Polk County Mortality 1860
Polk County Mortality Schedule

        Name              Age    Sex     Place       Month             Cause                 Occupation
                                                        of              of                     of
                                                      Birth        Death               Death

H.T. Allen                 34        F        IL               Apr            Abcess
R. Croker                 17        F        MO            Apr            Scarlet Fever
George Harper          22       M       OH             Jan             Murdered                      Farmer
Lukette Harris           17        F        MO            Mar           Typhoid Fever
A. Helbert                 25       M       VA             Nov           Consumption
T. Holcomb               50       M       NC             Dec            Cancer                      Carpenter
Thomas Hutcheson    35       M       OH             Feb            Typhoid Fever          County Clerk
R. Lerenmoose          65       M        MA           Apr             Suicide                         Farmer
M. Luren                   23       F         MO           Feb              Fever
M.U. Mott                28       M        AR             Mar            Hung for Murder          Laborer
C.M. Robinson         50       M        Eng             Jan             Murdered                     Painter
Perry Townson         26       M        MO            Nov            Bowel Infl.                    Farmer
David Welce             55       M        TN             May           Lung Fever                    Farmer