Peyton B. Byrne, 5th Ky.

    First Kentucky "Orphan" Brigade 


Pvt. Peyton Buckner Byrne
Co. C, 5th Kentucky Infantry

compiled by Beverly Schmitz


Peyton Buckner Byrne, Company C, 5th Ky, Bates' Division, Hardee's Corps, Army of  Tennessee, enlisted Oct. 26, 1861 at Prestonburg KY for 12 months. He subsequently re-enlisted and was listed in Ky 5th Mounted Infantry throughout the war. He was 52 yrs of age at enlistment. The initial muster roll shows him in Hiram Hawkins company; in Sept 1862 his muster roll shows Thomas J. Henry's Company Ky 5th Infantry. He was absent sick off and on in hospital. He wrote a poem about "Land of The South" while in hospital in LaGrange, Georgia in 1864.  His Medical exam for furlough for 60 days dated Nov 6, 1864 states he was from Lewis Brigade, 5th Ky.  His disability is listed as "chronic rhuematism of 12 Mos. standing with loss of left eye. General health bad." The form lists Henderson Ga and is signed by RB Duncan.

The final record page is the Roll of Prisoners of War. It states Peyton B. Byrne Co. C 5 Regt Ky appears on a Roll of Prisoners of War of divers company and regiments detached of the Confederate States Army commanded by Lt. Col R.H. Lindsay, surrendered at Citronnelle, Ala. by Lt. Gen. R Taylor, C.S.A. to Maj. Gen. E.R.S. Canby , USA, May 4, 1865 and paroled at Meridian, Miss. May 12, 1865. Roll dated Meridain Miss, May 12, 1865.

My mother kept a news clipping circa 1939 regarding Peyton B.'s homestead in Greenup county as one of the oldest standing at that time. There was a movement on to preserve the building. That homestead is located in W Hollow, the home of the late Jesse Stuart. The log cabin portion of the building was built by Peyton Byrne. Some of my grandmother's siblings were born there. Her father was one of 11 children born to Peyton and his wife Sarah. Peyton Byrne died Jan 31, 1886.

Beverly Schmitz

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By PB BYRNE Company C 5th Ky volunteers
In Thy good heart--So free from Sin,
Sweet Streams of living water flows;
A thousand Virtues enters in
Brilliant and Modest as a Rose.--
Engendered with a Brilliant Ray
Lives in my mem'ry--Comforts me
Lives in my mem'ry--every day,
And every night I dream of Thee--
Contentment here I Cannot find,
Relief has Vanished from my View.
Oh! Nothing can relieve my mind!
Since I have been So long from you,
Since all I love is left Behind.--
Frank A. Cross
Lagrange Georgia
I wrote the above acrostic when I was confined to my bed and among total strangers--I had now been 3 years from my home--Says Frank "I can't tell you what to say, write it like you was writing for your self."  I done so and one might guess from the above what my feelings was at that time.  PBB
Beverly's Notation on PBs feelings when he wrote the above acrostic for Isabella Cross.  A newsclip my mother kept circa 1940 stated how PBs wife Sarah, pled with Union troops who rode to their farm with the express purpose of burning it.  She pleaded not to burn her home and told of her hardships while her husband was gone.  PB at this time was fighting in the Shenadoah Valley, the officer in command relented and her farm was spared.  PB knew of the hardships at home  that his family had to undergo and this coupled with the length of time gone and his injury influenced his acrostic for Isabella.  


At Columbus Ga met with Major Imbo of New Orleans was wounded in Gen. Lees army. Was in Georgia on a furlow.  Got me to write the following acrostic to Mary T Snell as a feeler was intended for a love letter. 
My thoughts by day and dreams by night
All wander back to thee;
Refulgent, with hopes fond delight,
Your mem'ry Clings to me.--
Time Swifter than the eagles flight.
Sublime Calm and Serene
Now hope it greets me with delight
Endearing pleasures Seen.
Long May you live an angle Bright
Long may I live to dream.
Major Imbo
Columbus, Ga Oct 1864
The Best acrostic love letter I ever wrote I wrote at Lagrange Georgia for Thomas J Smith of Ky to his Sweetheart in an adjoining county in Tennessee ...lost my Memorandum and have forgotten the ladies name
Peyton Buckner Byrne
P.S. The Peytons and Buckners are relations of mine.  I belonged to General Buckner's command for a long time.  His command distinquished itself at Chickamunga.


Many thanks to Beverly Schmitz for sending this information and photo in for display on this page.

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