Mullen Letter

    First Kentucky "Orphan" Brigade 


Letter from Frank Mullen, 2nd Kentucky Infantry


Camp Douglass Ill Oct 16, 1863

Mrs Joyce


I am a strainger to you but am a member of youre sone companey Cap E Joyce comp K 2 Ky Reg Voll and was taken prisner at Chickamauga on Sunday the 20th and I am here in prison at Camp Douglass and I would be very thankfull to you if you would send me a couple pare drawers and a couple pare of woolen socks and a blanket for I have none and I would like you to send me two or three dollars in monney if you please   I am very bad of for clothes and I do not know how long it will be till we are exchange   youre son was not very well the last time I seen him    he was not in the fight   he was sick at Mobile but would soon be well a nough for duty   if you should send the thing to mee direct youre letter and package to Frank Mullen Comp K. 2th. Ky Reg Inf Voll Prisnor of War Camp Douglass Ill in care Comp. C. 3. Ky Cav and than I can git it and will be under manney obligations to you

yourse Frank Mullen



Corp. Frank A. Mullen, probably of Louisville, enlisted in Co. K, 2nd Ky. Inf., in July 1861. He fought in all of the battles of his regiment until captured at Chickamauga. He was released from Camp Douglas and later served in the Confederate Navy.

Capt. Erskine Joyce, Mullen’s company commander, was killed at Atlanta.


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