Cemeteries of Sherman County

CEMETERIES IN Sherman County

All information on this page is provided through the generous courtesy of Sherry Woods Kaseberg, Sherman County Historical Museum.

Blackburne Family Cemetery

The Blackburne Family Cemetery formerly existed in a orchard owned by George and Alma Blackburne located on the southside of Highway 30 and about three miles west of Rufus, OR.    There were only three known burials:    Joseph Wilson Blackburne (1838 - 1908);    Clara Blackburne (1840 - 1920); and Ronald W Blackburne (1922 - 1922).

Due to flooding from the construction of The Dalles Dam, it was necessary to move the graves.  Disinterment was accomplished in May 1956 and best information available is that they were reinterred in the SunRise Cemetery at Wasco.


Daugherty Family Cemetery

Located on what is locally known as the Adams place south of Kent, OR and east of Wilcox Station on the road to Wilcox, it is not easily reached and is on private land where John Daugherty lived in 1913. The four graves were recorded in 1965 by Jill Nogle for Sherry Woods Kaseberg. Permission required for access to private land.


~Daugherty, William 22 January 1822 - 12 March 1895

~Daugherty, Nancy 26 July 1824 - 12 June 1899 74y, Kent; nee Bellvail; “Mother”; burial on the old homestead, funeral at the home by Rev. Nickleson;

~Daugherty, Andrew J. 11 November 1861-7 March 1888

~Daugherty, John 17 March 1856 IA -16 February 1933 ID, “one of the oldest pioneers of Sherman County”; “Uncle John”; to Sherman County, SE of Kent, 1878;1913 owned land in T5S, R17E, Section 13 and S ½ of Section 12; sold & moved to ID to make his home with his niece Mrs. B.M. Hawley; unmarried; uncle to Mrs. Hawley of Melba, ID, Lucy [McDonald], Frances [Kulis], Jesse Daugherty & Winnie Yocum; burial on the homestead of his deceased parents where they and their other children were buried in earlier days;

 ~Dougherty, Ben; died November 1939; former resident of south end of Sherman County, an early settler near Kent; lived below The Dalles; f/o Mrs. Arch Russell & Bessie Mulkey.


DeMoss Springs Cemetery

DeMoss Springs Cemetery is located three miles north of Moro, OR (Section 3, T1S, R17E), on a county road in Grass Valley Canyon at the foot of a large rock bluff.    It was originally established as a family cemetery by George and Henry DeMoss in the 1890's.     The DeMoss Family were musical entertainers (The Lyric Bards of America) who toured the state.


Emigrant Springs Cemetery

The Emigrant Springs Cemetery is located northeast of Wasco, OR, (Section 27,  T2N, R18 E), along side the Old Oregon Trail.     The land was donated 21 February 1893 by William J Rayburn, whose wife, Eliza J Rayburn, was the first burial in Nov 1888.  


Grass Valley Cemetery

The Grass Valley Cemetery is located on the west side of Highway 97, (Section 22, T2S, R16E), on a hill north of and overlooking the town of Grass Valley.    It can be seen from the highway.  


Kent (IOOF) Cemetery

The Kent IOOF Cemetery is located on the west side of  Highway 97, (Section 21, T4S, R17E), about one mile north of Kent.   It can be seen from the highway. 


Michigan Cemetery

 Michigan Cemetery is in the old German settlement where people from Michigan settled in T3S, R16E, NW ¼ of NW ¼ Section 16, next to the Highway 216 , about five miles SW of Grass Valley. Benjamin and Josephine [Heath] Downing provided land for the cemetery in 1888. The survey was recorded 20 January 1910. In January 1902 the Michigan Cemetery Association was formed. The December 20, 1901 issue of the Grass Valley Journal noted that,

“A meeting will be held tomorrow at the Michigan Cemetery for the purpose of perfecting a corporation, to be known as the Michigan Cemetery Association. Mr. Heath has donated the necessary ground, which has been plotted for some time, and when the incorporation papers are complete, deeds can be given.”

The Michigan School was located in T3S, R16E, NW ¼ of the SW ¼ of Section 20.

