Bacon, John M. - was bonr October 27, 1822 and came to Oregon from Main and IL.  He was married to Rachel W. Newman and their children were:  Theodore, Elmer, Grant Herbert, Claude, Laura, Adelia, Ella, Allenia, Jerome, Oscar and Robert.
John Helped Samuel K. Barlow cut out barlow road around Mt. Hood in 1845.  Was Postmaster of ORegon City from 1868-1890.

BAILES, Phoebe -was born November 19, 1803 to Jacob Beals and Rebecca Adamson. She came to Oregon from Greene Co., Missouri.   She married first Jacob Lakey 2nd John C. Hayden(1855) and 3rd she married Samuel R. Harrington (1863) in Wasco Co., OR.  She was living in Marion Co., OR whe daughter Lydia Lakey married Gibson Arthur in 1865.  Phoebe died at Ellensburg, WA where he nephew Keithley Bailes had settled.  Daughter Phoebe Jane Lakey (1844-1922) married Isaac Van Dyke Wible (1823-1912) and lived in Marion Co., OR and Kaleview, OR until 1868 then moved to Red Bluff, CA.  Phoebe had the following children:  Simon, Jacob, Rebecca, Thomas, Ruth, Elizabeth, Anna, John, Andrew, Kissiah, Phoebe Jane, and Lydia.

 Baker, William Harrison  - was born Nov. 24, 1812 and came from Black River, Crawford, Wisconsin and Iowa.  He arrived at Oregon City fro Iowa on a wagon train guided by William Harpool in September 1851.  Filed for land in Turner, Marion County, on 23 March, 1852.  Mr. Baker was a teamster drlivering crops to Oregon City from the Salem area and return with lumber products.  Mr. Baker died 8 Jan 1890 and is buried in Turner.  His children were Mary, Margaret, Emma Martha Lucelia, Jay Solan, Thomas, Phoebie, John Nelson, Harriet Josephine.

BARNES, Daniel Parker - Traveled the Oregon Trail from Missouri to Yamhill Co. and arrived on 30 Sept 1846. He went to the California Gold Fields about 1849 and stayed 8 months then returned to Lafayete, Yamhill Co.. Daniel then homesteaded in Douglas Co. in 1852.  Daniel died October 27m, 1896 in Gold Hill, Jackson Co., OR.

 BARNES, James Thornton - James was born in Crawfored, IN.  James was a Mexican War veteran, part fo the Whitman Massacre and fought in the Rogue Indian War.  He went to the California Gold Fields with his brother-in-law Wm. Frankling Osborn.  In 1851 he was living near his brother Daniel.  James raised stock at Goose Lake and Sprague River Valley in Lack Co., OR.  He died 1893 in Gold Hill, Jackson Co., OR.  James came to Oregon from Missouri.

 Bates, Joseph - was born October 26, 1849 and came to OR from LA.  He was married to Sarah Rosina Latham and their children were:  : Amy, Edna, Sally, William, Ora, Donald, Edwin, Elbert and Robert.
Sarah R. Latham was first schoolteacher in Harney Co. Left arm amputated on Oregon Trail, accident with gun, might have died except for army patrol riding with wagon train had Doctor with them.  Joseph Bates fired first shot in the Bannock Indian uprising in Grant Co. Sarah was at the fort in Canyon City and was standing next to a man named Aldrich who was shot and killed in the uprising.

 Beamer, Marion  - Came to Oregon from Illinois.  They first settled in Polk, then Marion County.  Jennie tookup a claim in the Yahauts area.  They ventured to Sumpter in Baker County to look for gold.  Sold their claim to a chinaman and moved to Portland.  Marion and Jennie were both Civil WAr veterans.  He was in the IL infantry and she a nurse at the hospital i Keokuk, Iowa.  Both buried at the Cemetry in Portland west of the Sellwood Bridge in the Military section. Their children were Allen, Perry, Maude, Ora.

 Beeler, Charlotta - was born July 19, 1839 and came to Oregon from TN via MO.

 Beeler, Elmina - was born August 13, 1843 and came to Oregon from TN via MO.  She was married to Lyman Walter Pomeroy. Buried Franklin Butte Cemetery, Linn Co.  Married Lyman in 1860, after the death of his first wife, her sister in 1859.

 Beeler, Jaob P. - was born November 19, 1829 and came to Oregon from TN via MO.  He was married to America Mulkey and Alice Booth.  Died in 1899, buried Amity Cemetery, Yamhill County.

 Beeler, John W. - Came to Oregon from TN via MO.  He had the following children:  Rachel , Mary Caroline, Esther, Joab P., Orlena, Peter, John N, Martha Jane, Rebecca, Charlotta, and Sarah A.
Children also include William Ferrall, Elmina, and Charles H..  (14 Children) John and wife Jane are buried in the Rovidence Baptist Church Cemetery, Linn County, Oregon.  Additional information on the children is being submitted separately.

