 Feb 1881, Hullett twp., Huron Co., Ont,
  • LEBRETON, Louise, MELANSON, Andrew , 9 June 1898, Chatham,Northumberland County, New Brunswick,
  • LEE, Charles Benjamin, GREENSIDES, Edith, 03 June 1896, Toronto, York Co., Ont,
  • LEE, Elizabeth Ann, JORDAN, Benjamin George, 1 Jan 1896, E. Zorra twp., Oxford Co., Ont,
  • LEE, Maria, BLATCHFORD, John, 03 February 1888, Lucan, Middlesex Co., ON,
  • LEE, William Henry, MORAND, Agnes, 31 December 1902, North Bay, Nipissing ., ON,
  • LEMON, John, CRANSWICK, Elizabeth, 11 April 1883, Markham Tp., ON,
  • LENG, Ida Annie, CHARLTON, Joseph Thomas, 26 April 1883, Lobo Tp., Middlesex Co., ON,
  • LEROUX, Marie-Delia, HAMON, Elzear Jules, 20 Jul 1903, Plantagenet, Ont,
  • LETHBRIDGE, Jessie, McKAY, Herbert, 19 July 1947, Toronto, ON,
  • LEWIS, Fred, MORTON, Bertha, 11 March 1902, McGillivray Tp., Middlesex Co., ON,
  • LEWIS, John, CROSSEN, Jane, 21 August 1871, Pittsburgh Tp., Frontenac Co., ON,
  • LIBONATI, Vincent, COVEYDUCK, Lily May, 25 August 1956, Toronto, York, ON,
  • LINDSAY, Rebecca, McQUILLAN, Alexander, 25 November 1902, North Bay, Nipissing., ON,
  • LINDSAY, Robert, CROZIER, Margaret Jane, 5 Feb 1873, Toronto, York Co., ON,
  • LINTOTT, George, HAIRBAIRN, Margaret, 21 January 1886, Lucan, Middlesex Co., ON,
  • LITTLE, Rebecca C., WATT, R. W., 21 June 1882, Meaford, St. Vincent Tp., Grey Co., ON,
  • LIVINGSTONE, John, GRADY, Bertha, 24 October 1894, Owen Sound, Grey Co., ON,
  • LOCK, Minnie, McDONALD, Benjamin , 18 Dec 1895, Innerkip, E. Zorra twp., Oxford Co., Ont,
  • LONGHURST, Edward, DALLIMORE, Harriett, 06 Sept. 1899, Todmorden, York Tp., York Co.,Ont,
  • LOOBY, Elizabeth, BEATON, Malcom, 27 May 1872, McKillop Tp., Middlesex Co., ON,
  • LOVATT, Sarah Ann, McFARLANE, William, 15 June 1882, Meaford, St. Vincent Tp., Grey Co., ON,
  • LOVE, Caroline, BENNETT, Andrew, 18 Feb 1881, Seaforth, Huron Co., Ont,
  • LOXTON, George, ANTLER, Minnie, 4 November 1902, North Bay, Nipissing . ON,
  • LUCK, John Wesley, SCOTT, Lilian Hurst, 23 Dec 1899, Angus, Essa Twp., Simcoe Co., ON,
  • LUVAM, David, ROSS, Janet, 02 December 1879, Parkhill, Middlesex Co., ON,
  • LUXTON, Emma, NICHOLS, Frederick Adolphus, 11 November 1872, Usborne Tp., Middlesex Co., ON,
  • LYMBURNER, Marella, RILEY, Edwin James, 7 Jan 1891, Owen Sound, Grey Co. ON,
  • LYON, Joseph, LEAR, Elizabeth, 16 Feb 1881, Hullett twp., Huron Co., Ont,
  • LACEY, Catherine, HORAN, Timothy, 14 September 1885, Perth, Lanark, ON,
  • LACHAPELLE, Sandra, GUMMERSON, Jason, 21 August 1993, Sudbury,ON
  • LADLE, William, HOWARD, Eliza, 12 Sep 1895, Cameron twp., Wentworth Co., ON,
  • LAIDLAW, John, LUDFORD, Ellen, 18 Nov 1886, Carleton Place, Carleton, ON,
  • LAMBERT, Mary, DOHERTY, George, 20 April 1878, St John the Evangelist RC, Woodslee, Rochester Twp, Essex Co.,ON,
  • LAMPORT, Emma, McDONEIL, Rolp J., 23 May 1896, Crediton, ON,
  • LAMPORT, Maria, BAUWGARTEN, William, 26 February 1902, Stephen Twp., Huron County, ON,
  • LANDON, Alice, SIMPSON, Nathaniel Hazelwood, 16 September 1908, Sarnia, Lambton County, ON,
  • LANE, Frederick Milton, BAYN, Matilda Maude, 23 March 1904, Centralia, ON,
  • LANE, Laura Jane, CAULKETT, Joseph , 10 April 1900, Sarnia, Lambton, ON,