 Blaylock William A. 27 April 1856-2 February 1889; m. 4 August 1878 Josephine Lavista Prevost, 1857-1941, who is buried in Hood River, OR; f/o Nellie Gertrude, Ernest R., Verna Fay [Eakin], Fred Alexander & Pearl Evedna [Ordway]; aka William Alexander; lived Villisca, IA; to Sherman Co.,OR


Clements, Alfred 16 December 1806/1817 England-20 May 1889 OR; to CO, then OR; farmed and operated a jewelry store at Grass Valley, OR; f/o Martha Katherine [French], James Henry, George D. & Carrie E. [Hays]

French, Bessie E. 16 March 1871-4 July 1891; m. Leroy Ransom

French 14 October 1890 Wasco Co., OR, his 2nd wife

French, Lydia M. b. MI; d. 13 December 1887, 22y; nee Gilbert; m. Leroy Ransom French 12 April 1887 Wasco Co., OR.

French, Rosa A. 8 November 1901, 29y 10m 12d at home near Grass Valley, rheumatism of heart; funeral Baptist Church; nee Maricle; m. Leroy Ransom French 1893 Sherman Co., OR, his 3rd wife; m/o Giles Leroy & Beatrice who were raised mostly by Rosa’s mother, Alvira Huff Maricle McFarland.

[Leroy Ransom French was born in OH in 1861 to Ransom E. & Clarissa Phidelia [Heath] French and died in Portland, OR 1939; he lived OH, MI, to WA 1883, to Sherman Co., OR 1884; he m4 Hattie Jones and m5 Leota Harvey Homewood who had children by a former marriage.]

Gilman, Roy M. d. 30 January 1889, 8m; s/o C.N. & E.M.; [Charles & Estella Gilman lived in Sherman County, OR until about 1901 and filed on a timber culture.]

Heath, Infant d. 3 September 1888, 1m 21d; s/o C.A. & E.J.Heath;

[Chancy A. Heath, b. OH, m. Eliza J. 1865 Kent Co., MI; had 3 sons d. in infancy: Arthur C., Milo M. & Ona L.; & 2 sons, Elmer, born 1867 & Lester b. 1871 in Michigan.]

Patjens, Deidrich 19 February 1833 Germany-January 1896 Kent,OR; h/o Elizabeth Bade/Bohde; to USA 1894; f/o Johann, Catrine & Klaus who remained in Germany; Margaretha Anna [von Borstel], Dietrich “Dick” who came to USA 1891, Henry, Andrew & Dorothea Marie [Reckmann];

 Patjens, Elizabeth 5 June 1835-22 May 1922; w/o Deidrich

Patjens, Gustave [originally buried here, remains transferred to Grass Valley IOOF Cemetery in 1906; Grass Valley Journal, 20 July 1906]

Patjens, Henry 1875-1946; s/o Deidrich & Elizabeth; h/o Elsa [Volquartzsen] of IA, a niece of Chris & Hans Koepke of Sherman County, OR, & she divorced him; m2 Bertha _____; sheepman; [Shaniko People, by Helen Guyton Rees, 1983

Reckman, H. 1872-1891; s/o Herman Heinrich & Katharina D. [Kuhtke] Reckmann; b/o Diederick, John, Jessie & Herman: [see Grass Valley Cemetery]

Rhuberg, Julius H. L. 22 August 1860-May 1937, Moro, OR; lived Sherman County, OR 50 years near and with the von Borstels; to CA as a young man with his wife, Augusta, & stayed for many years; she returned to Germany; he rode for stock in NV; in 1886 rode across OR to visit his friend Carsten von Borstel; his widow lived in Germany, a brother in Hamburg; his homestead was #025231 near Grass Valley, OR [Sherman County Journal, 7 May 1937: “…as a little boy he saw the Danes driven out of Hanover, his homeland…remembered the tired soldiers marching past his father’s farm…the days of 1872 when Bismark sent his Teutonic legions against France to win unification for…the German people…traveled over much of Europe…came to California where his uncle Miller (was) a San Francisco butcher (the firm of Miller & Lux)…a steady reader of books on politics, economics and history…early history of the United States and …the west…survived by his widow Augusta who has lived in Germany for thirty years and by a brother in Hamburg…”] [Grass Valley Journal, 20 June 1902 reported death of a brother of Julius in Germany.]