 Beeler, Martha Jane - was born October 12, 1836 and came to Oregon from TN via MO.  She was married to Cornwall Thatcher Leever.  Died in 1901, buried Providence Cemetery, Linn County

 Beeler, Peter - was born February 28, 1833, he was married to Martha P. Berkeley.  Died in 1895, buried Weston Cemetery, Umatilla County.

 Beeler, Rebecca - was born December 13, 1837 and came to Oregon from TN via MO. She died Oct 4, 1924, buried Bow, Skagit County, WA.

 Beeler, Sara A - was born November 4, 1840 and married to Lyman Walter Pomeroy. She came to Oregon from TN via MO.  She died Oct 20 1859  Buried Providence Cemetery, Linn Co

 Blum, Jacob - was born April 7, 1834 and came to oregon from Switzerland, WI and MN.  He and his wife Elsbeth Babler had the following children:  Mary, EMil, Edward, Lydia, Esther, Dora, Charles, Anna, John, Fred, Alwin, Martha.
The Blum family came to aremica in 1847 from Glarus, Switzerland, and settled in a Swiss colony called New Glarus, WI.  Jacob was 13 years old.  His parents were Beter Blum (Bloom) and Elisabeth Schniter.  Jacob married Elisabeth Babler in 1861, and their first 8 children were born in Green County, WI.  They moved to Nobles County, MN in 1873 and 2 more children were born there.  They immigrated to Clackamas County, OR in about 1878, and 5 more children were born there. (12 of their children lived to adulthood.  They moved to Tillamook in Tillamook Co. OR in 1887.

BORK, Rudolph Albert - was born March 27, 1846 in Germany, in 1885 he moved to WEstside, Crawford IA.  When he came to Oregon he settled in the Flora area of wallowa County.  Rudolph and Bertha had the following children:  Fred C., Edith Frances (Conrad), Frank G., Lesia (Evans), Rudolph Guss, Lillie (Evans), William, Ira, Bertha (Evans).

 John Westley Bridwell - was born February 17, 1832 and came to Oregon from Lawrence Co., IN and Davis Co. Iowa and Missouri.  He had his wife Mary or Nancy Edmondson had seven children among them John Westley Jr. bor 1861.  JW Sr.'s parents:  George Abraham Bailey Bridwell from Shelby Co. Kentucky and Sarah Maize.  Sarah's parents:  David and Catherine Acree.  George's parents:  Bailey Bridwell and Elizabeth English married abt. 1796 in Va. Moved to  Ky, then to Lawrnece Co. In., then Green Co.,In. - Bailey died there.
JW Jr. married Sarah Elizabeth Henderson.  They lived at Briedwell Station near Amity: married 12/16/1887 at the Baptist Church in Amity.

 BROOKS, John - was born March 7, 1824 and came to Oregon from Missouri.  Originally from Hart Co., Kentucky.  Many family members are buried in Salem Pioneer Cemetery.John and his wife Martha Rebecca Harper had the following children:  Mary, Irene, Nancy, Jane, William, John, Lydia, Frank, Clyde,Edward, Lenore, and Benjamin.

 Brown, Gabriel -was born April 1874 and came to Oregon from MO.  His children were: William Wesley Brown, James Davis Brown, Mary Brown,  Cynthia Ann Brown, John R. Brown,  and Emaline F. Brown.
Gabriel Brown was born in E. TN. His father was William Brown, a Rev. War soldier who was born in VA, lived in NC,E.TN,GA,AR,MO.  His mother was Katey Nave.  Gabriel lived moved from TN to MO then AR, back to MO then by wagon train to OR in 1842. Some other members of the wagon train were: Dr.White-Capt,Allen Jones Davie, Reuben Lewis,16 wagons with about 109 people.  The Brown family settled in Sublimity, Marion Co., OR.  Gabriel moved to Jackson Co., OR about 1860 to live near his son William W. Brown and daughter Emaline Odan.

BROWN, Henry G. - came to Oregon via the Isthmus of Panama to San Frisco California up the Sacramento Valley from New Hampshire.  Henry was born December 15, 1832 and married Pricilla.  He had a 160 acre homestead and later purchased the  Henderer Donation Land Claim of 163 acres and eventually had 1600 acres.  Henry was a Republican State Representative in 1882.  His house built in 1883 near Elkton, OR is still lived in by his descendants.  Henry died August 29, 1902 and Priscilla died July 17, 1902.  Henry and Pricilla had the following children:  Samuel Henry, Hattie S., Helen J., Edward B., Francis C., and Martha.

