Wheeler County, Oregon 1899 Marriages  

Sorted alphabetically by Groom

Ball, Fred Kennedy, Gedola (Goldie) B. Sept. 29, 1899 Fossil Harriett E. Kennedy W.W. Kennedy's home
Bird, William C. Gambil, Florence B. May 27, 1899 Wheeler Co. John Foster Sr., John Foster, Jr. John Foster Sr.'s home
Brown, Fred Black, Cora Sept. 10, 1899 Wheeler Co. John Brown, J.E. Black C.E. Black's home
Carsner, Warren M. Turnbull, Minda Dec. 8, 1899 Fossil D.W. Smith, Mrs. Smith
Dement, John W. Birdsall, Sophia A. March 17, 1899 Fossil M.M. Hendricks, K.N.K. French H.H. Hendricks' home
Edmundson, Rufus Heflin, Margaret June 24, 1899 Fossil J.A. Mahoney, Sarcy Maloney County Clerk's office
Esping, A.T. Delco, Elizabeth Sept. 19, 1899 Wheeler Co. Irvin Wilkes, Lizzie Welsh
Fenton, Burla Gilliam, Ina March 14, 1899 Richmond G.E. Parrish, Lucy Parrish F.M. Gilliam's home
Fox, Charles S. Hawk, Mary Sept. 23, 1899 Wheeler Co. William Hawk, Belle Moore
Gage, William T. Pierson, Lalah L. March 17, 1899 Mitchell F.A. Van Ordstrand, Charlotte M. Boardman Dinah Reed's home
Gilliam, W.A. Chapman, Hattie M. Nov. 15, 1899 Richmond B.F. Fenton, E.J. Fenton T.M. Price's home
McWillis, James B. Jordon, May May 15, 1899 Wheeler Co. Lola Heidtman, Ethel Archer Henry Heidtman's home
Monroe, D.V. McQuinn, Ada Oct. 5, 1899 Fossil Ed F. Horn, Annie P. Cheney
Montgomery, T.V. Morris, Chloey June 18, 1899 Wheeler Co. Charles Morris, Charles B. Coates Chloey Morris' home
Niven, John Campbell, Janet April 28, 1899 Wheeler Co. John Stewart, J.T. McFarland
Ribilin, George J. Grisham, Addie M. Dec. 27, 1899 Mitchell E.H. Masterson, Mary Masterson M.F. Pruett's home


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