_______, ________ [unidentified grave inside and left of the gate]

Grass Valley Journal: 3 May 1907 --- Vern, infant son of John H. & Ada Dugger, born 6 March 1907, died 26 April 1907 and was buried Michigan Cemetery 28 April.

Grass Valley Journal: 3 May 1907 --- Mr. E. C. Davis transferred remains of his oldest son from Michigan Cemetery to the IOOF Cemetery (Grass Valley), buried 16 years ago.

Sherman County Observer: 29 December 1905 --- Mrs. Kent [Adda Honsoh Kent] d. in The Dalles; remains taken to Michigan for interment.


Moro IOOF Cemetery     aka Old Baptist Cemetery

The Moro IOOF Cemetery is located northwest of Moro, OR, (Section 18, T1S, R17E) and was donated by the local IOOF Lodge to the town of Moro.    The south portion of the cemetery was originally known as the "Old Baptist Cemetery"


The Observer Farm Cemetery      aka Wilcox Cemetery      aka Kent Cemetery on The Observer Farm

Located 2-3 miles south of Kent, Sherman County, OR on Highway 97 in a wheat field, the cemetery is on land once owned by the Ireland family, owners of  The Sherman County OBSERVER, a newspaper at Moro, Oregon. There was evidence of 12 to 15 unmarked graves when the gravestones were recorded in 1962 by Daphne Hon Ramsey of Stevenson, WA and in 1965 by Paul Sather of Kent. Compiled by Sherry Woods in 1965. Information from obituaries added 1997-2000 by Chris Sanders and Sherry Kaseberg.

Bennett, Craig 20 March 1830 Guernsey Co. OH - 1890 Sherman County, OR; To Iowa 1863; to Page Co. IA 1868;  to Kansas 1874;to OR 1883; Presbyterian; s/o William and Margaret [Leech] Bennett; h/o Isabelle Comstock Bennett who is buried at White Salmon, WA;  m. 14 November 1854, Dubuque Co., IA; f/o William James, Abel Comstock, Ralph C., Jennie C. [Patterson], Milton Howard who married Maggie Trotter, Infant Son, Walter Harvey who m. Ella A. Craig, Isabelle A. [Hogue], Birtie and Frank Leech Bennett.

Craig, Dorothy d. 6 April 1901, 14 days; d/o J.K. & H. B. Craig; Rev. Elder conducted services; [The Observer, 12 April 1901]

Craig, Maggie d. 30 March 1898, 2 or 3months, 14d; d/o J.K & H.B.

Craig, Bruce 11 November 1901-6 October 1905;  [Grass Valley Journal, 14 October 1904: Thomas Craig’s little boy suffering from a cancer was buried a few days ago]

Craig, Thomas 12 May 1839 Coleraine, Ireland-14 April 1906 Kent, OR; h/o Jennie Cresswell who died in Kansas; father of John K., James, Thomas R., Ted, Hugh, Mary A., Margaret, Jennie, Ella A. (Bennett), Fanny, Adam, Lois & Pearl. [Grass Valley Journal, 20 April 1906]

[Mentioned in The Observer, 7 October 1904 but not by name; infant, s/o J.K & H.B. Craig, 16 September 1904- 29 September 1904;  is buried in Antelope Cemetery. Near Thomas Craig's grave is a small marble marker engraved "B.C." Could this be for Boothe Craig?]

Edgar, Leonard d. 30 January 1902 at home about 5 miles south of Kent; to OR 1864; 9 grown children; The Observer reported he was buried “at Kent Cemetery on the Observer Farm,” services conducted by Revs. Lanphear and Craig; lived about 5 miles S of Kent; [The Observer, 7 February 1902; Grass Valley Journal, 7 February 1902]

Graham, Infant b and d 1 March 1905; d/o J.R. & Pearl

Hayman, Martin D. 26 May 1838 Maine-24 June 1906; unmarked grave; great-great-grandfather of Mrs. Elsie A. Stephens of Stanfield, OR

Kentner, Florence E. d. 5 February 1901, 17y 11m 24d; d/o W.A. & H.E.

