4th Ky. Inf. Note

    First Kentucky "Orphan" Brigade 


This note appeared in the Louisville Journal, sometime in May 1865.  I am indebted to Nancy Terhaar, relative of Corp. C. C. Chinn, for sending me this clipping.

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     HEAD'QRS 157th New York Volunteers,
        Georgetown, SC, May 3, 1865

To the Editors of the Louisville Journal:

  The following was found by one of my command sticking in a post after we drove the enemy from a position they held near Swift Creek, South Carolina, on the 19th of April, 1865, which I take pleasure in forwarding for the benefit of their friends:

  List of men in company I, 4th Kentucky now with the company up to this date, April 18th

        Lieut. A. S. Smith, Louisville, Ky
        Sergeant James H. Walker, Maysville, Ky
        Sergeant A. T. Kendall, Louisville, Ky
        Corporal  C. C. Chinn, Louisville, Ky
        Corporal J. P. Ferryford, Maysville, Ky [John P. Twyford]
        Corporal Henry Traft, Louisville, Ky [Henry Kraft]
        John W. Miller, Louisville, Ky
        H. W. Raw, Louisville, Ky [Henry Rau]
        John W. Owen, Louisville, Ky
        Thomas Owens, Maysville, Ky
        E. B. Quilliam, Russellville, Ky [Ed B. Guilliam]
        G. Preison, Texas [Edward Presson/Prisson, Tennessee]

        John W. Miller, Jas. K Polk, Nat Smith, John W. Owen, H. W. Raw, and John W. Miller, son of Orlando L. Miller, Louisville Ky, left home July 9th 1861.

        Please send this to the Louisville Journal, Louisville Kentucky and greatly oblige,

      Jonny REBEL

The above is a correct copy.
        J.C. CARMICHEL,
    Lieut-Col Commanding 157th NY


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NOTE:  The following members of Co. I, 4th Kentucky, were also still in the service at this time, but they were serving on the regimental staff, and thus do not appear in this list:

Lt. Col. Thomas W. Thompson, Louisville, first Captain of Co. I  --  commanding the 4th Kentucky Mounted Infantry

Sgt. Maj. John L. Marshall, Bourbon County   --  Sergeant-Major of the regiment

Color-Sgt. Lewis Vanden, Maysville  --   regimental color-bearer


In addition to all of those named above, the following members of Co. I were paroled at Washington, Georgia, 6 May 1865:

Sgt. William H. Alexander
Pvt. John Conoley
Pvt. William G. Dempsey
Pvt. James T. Guilliam
Pvt. Alexander Grant
Pvt. John D. Johnson
Pvt. John J. Morford
Pvt. John W. Pickett

(Source:  Muster Roll for Parole, Co. I, 4th Ky. Mtd. Inf., Lot Abraham Papers, Iowa State Historical Society)


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