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Terri Sprague Fri Jun 6 21:18:20 1997
I am looking for descendants of William Warren WETHERBEE, b. 1881 OH or IA, d. 1955 Independence, Polk County, OR. He had a son named Council. I believe that Council was in the Navy @1940 and married @1940. My Grandparents knew Council and William and, I believe we are related to them. Would like information about William's ancestry and current location of Council or descendants, if possible. tsprague@mail.microserve.net - Terri Sprague

Linda Flesch Sat Jun 7 20:54:14 1997
Looking for descendents of William H. JAMES who moved to Polk Co Oregon from Newton, Illinois in 186_. He was son of Judge James E. JAMES of Newton. Wm b.12 Aug 1839 d.21 Aug 1915. Wife Julia A. children listed in Polk Co., census records: Thomas C. b.1863, James E b.1867, Martha A b.1870, P.L.(male)b.1877, C.(female) b.1878 & E.A.(male)b.1880. Will be glad to exchange information. lflesch@famvid.com - Linda Flesch

Lori Patch (Carter) Mon Jun 9 15:35:28 1997
I am helping my mother work on the CARTER family line. We are looking for information on Francis Marion CARTER. He possibly lived in Polk County at the time of the 1880 census. Furthmore, he had marriage to a Martha J HERRIS or HARRIS that we are looking for information on. Thanks Lori Patch - LPatch9503@Aol.com

Helen D. Crowley Sat May 24 22:08:48 1997
I'm looking for a copy of a photograph of the old LaCreole Church located near Rickreall on Hwy 97. Solomon CROWLEY donated the land for this church and for the road to it in October of 1866. The church was located near the Etna Cemetery (the land for the cemetery was donated by Thomas RIGGS) Does anyone have such a photograph? It would be a wonderful addition to a book about Solomon CROWLEY and his children. helenc@aone.com - Helen D. Crowley

Bev Whitt Wed May 28 14:24:28 1997
HARRITT - I'm seeking information about my great-great grandfather Reverend JESSE HARRITT. He was born in 1818 in Indiana, settled in Polk County in 1845 after journeying to Oregon on the Oregon Trail. He was an elder in the United Brethern Church. He farmed in Polk county until his death on March 27, 1888. His wife Julia F. LEWIS HARRITT died in Salem in 1908. Julia was the stepdaughter of James McNARY, the captain of the wagon train in which Jesse traveled the Oregon Trail. Jesse apparently traveled much of Oregon for his religous work. If possible, I would like to know Jesse and Julia's parents' names and their origin (possibly also Indiana) and also if there may be some photos of them, or their children, Byron W. HARRITT, John W. HARRITT, Elmer E. HARRITT (my great grandfather) died in 1901, or Alice C. HARRITT EMMETT. John W. Harritt may have owned a farm in Marion County. I would like to have copies of obituaries for Jesse, Julia and Elmer. aple@bigsky.net - Bev Whitt

Kevin Neese Sun May 4 14:54:31 1997
Amanda Loretta Frances BLANCHARD was born 24 Nov 1892 in Independence, Oregon. Looking for ANY information on her parents Lewis Franklin BLANCHARD and Annie Julia LOGAN. neese@apsc.com - Kevin Neese

Becky Brandt Wed May 7 21:39:41 1997
Attention: the mail to, address did not work on this notice...
There are a number of Brandt families listed in web white pages in Tucson so that did not help either. If she gets in touch with you please let her know I have information about her family, back about 10 generations.
 Steven Williams
Hi I'm looking for info. on Anna LEWIS born 1848 or 1849 in Polk County Or. I don't have the names of her parents. I do know that she married Syrianus Demetrius HOOKER. A close relative of General Joseph HOOKER of the Union Army he was either a cousin or Nephew. Born in the 1820' and died at age 73. Anna died at age 84. Anna's family Migrated to Polk County Or. from Missouri. Her family was a little Schotch & Irish with a small amount of Dutch & Welsh. Anna and Syrianus had 11 children: Mary, Olive Oatman, Alice, Nellie, Myrtle, Joseph Cyrus Syrianus Clark, Derius Demetruis Dionysius, Jessie, Johnny, Frank, and Acey. Anything on this family will be of help and I thank you in advance. Becky in Tucson AZ.

