Early Newspaper Divorce Notices

Early Newspaper Divorce Notices
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Divorces reported in early Oregon Newspapers

abstracted by Julie Kidd

reprinted, with permission from Oregon Newspaper Abstracts, Volume 1 : 1846 - 1851. (Portland, Oregon: Oregon Territorial Press,  2001)

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Divorce: Elizabeth Gillihan vs. Martin Gillihan. Filed by Elizabeth. [Oregon Spectator 4/9 Jul 1846]

Divorce: Elisha McDaniel vs. Eleanor McDaniel, formerly Miss Eleanor Bunton, in Polk County. [Oregon Spectator 4/9 Jul 1846]

Divorce: Francis B. McDaniel [she is called Woolsey at next issue] vs. Nathan Woolsey, in Polk County. [Oregon Spectator 4/9 Jul 1846]

Divorce: Webley Hauxhurst vs. Mary Hauxhurst, Champoeg County. [Oregon Spectator 23 Jul 1846]

Divorce: Frances Woosley vs. Nathan Woosley, of Polk County. [Oregon Spectator 23 Jul 1846]

Divorce: Nathaniel W. Colwell, of Polk County vs. Sarah Ann Colwell, she not being resident of this territory.

John Holman will not pay debts of Martha Holman, his wife, as she has left his bed and board. [Oregon Spectator 3 Sep 1846]

Divorce: Mary Ann Smith vs. Samuel F. Smith, in Oregon City. [Oregon Spectator 3 Sep 1846]

Courts report: Divorce was granted in case of M. A. Smith vs. S. F. Smith. [Oregon Spectator 12 Nov 1846]

M. R. Alderman gives notice to all persons against "trusting his wife" India Alderman, as he will not pay her debts. [Oregon Spectator 18 Mar 1847]

Divorce: Adam Smith vs. Elizabeth Smith, Yamhill County. [Oregon Spectator 15 Apr 1847]

Divorce: Isaac A. Flint vs. Sarah E. Flint: Polk County. [Oregon Spectator 13 Mar 1847]

Divorce: Marvin R. Alderman vs. India Alderman: Clackamas County. [Oregon Spectator 13 Mar 1847]

Bill of Divorce: Jesse Lovelady vs. Marietta Lovelady, Polk County. [Oregon Spectator 8 Jul 1847]

Marvin R. Alderman has removed his residence to Yamhill county, and files his Bill for Divorce there, from wife India Alderman. [Oregon Spectator 8 Jul 1847]

Bill of Divorce: Eliza Rogers, compl't vs. Geo. W. Rogers, def't, Clackamas County. [Oregon Spectator 5 Aug 1847]

Rezin D. Foster warns he will not pay the debts of his wife Eliza Jane Foster. [Oregon Spectator 30 Sep 1847]

[August 1848] Bill for Divorce: Phebe Jackson vs. Thomas Jackson, of Yamhill County. T'Vault & Thurston, solicitors for Complainant. [Oregon Free Press, 5 Aug 1848]

David Burnside gives notice his wife Sarah has left his bed and board. He will not pay her debts. [Oregon Spectator 10 Jan 1850]


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