Matthews Letter

    First Kentucky "Orphan" Brigade 


Letter from Camp Boone, 2nd Kentucky Infantry


Camp Boone
Sept 5th 1861,

My dear Aunt,

I have intended to write to you for some time, but I did not know where a letter would reach you. I have thought useless to write.

I have been in camp here for two months, near Clarksville Tenn, in the Brigade of Kentuckyians, which you have doubtless heard of some time since, there is encamped here three Regiments of Kentuckys, and a finer set of men I never saw. They are all healthy and true Kentuckians.

I had several letters from home this week [trust?] they were all well. Father is very anxious to live in the Confederate States, & I hope he Will find a good opening very soon. Lex [Lexington] is very strong for Lincoln, and I think the war will open there very soon. I hope it will not be very long before Ky will join her fortunes with Jeff Davis.

I would like very much to come and see you all, but as I could not get a furlough for a longer time than a week my time would be occupied in going and coming - please let me know in what time it would require in going and comeing.

Pa received a letter from Aunt Mary a few days before I left home, which was in June. She was well and in Philadephia have you heard from her lately. I wish she was living in the South. I learned from her letter that Cousin Sam had joined the army at Memphis. If he is, please let me know where he is stationed, as I would like to write to him.

Have you heard of Uncle Frank lately. I will write to him in a few days. Bro Frank is now on his way to Memphis to join a Cavalry Company, if Sam is there please let him know as soon as convenient. Frank will not know where to find him, write me some, with much love to all my cousins and Uncle House. I remain

Your Affectionate Nephew

Wm M. Matthews


P. S. Direct your letters

Camp Boone near Clarksville in care of Capt Breckinridge 2 Ky Regt


(collections of the Paducah, Kentucky, Public Library, courtesy John Kelly Ross, Jr.)



William M. Matthews served as commissary sergeant in Co. B, 2nd Kentucky Infantry, commanded by Capt. Robert J. Breckinridge (cousin to Gen. John C. Breckinridge).


For further info, see our article on Camps Boone and Burnett.


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