sstring Tue May 13 11:31:48 1997
ESTES, ORR, FISHER, HALL, KING Am seeking information re; Charlotte 'Lottie' Jane FISHER/HALL/ ORR. I have info. of Lottie marrying James William ORR aft 1880 in OR. Lottie was previously married to an UNK HALL. Lottie was b. probably in the 1850's in IN? James William ORR was b. same time period but in either TN or AR. The ESTES family connects the surnames above. Am also seeking info. re. David or David R. KING. David was b. in 1820' or 30's. He was md. to an Martha Elizabeth 'Lizzie' ESTES. Lizzie was b. 2-10-1839 in AR and died in Portland, Multnomah, OR.
I can find no Fisher's in OR or WA. There is a Lottie HALL in Walla Walla, WA in 1880, along with some of the ESTES family.
I believe the ORRS went to ID.
I would especially like to find something about the HALL, KING and FISHER families, as my grandfather was a HALL whose mother was a KING. Grandpa is quite a mystery to us.
Lottie and James had one child that I am aware of a, Beryl Ione ORR. I can find no info. re. Lottie and unk HALL having children. sstring@sisna.com - sstring

sstring Tue May 13 11:37:40 1997
Tried to post a response to a jmarshall@jls.net Twice recieved a message from the 'Postmaster' that the mail was undeliverable. Does anyone know how I can contact this person? She had posted a query re. a Reason B. HALL. I have some info. re. Reason. sstring@sisna.com - sstring

Marge Jodoin Wed Apr 9 01:44:28 1997
Looking for FOSTER, Philip, m. Fannie CUMMINGS, emigrated to Oregon bf 1836. Movement Vancouver>Oregon City 1838-1848> Eagle Creek, Clackamas Co. 1848+, farm called "Foster's". Originated from Argyle, Maine <William FOSTER + Lucy SPENCER, Philip b. 1806. Sister Martha b. 1811, m. Charles HELLENBRAND in Bangor, ME, emigrated 1858/59 via Golden Rocket around the Horn, joined brother at Eagle Creek for 2 years, 1859-61. May be related to Ira + Amanda KIMBALL, Polk Co., Oregon through William FOSTER, father, who has some connection at birth (ca. 1790, Argyle, ME) with a Solomon Farnham KIMBALL Jr. Definitely related through dau. of Ira/Amanda> Leona who m. John W. HELLENBRAND, Salem, OR in 1873. Any links, info, appreciated. mjjodoin@webtv.net - Marge Jodoin

Betty VanLeer Thu Apr 3 13:49:27 1997
Perry McCABE owned and operate a tile factory. His son Gilbert was killed in an accident there. Is there any history on this factory that someone could send me? Perry's brother John Miller also ran a tile factory in Fairmount, Ill. Also still looking for deaths of Perry and John's parents, Alexander and Rodah McCABE in or around Independence. Is there someone in this area that can research this information for me? I will be more than happy to pay any expenses incurred. Please contact me by e-mail - bvl54@aol.com - Betty VanLeer

Robert Earl Woodham Mon Apr 7 03:33:09 1997
TURNIDGE - Searching for records and info on ALL descendants of the TURNIDGE/TURNAGE family. The TURNIDGE family settled in OR in the 1840's and have lived in Polk Co. since the 1800's. They came to OR from Missouri where a branch of the family settled after leaving North Carolina in the late 1700's. The TURNIDGE's of Oregon are descendants of GEORGE TURNAGE Jr. who came to North Carolina about 1705 from Essex Co., England. woodham@leo.infi.net - Robert Earl Woodham

Renee Piper Sat Mar 15 15:08:20 1997
SCOTT, Felix, born 12/13/1786 in Monongahela County WVA. Married Ellen CASTLIO of St. Charles County MO, born 9/13/1805. Moved to Lane County Oregon sometime after 1846. Felix was murdered about a days ride from his home in Lane Co. I am looking for decs. of Felix and Ellen. Children were Nancy, Ellen, Harriet, Juliett, Felix, Marion, Marchand, Bushrod, Mariah, Nimrod, Harrison, Rodney, Melissa, Jane Linn. Ellen Castlio SCOTT died in Dallas Oregon on 12/9/1882. Believe only Rodney, Juliett, Ellen, and Nancy had children. Felix had other children that might have went to Oregon. Taswell, George, Presley, Herma S. Maria. Would also like info on where Felix might be buried. ReneeP12@aol.com - Renee Piper