Kentner, Percy M. d. 13 December 1900, 9y 6m 2d; son of W.A. & H.E.; [Grass Valley Journal, 21 December 1900 ] 

Kentner, W.A. d. 18 January 1908, The Dalles, OR; Kent pioneer  [The Observer, 24 January 1908; William Albert Kentner & Harriet Wattles took out a license to marry in Sherman Co., OR 1909…no return; listed next to license for Ester Irene Wattles & William F. Schilling, & Howard A. Wattles & Minnie LeSaar.  In 1910 George Kentner wed Hattie M. Houghton.  Grass Valley Journal, 11 April 1930: Howard Wattles killed in high voltage line accident at Maupin; lived at Grass Valley for several years.]

Kibbey, Emily B. d. 23/22 February 1904, 47 y; nee Bell; w/o H. H. Kibbey, formerly of Wasco who was 43 when they married 1902 Moro, OR Methodist parsonage; H.H. Kibby owned SW ¼, Section 28, T5S, R17E in 1913. L.L. Bell leased land in Section 9, 10; [Grass Valley Journal, 4 March 1904]

Lane, N. M. d. 14 April 1905 of consumption at his home in Kent; married July 1904; leaves wife; buried on The Observer Farm; [The Observer, 21 April 1905; Grass Valley Journal, 21 April 1905]

Orcutt, D. D. 13 July 1816 - 15 December 1903; inscribed on his stone, "His wife died at Tacoma, Washington in 1882." [William S. Orcutt and Ara Orcutt owned fractions of Section 34 & 35, T4S, R16E in 1913.]

Phillips, Madah 1879 - 1913; d/o Granville Phillips of Kent, OR ; aka Maida; m/o Nina; step-sister of Arthur S. Johnson of Moro, OR; Granville Phillips owned Sunny Cove Poultry Ranch, T4S, R18E, NW ¼ Section 30 in 1913.

Steidel, Richard H. d. 3 September 1904, 4m 10d at Moro; s/o Herman & Frieda H.; b/o Anna, Frieda & Mirtle; funeral at Kent; [The Observer, 9 September 1904; Wasco News,9 September 1904: Richard Herman Steidel, burial at Wilcox Cemetery;  Grass Valley Journal, 9 September 1904.]

Thiese, Anna S. 15 June 1887 - 3 February 1906 near Kent at home of  M/M Davis; eldest d/o M/M William Thiese of "across Buck Hollow;" [Grass Valley Journal, 9 February 1906]

Trotter, Sarah J. 20 February 1902 - 28 September 1902; d/o William Frank & Mary "Mollie" N. [Spoonemore] Trotter; grandchild of James Anderson Trotter and Sarah [Wheeler] Trotter.


Rose Cemetery     aka Rose Hill Cemetery

The Rose Cemetery is located four miles southeast of Moro, OR (Section 26, T1S, R17E).    Land was donated by William H Rose 4 May 1897.


Rufus Cemetery

The small Rufus Cemetery is located on a rocky pasture bluff looking north over the town of Rufus, OR and the Columbia River.     Neglected and overgrown for many years, restoration and preservations efforts began in 2000.      Earlier thought to have about 11 graves, there are now only three visible graves:   Amos  Infant,    Striker  Infant and  Daisy Young.


SunRise Cemetery  

The SunRise Cemetery is located about 2 1/2 miles northwest of Wasco, OR, (Section 31,T2N, R17E), 1/4 mile south of Highway 97.     It was started by the Fulton Family with the burial of Col James Fulton in March 1890 and deed to the Taylor IOOF Lodge No. 99 in October 1897 and then to the Wasco Cemetery Association in October 1952.


Wasco Methodist Cemetery 

The Wasco Methodist Cemetery is located about 2 1/2 miles northwest of Wasco, OR (Section 32, T2N, R17E), 1/4 mile south of Highway 97 and across the road from the SunRise Cemetery.    First burials were children of Jessie and Mary (Burden) Eaton in 1872, 1874 and 1875.    The Eatons lived just north of the cemetery and sold land for the cemetery to the Methodist Church for $1 in May 1881.     Neglected and overgrown for several years, a maintenance program was started in 1997 through the Methodist Church.


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