  • LANKAIL, Charles Edward, STUART, Lilie Beatrice, 03 Sept 1900, TorONo, ON,
  • LAPSON, Mary Susan, BURDEN, William Charles, 14 Nov 1888, Bowmanville, Durham, ON,
  • LaROSE, Alexander, WILLAR, Dorcus, 5 Nov. 1878, Toronto, York Co., ON,
  • LaROSE, Charles, WATTS, Elizabeth, 8 Nov. 1877, Toronto, York Co., ON,
  • LARUE, Annie, BERGERON, Edward, 18 Feb 1901, Cornwall, ON,
  • LaRUSH, Sarah,McLEOD, Daniel, 30 Oct. 1876, Weston, York Twp., York Co., ON,
  • LaRUSH, Susannah,MOORE, Thomas, 19 Oct. 1880, Toronto, York Co., ON,
  • LASCELLES, Frederick, WOODILL, Ella Cecilia, 16 Aug 1900, TorONo, ON,
  • LATIMER, James, SPENCER, Elizabeth, 15 October 1890, Alvinston, Lambton Co., ON,
  • LAURIE, Julia Ross, WARREN, Thomas, 5 June 1874, Brampton, Peel Co., ON,
  • LAW, Rachel, HERMISTON, Andrew, 11 May 1886, Listowel, Perth Cty., ON,
  • LAWRENCE, Hester Edith, LAZARUS, Alexander, 29 Sept 1891, Toronto, ON,
  • LAWSON, Mary Jane, BEDFORD, John Thomas, 16 February 1898, Stephen Twp., ON,
  • LAWSON, William, COLLING, Sarah, 19 Oct 1865, Nelson Twp., Halton Co. ON
  • LAWTON, Maria, McVITTIE, Archibald, 15 September 1872, Mosa Twp., Middlesex County, ON,
  • LAZARUS, Alexander, LAWRENCE, Hester Edith, 29 Sept 1891, TorONo, ON,
  • LEE, James, MCVEIGH, Elizabeth, 9 May 1816, Elizabethtown, Leeds Co. ON, LEE, Matthias, BATCHELOR, Mary, 29 July 1874, Brampton, Peel Co., ON,
  • LEFAVE, Thomas, SHEEHAN, Margaret, 19 June 1883, St John the Evangelist RC, Woodslee, Rochester Twp, Essex Co.,ON,
  • LEFLER, Eliza, STOCKINGER, Fred Jr., 7 May 1900, Sarnia, Lambton, ON,
  • LEGGAT, Elizabeth Strathearn, OAKSHOTT, Arthur John, 18 Sep 1895, Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON,
  • LEINWEBER, Margareth, BEAVER, Peter, 9 May 1882, Hay Tp., Huron Co. ON,
  • LEITCH, Mossie Rose, ROSSER, Stewart, 27 November 1907, Ailsa Craig, Middlesex Co., ON,
  • LEMON, James Henry, LONEY, Milley, 12 April 1893, Kingston, FrONenac Co, ON,
  • LEONARD, John , RICHMOND, Annie, 08 Dec 1895, Palmerston twp., Wellington Co., ON,
  • LEONARD, John, McALLISTER, Jennie, 18 Sept. 1889, Elma twp., Perth Co., ON,
  • LESLIE, John, STANDISH, Mary, 21 Jan. 1862, Esquesing Twp. Halton Co., ON
  • LESLIE, Sarah Alberta, ROBINSON, James, 21 Oct 1891, Toronto, ON,
  • LESLIE, William, HOWSOM, Amy F. 25 Dec. 1865 Esquesing Twp. Halton Co. ON
  • LESPERANCE, Peter, McHUGH, Mary, 27 November 1876, St John the Evangelist RC, Woodslee, Rochester Twp, EssexCo., ON,
  • LETOURNEAU, Germaine, POULIOT, Armand, Wilfred, 24 October 1930, St. Catharines, ON, Canada,
  • LETTS, William Edward, WINTER, Edith Lillian, 29 August 1907, Caradoc Twp., Middlesex Co., ON,
  • LEWIS, Clarence Elmer, FRASER, Mary Emily, 26 May 1897, TorONo, ON,
  • LEWIS, George Henry, PAGE, Ann, 11 April 1893, Kingston, FrONenac Co, ON,
  • LEWIS, Margaret Jane, MAYO, Edward, 26 September 1873, McGillivray Twp, Middlesex Co., ON,
  • LIGHTFOOT, Losillal, TWEDDLE, Johnston, 04 June 1909, Ailsa Craig, Middlesex Co., ON,
  • LINDSAY, Mary A., LONGBOTTOM, Charles A., 15 Aug 1900, Toronto, ON,
  • LINDSEY, Annie, CHAPMAN, Thomas Edward, 5 November 1866, S. Ethelburga, London City, Toronto, ON,