 BROWN, Hugh L.  was the father of Louisa Brown.

 BURNELL,Coleman B. - Came to Oregon from Pittsylvania Co., VA.  Coleman married Mary Nancy (A) English and had the following children:: William C., Maria Jane, Letitia Marie, Joseph, James Madison, Levin Edward and Rosetta.Coleman arrived in Oregon in the fall of 1845 in a wagon train captained by CAPT Levin Nelson English whose daughter he married enroute.  He was a farmer who received a land claim in the Silverton area.  The last mention of him in records is the 1880 Marion County census when he was a widower taking care of his four year old granddaughter because of the parent's death.  Coleman's daughter Letitia was my mother's, father's, mother.

  Burns, William P. was born February 11,1823 and came to Oregon from Illionis, his wife was Millicent A.P. Conyers.
Their children were:Laura Burns Fuller and Charles Edward Burns.
: William P. Burns was City Marshall of Oregon City in 1858.  He served as Sheriff of Clackamas  Co. from Jul 1862 to Jul 1868.  He also served as Oregon City Assessor and Oregon City Recorder, a Justice of the Peace and a U. S. Deputy Marshall.  He moved to Portland in the early 1870's where he worked for the railroad and the U.S. Post Office.
  Charles Edward Burns served as Chief of Police in Oregon City from 1889 to 1905.  He then served as Deputy Warden at the State Penitentiery in Salem for about 6 years.

 Butler, Elijah Davidson - was born April 16, 1824 and came to Oregon from Warren Co. IL.  His children were Cynthia, Charles, and Rachel.

 Butler, Elizabeth Hannah - was married to Thomas Hutchinson and Spence Miser and came to Oregon from Warren Co., IL
James, Robert, Tom and  Haver Miser.

 Butler, Ira Francis Marion - was born May 20, 1812 and came to Oregon from Warren Co., IL.  He was married to Mary Ann Davidson and their children were:  Newton, Parradine, Cyrus, Asa, Augustus, Mary, Margaret, and Alice.
Founder of Monmouth Christian College, now Western Oregon State University

 Butler, Isaac - was born December 2, 1831 he was married to Sarah Ann Web and had the following children.: Bessie, Mary.
He came to Oregon from Warren Co., IL.

 Butler, Peter - was born March 9, 1789 and came to Oregon from Warren Co. IL. : Ira F.M., Eliza Grounds, Margaret Smith, Elijah D., John M., Elizabeth Hutchinson, William C., and Joseph W.
Butler/Davidson/Murphy families established Monmouth Christian College, now Western Oregon State University.  See "Letters from the Butler Sisters" on WOSU Library/Archives website.
Served as a Major with the Kentucky sharp shooter militia at the defense of New Orleans in the War of 1812.  In 1828, with fifteen other veterans, he left Warren County Kentucky on horseback, journeying north across Ohio, then to western IL where governemnt land had been set aside for War of 1812 soldiers.  In 1829, he built a log cabin six miles from where Monmouth, IL, was later established.  He served as county commissioner, county surveyor (whenasked to survey the new town of Chicago, he refused, saying a town built on the  swampy shores of Lake Michigan did not possess a future), shriff, and state representative and state senator.  He was elected Captain of the Warren County Militia Company in the Black Hawk war 1832.  In 1850, the first wagon train from Monmouth, IL, left for OR.  Thrity nine persons with ten wagons, led by Elijah Davidson.  In 1852 another party went to ORegon, including Elijah Davidson Butler in 1853, peter organized his own train, under the command of his oldest son, Ira. (see letters from Monmouth Oregon to Monmouth Illinois).  "Not a wheel turned in the morning until all hands had gathered while the old man offered prayer.  On Sunday they camped.  But on the unlucky day when the Butler cow was swept away by the North Platte River, to the loss of the Butler breakfast coffee cream, the old man was human enough to 'cuss out' both cow and river." "I drove my buggy nearly all the way myself.  After all, there is more depending on the disposition of a person to stand that trip than their consitutuion, for if a person cannot accomodate themselves totheir situation, it will be hard to stand the trip, but if they can feel satisified to sit down in the mud, dust, sunshine, or rain and eat whatever they have, then sleep on the ground or in the wagon or any other place which they can get, then the trip will be easy and half teh difficulties surmounted."

 Butler, William Cook -was born October 2, 1814 and came to Oregon from Warren Co., IL he was married to Rebecca Elaine Lucas and their children were:  : Draper, Katherine, Alice, John, Victoria, Viola, and Will.

 Bybee, James Francis - came to Oregon from Missouri and his children were, Robert E., Imogene, Ann, John, Ellery, Mary, William, Linda, Lillian, Avery, Martin.