Nancy Wortman Tue Feb 25 22:01:05 1997
I am searching for parents and siblings of Thomas Durham PHILLIPS b. 1850 MO, d. 10/20/1921 Dallas, Polk Co. He m. Mary Jane REYNOLDS in MO. She was b. 1853 MO, d. aft. 1921 Polk Co. They had Emma C. m. -?- JOST; Ira D.; Eloise S. m. Irving Tracy STAATS; Eugenia A. ; Mary E. m. -?- HUSTON; Nellie Etta; Eula L. m. -?- RIX; Dr. Benjamin I.; Minnie Pearl m. -?- SHAW. Interested, as well, in descendants. Thank you. Nancy. nhavill@teleport.com - Nancy Wortman

FRED MARTIN Sun Mar 2 22:01:14 1997
FULLER, Looking for information and descendants of Lewis FULLER and wife Senith. Need death dates etc. Three children came with Lewis and Senith to OR: Cleopatra, Edward, wife Florence, and John S., wife Jennie (Jennifer) and child Wilda E.Please E-mail any info you might have. Thank you. cmjplayboy@aol.com - FRED MARTIN

Tom Baird Tue Feb 18 19:46:02 1997
I am looking for descendants of Isaac Middleton SIMPSON and his wife Martha (Patsy) JACKSON SIMPSON. They came to Polk county by wagon train in 1845. Known children were Marshall W SIMPSON who married Joice BLEVINS, Eliza SIMPSON who married Lafayette LAUGHARY and Isaac M SIMPSON Jr who married Tabitha MORRISON. Baird@umr.edu - Tom Baird

Jeanice Brothers Wed Feb 19 19:14:26 1997
I am looking for decendants and more information of Archie and Cora M. JORDAN (maiden name PALMER from Kansas?). Married Nov. 1, 1891 in Polk County. They had four girls: Vivian b.Dec.1892, Pearl b.april 1894, Ethal b.sept. 1895 and Cora G. b. sept.1897 (my grandmother). I believe Cora M died at the age of 24 or25? My grandmother was given to Archie's sister Lauretta A WILSON (JORDAN) and her husband. 1900 census is where I found what information I have. Archie was 38 in 1900. Cora M. was 23. The only other info I have was found on another web site: Cora M. JORDAN #0831, type: estate, county: Polk. Here's hoping and praying. Jackie. brothers@cdsnet.net - Jeanice Brothers

Betty VanLeer Sat Feb 1 14:48:21 1997
McCABE Alexander and Rodah KNAPP McCABE m. 1833 in Ripley Co., Indiana, then went to Missouri, then to Oregon. The info I have leads me to around Independence. The last I can find them in Ind. is abt 1860, and he was 48, and she 44, so they must not been in Mo. long. A son, Perry Hill McCABE came to Oregon also, and perhaps William D., another son who I have a dying in east- ern Washington. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I keep hoping if I find them it will tell me who Alexander's parents were. They owned land in Ind. so I would not be at all surprised if they owned land in Oregon. Please reply to bvl54@aol.com - Betty VanLeer

Denise (Sproed) Merritt Thu Jan 16 22:15:37 1997
Searching for documentation on the parents of Francis (LIVINGSTON) GAGE (b ca 1800 TN d. 1878 OR). Believe she is the daughter of Hannah SMITH & William LIVINGSTON. Believe Francis had siblings: Samuel, John, Margaret "Peggy" McKown, Thomas (who also lived in Douglas Co. OR), William, Adelaida McKown, Nancy Backridge, Mary, Smith, and Nathaniel. gfvm89a@prodigy.com - Denise (Sproed) Merritt

Nell Sun Jan 19 19:25:56 1997
Looking for descendents of Erwin HOSFORD 1820 NY-1891 OR and William WANN 1853 TN - 1930 OR. Erwin bought the old Yachats Indian Agency 1875. William E. WANN was his son-in-law and farmed there until about 1920. Have lots of information to share. NellH8@aol.com - Nell