  • LIPSIT, Thomas, SINNIBART, Agnes, 21 December 1872, London Twp., Middlesex County, ON,
  • LITMUS, Clara Edith, PANTON, James Thomas, 20 Feb 1895, West Flamboro, Wentworth Co., ON,
  • LITT, Margaret, KASTNER, Johannes Staat, 3 October 1844, Sebringville, Ellice Township, ON,
  • LITTLE, Flora Ellen, TULLOCH, James, 3 November 1883, Bruce Mines, Algoma Co., ON,
  • LITTLE, Francis Ann, GARDINER, Samuel Charles, 18 May 1882, Sault Ste. Marie, Algoma Co., ON,
  • LITTLE, Maria, FRASER, Alfred, 11 June 1900, Sarnia, Lambton, ON,
  • LITTLE, Sarah Agnus, RYCKMAN, John F., 23 November 1887, Thessalon, Algoma Co., ON,
  • LITTLE, William, HAMILTON, Jane, 20 Feb 1880, Tullamore, Chinguacousy twp., Peel Co., ON,
  • LIVINGSTONE, Janet, McKELLAR, Malcolm, 31 October 1878, Mosa Tp., Middlesex Co., ON,
  • LLOYD, Elizabeth,VAN WICKLIN, Henry, 11 November 1897, South River, Machar Tp., ON,
  • LOCKERIDGE, Joseph, WHALLEY, Ada, 26 January 1898, Brandon, Manitoba,
  • LOFTUS, Mary, STEWART, William, 20 January 1846, Dundas, Wentworth co., ON,
  • LOGAN, Herbert, ROTHWELL, Ellen Lorina, 16 September 1908, Sarnia, Lambton County, ON,
  • LONDSBOROUGH, Samuel, MILLER, Hannah, 17 October 1883, McGillivray Tp., Middlesex Co., ON,
  • LONEY, Milley, LEMON, James Henry, 12 April 1893, Kingston, Frontenac Co, ON,
  • LONG, Mary, PATEN, John, 11 October 1880, Point Edward, Lambton County, ON,
  • LONGBOTTOM, Charles A., LINDSAY, Mary A., 15 Aug 1900, TorONo, ON,
  • LONGSTAFF, Alexandra Kathleen, METZGER, Robert John, 10 September 1977, Hanover, ON,
  • LONGSTAFF, Donald Jeffery, KEMPFFER, Jean, 19 May 1951, TorONo, ON,
  • LOREE, Margaret, EASTON, Thomas, 2 November 1875, Eramosa Twp., Wellington Co., ON,
  • LOSEE, Charles A., BELNAP, Georgina A., 16 October 1901, Ameliasburgh, Prince Edward Co., ON,
  • LOSEE, Joseph, RUSSELL, Zelma, 4 March 1902, Rednerville, Prince Edward Co., ON,
  • LOSEE, Luke Venton, CULLY, Florence Grace, 22 May 1902, DeserONo, Hastings Co., ON,
  • LOUCKS, Millie Zanan, MCKIBBON, Wilfred George, 16 June 1914, Owen Sound, Grey Co., ON,
  • LOVE, Mary, TURNBULL, Thomas, 06 January 1898, Huron County, ON,
  • LOW, Albert, MAWSON, Mary, 28 September 1887, Parkhill, Middlesex Co., ON,
  • LOWES, Austin Henry, TRUMBELL, Bertha, 15 March 1899, Woodstock, Oxford Co. ON,
  • LUDFORD, Ellen, LAIDLAW, John, 18 Nov 1886, Carleton Place, Carleton, ON,
  • LUTHER, Ernest, WICKETT, Myrtie, 09 July 1910, McGillivray Twp., Middlesex Co., ON,
  • LYLE, William Frazier, O'CONNOR, Annie, 12 June 1901, Brantford, Brant Co. ON,
  • LYONS, John, CAHILL, Bridget, 24 January 1870, St Mary's RC, Maidstone, Essex County, ON,
  • LYONS, Mary, CAHILL, William, 7 January 1869, St Mary's RC, Maidstone, Essex County, ON,
  • LYWOOD, Eliza Ellen, CROFT, Anthony Wilkes, 1 November 1893, Toronto, ON,
  • LYWOOD, Etta Jane, MORGAN, Richard, 3 June 1884, Omemee, Victoria County, ON,
  • LYWOOD, John, ARMSTRONG, Christiana, 1 January 1885, Cartwright twp, Durham county, ON,
  • LYWOOD, Mary, HANDLEY, Fredrerick, 23 September 1889, Toronto, ON,
  • LYWOOD, William, REILLY, Mary Ellen, 1 February 1890, Lindsay, Victoria County, ON,

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