Denise (Sproed) Merritt Wed Jan 22 15:17:53 1997
Looking for descendants of Nancy Anne COLLARD (b. 1816 MO) & Lewis Dozier KENT (b. 1814 MO) who migrated to Oregon in 1852. They initially stopped in Polk Co. but migrated to Douglas Co. by 1854 when Lewis KENT was the 3rd sheriff of Douglas Co. His brother (Robert KENT) was married to his sister-in-law (Sarah Elizabeth COLLARD) and also settled in Douglas Co. OR. Nancy & Lewis KENT are known to have the following children: Benton, Lucinda LASSATOR FALES WEGER, Harriet WILLIS, Mary STEWART, Lucretia MADDEN, Filena "Annie" RICHARDSON, Lorena "Alice" GAGE, & Lewis. gfvm89a@prodigy.comCollard - Denise (Sproed) Merritt

Bill Hunter Fri Jan 3 22:42:15 1997
FRIER/FRYER - Absolom H. FRIER, son of Robert and Christiana (HUNTER) FRIER settled in Polk county. I am compiling HUNTER family History and have the family back to Switzerland in mid 1600's. Will Share. I need descendants of Absolom and Elizabeth (McCULLOCH) FRIER. Any help appreciated. Bill Hunter. azel@earthlink.net - Bill Hunter

Subject: Polk Co. Obituaries - Wed, 15 Jan 1997

I am in need of an obituary from Polk county. Could you put me in contact with someone who could assist me. I would be happy to pay for copies, postage and a research fee. EMNS05B@prodigy.com - MRS DALA JO CORNETT - Des Moines, Iowa

Paul in Dallas, OR Sat Jan 4, 1997

I am looking for anyone doing research on the HASTINGS family; preferably those of Burres Loyd, b. 2 Apr 1831 Henry Co, TN d. 23 Oct 1907 Polk Co, OR; Archibald L., b. 14 Feb 1829 AR d. 16 Jun 1897 Polk Co, OR; and John Campbell, b. 18 Mar 1833 Henry Co, TN d. 11 Sep 1916 Polk Co, OR. Their parents were: John W. HASTINGS b. 15 Apr 1798 Orange Co, NC d. 2 Apr 1847 Fulton Co, AR & Hannah ESTES, b. abt 1795 Orange Co, NC d. 1850 AR. kealoha@worldnet.att.net - Paul in Dallas, OR


Donna Schmit Sat Dec 28 23:02:15 1996
I am interested in the Valsetz area and the lumber company of the same name my grandfather, Clifford McLEAN, and g grandfather, Claude McLEAN both worked Valsetz Lumber and lived in Valsetz in the 1930's and 1940's. My mother has some pictures of the mill area, the school and their house. I am interested in any and all information about the town, etc., whether factual or not. Does anyone know of anyone who might have worked in Valsetz at the same time as my family members and who might know them or stories about them? I am also interested in pictures (pre-1955)that I could get copies of from that area and of others that lived and worked there. Any and all responses welcome. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Donna. dmsormd@open.org - Donna Schmit

Beth Graham Tue Dec 10 22:02:35 1996
My great-great grandfather came to Polk County on the Oregon Trail with the Applegate brothers in 1843. His last name would have been RUSSELL. A William RUSSELL is listed on the wagon train list. His son was William Jerome RUSSELL, who was the sheriff of Polk County in the late 19th century. He and his wife, Martha YORK had a daughter Doris who married John Patrick GRAHAM of Josephine County. They had four children including Daniel Orrin GRAHAM, my father. John P. GRAHAM's mother was Kate McNUTT(sp?), who was supposedly a cousin of Adlai Stevenson I. I would like to fill some gaps in my family tree, does anyone have any information that can help me? blondebomber@sprynet.com - Beth Graham

Kristine Hake Tue Aug 20 18:22:47 1996
Does anyone know if there are any books specifically about Bethel College in old Bethel) that have things like the board's minutes or any paper work on them on the people that worked there, students that went there (especially pictures), or the board members? My gr. gr. gr. gr. grandfather Aaron H. DENNY was a board memeber, and I'm having trouble locating any information about Bethel College. Thanks for any help you can give me. :) angel@centercomp.com - Kristine Hake

Pat Holling Tue Aug 20 22:29:31 1996
I am looking for information regarding my gggrandparents Ezra Chase TOWNER and Jane (Jennie) YOUNG. I located them on the 1900 census, Rickreall, Polk County Oregon ED#171 Page #9. He is 71 years old here. He resides with his wife Jennie, daughter Lillie COOKERLY (widow) and grandson Chase E. COOKERLY. I have not been able to locate them after this census. They do not appear to be in the death index. Is anyone working on this family, or know of them? Pat Holling. pholling@worldaccess.com - Pat Holling

Lois Masters Tue Oct 1 14:00:15 1996
I have extensive information on the descendants and ancestors of Horatio Nelson Viscount HOLMES, pioneer of Holmes Gap. I would like a picture of his home at Holmes Gap, before the top two stories were removed. Also would like to know the birthplace and parents of Sarah Josephine LEWIS b Sep 1852 in Oregon and married to William Henry HOLMES 13 Aug 1876 (where?); Also where were their children: Jessie Adelia HOLMES (born Nov 1877); Ava Clair HOLMES (b April 1880) and William Henry HOLMES (b Jan 1891) all born. I know it was Oregon...but Polk or Marion Counties? or where? Also where was Kathyline JOHNSON (b Sep 1858 in Washington Territory) born? Who were her parents? She married John Porter HOLMES 20 Jul 1877 (where?) Also Josie ADAMSON born Aug 876 in Oregon (where?) married Frank HOLMES, the son of David Jackson HOLMES and Mary E. LEWIS. Who were her parents? Also Emma WILLIAMS, wife of Webster HOLMES, was born Oct 1867 in Oregon and identified as a native of Portland. Was that her birthplace? She married Webster HOLMES 13 Sep 1891. Where? Emma was the daughter of P.C. WILLIAMS, a sawmill and mercantile associate. What does P.C. stand for? lmasters@orednet.org - Lois Masters

Harriette Jensen Tue Oct 8 22:06:18 1996
I am looking for the descendant of William Andrew Jackson HOISINGTON and Mary Alice McINTIRE, who moved to Polk County in 1903. William was my great-granduncle and I have many online pictures of his homestead in Logan County OK. hariji@sirius.com - Harriette Jensen

Jackie Savage Marshall Thu Oct 10 04:43:27 1996
Does anyone have information on Martha WRIGHT HALL, wife of Reason B. HALL. They were pioneers to Oregon in 1846 and settled the town of Buena Vista in Polk County. Martha WRIGHT was born abt 1807 in KY. They were married in 1828 in Indiana, but came to Oregon from Illinois. I do not have the date of her death. Does anyone have an obit, or know about a family Bible? I am trying to prove a relationship to the family of Morgan R. SAVAGE, also an 1846 pioneer, who first settled near Independance, Polk County then later in Benton County. Thank you. jmarshal@jls.net - Jackie Savage Marshall

Lois Masters Wed Oct 16 07:49:12 1996
HOLMES, Horatio Nelson Viscount (1813-1886) settled early in Polk Co., Or. Will share information on both ancestors and descendants. Seeking marriage place(date 20 Jul 1877) of John Porter HOLMES to Kathyline JOHNSON. Also marr place of William Henry to Sarah Josephine LEWIS (marr date 13 Aug 1876). Wm Henry and Sarah had ch: Jessie Adelia (b Nov 1877); Ava Clair(b Apr 1880) and William Henry(b Jan 1891) but WHERE in Oregon? Also seeking a photo of Horatio's 5 story home at Holmes Gap before top two stories were taken off. lmasters@orednet.org - Lois Masters

Rod Bach Wed Nov 13 20:35:37 1996
Looking for John K. DELASHMUTT, Phoebe BENNET, Daniel DOUGHERTY. rbach@teleport.com - Rod Bach

DeVere Reyes Sat Nov 30 08:13:25 1996
Seek info on Mathias and Lucinda SPRINGER, Mathias possibly from Germany. Born about 1858. jrseven@aol.com - DeVere Reyes

Subject: Re: RIGGS, Joseph in Polk, County late 1800s

I have a Joseph RIGGS who moved to Oregon in the late 1800s. His address was South (not sure if that is what the writing says) Creek, Polk County, Oregon. The letter does not have the year on it, but other letters were dated in the 1870-1890s.

 He had a sister back in Ohio named Mary Ann RIGGS STEWART who is my gggggm. How can I find out more about this man? Does anyone have Riggs information? Thanks in advance. KBrady5621@aol.com - KBrady5621@aol.com

Gail Graham
Subject: Census lookups

Could someone with access to Polk Co. census please look up the following for me?
1910 Polk Co., Oregon
1920 Polk Co., Oregon
The information I need is where was the mother and father of Hattie WINGO born? Hattie's husband is Soloman WINGO. They were living around Falls City. Thanks so much. ggraham@spessart.com - Gail Graham


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