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Leading Events in the History of Oregon from the Earliest Explorations to the Establishment of Territorial Government

Voyages and Discoveries Along the North Pacific Coast--Conflicting claims of Various Nations to the Country--Expeditions of Lewis and Clarke--Contest for Possession of the Country--Early Settlements--Efforts of Americans to Establish Trading Posts--John Jacob Astor and Astoria--Growth, Power and Purposes of British Fur Companies--Period of Joint Occupancy of the Territory--Oregon in Control of Hudson's Bay Company--Efforts to Secure American Settlers--Labors of Bonneville, Wyeth and Kelly--Advent of the Missionaries--Their Influence in Behalf of American Interests--Arrival of the Home Builders--Establishment of a Civil Government--Value of the Labor of the Oregon Pioneers--Creation of the Oregon Territory


Position And Advantages Of Portland

The Modern City--A More Perfect Adaptation to Human Wants--Value of the Records of Such a City as Portland--Geographical Posit ion At the Intersection of the Great Natural Lines of Travel and Commerce of the Northwest Pacific Coast--Topography--Extent and Beauty of Surface--Natural Advantages for Commerce, for Manufacturing, for Residence--The Natural Center of the North Pacific Coast


Settlement And Early Times.

Portland Antedated by other Cities on the Willamette and Columbia--Efforts to Find a Commercial Center--William Overton the First Owner Gen. A. L. Lovejoy Francis W. Pettygrove--The First Cabin--Name Bestowed--Site Platted Daniel H. Lownsdale--Stephen Coffin--William W. Chapman--Depletion by the Rush to the Gold Fields--Return of Pioneers New Comers--Improvements--First Newspaper--Opening of the Plank Road Purchase of the Steamship Gold Hunter List of the Business Houses and of Residences Prior to 1851


Land Title Controversies.

Measures Taken by Proprietors to Protect Land Purchasers' Rights--The Three Causes of Litigation--Legal Points in the Stark vs. Starr Case--Decision of the Courts--Causes of Litigation Over the Lownsdale Estate--Final Settlement of the Case in the United States Circuit Court--Decision of Judge Sawyer and Concurrent Opinion of Judge Deady--Public Levee Case--Grounds of Private and Municipal Claims to the River Front--How the City's Rights were Lost--Legal History of the Caruthers' Claim


Growth And Improvements

of the City in 1850--The First Brick Building--Brick Buildings Erected from 1850 to 1860--List of Buildings in 1855--Portland During the Indian War of 1855 and 1856--Rapid Growth in 1862--Increase in Population and Wealth--Improvement and Growth from Year to Year--Present Development and Importance of Portland


City Charter Government And Mayors.

Charter of 1851--Its Provisions and Amendments--Charter of 1872--Charter of 1882--Police Department--Fire Department--Health Department.--Water Works--Public Buildings--Biographical Sketches of Mayors--List of City Officials from 1851 to 1890



Primitive Commerce--Commercial Operations of Hudson's Bay Company--Trade Enterprises of Hall J. Kelley, Nathaniel J. Wyeth and Nathanial Crosby--Period of Commercial Adventurers--Discovery of Gold and its Effects on Commerce--Early Trade in Lumber--Portland a Market for Oregon Produce--Early Sailing Vessels Which Visited Portland----Beginning of Steam Navigation--Character and Value of Portland's Exports front 1855 to 1865--Steamships Running to Portland from 1864 to 1869--Value of Portland's Exports in 1866 and 1867--Measures Which Secured Portland's Commercial Independence--Growth of Foreign Commerce--Trade Statistics for 1870--Period of Business Depression--Commercial Growth and Development During Recent Years--Present Character and Condition of Portland's Commerce


River Navigation.

Oregon Pioneer Ship Builders and River Navigators--Col. Nesmith's Account of Early Navigation on the Columbia and Willamette--Judge Strong's Review of the Growth and Development of Oregon Steamship Companies--Names and Character of Early Steamships and the Men Who Ran Them--List of the Steamers Built by the Peoples' Transportation, Oregon Steam Navigation and Oregon Railway and Navigation Companies--Independent Vessels and Their Owners



Portland's Advantages as a Railroad Center--Early Struggles for a Railroad--Curious Features of the Contest--Labors of Simon C. Elliott, George H. Belden, Col. Charles Belden and Joseph Gaston--First Survey by Barry and Gaston--Report by Col. Barry--Provisions of the First Railroad Bill Passed by the Oregon Legislature and United States Congress--The Importance of Provisions Suggested by Col. W. W. Chapman--Organization of the First Railroad Company in Oregon--Formation of a Rival Company--Contest over the Land Grant--Interesting Ceremonies in Connection with Commencement of Construction of the West Side Road--Progress of the Work--Bitter Warfare between the Two Companies--The Fight Carried into the Courts--The Legal Aspect of the Contest Advent of Ben Holladay--His Character and Methods--Efforts to Build to the Atlantic States--Labors of Col. Chapman--Henry Villard and the Northern Pacific--The Southern Pacific--Prominent Railroad Managers of Portland--The Narrow Gauge System



Conditions Which Cause the Growth of Manufacturing at Portland--Character of Early Manufactures--Present Condition and Magnitude of Manufacturing Enterprises of Portland


The Bench and Bar.

Oregon Under Canadian Laws--Efforts of the American Settlers to Organize a Judiciary--Peculiar and Comical Features of their Proceedings--The first Judiciary System Re-organization of the Judiciary by the Provisional Legislature of 1845--Early Judges and Attorneys--Manner of Adopting the Laws of Iowa--Status of the Courts Prior to Territorial Government--First Court House at Portland--Establishment of Office of Recorder, and Other City Judicial Offices--List of Recorders, City Attorneys, Police Judges and Justices of Peace--Re-organization of the Judicial System after the Creation of Oregon Territory--Incidents in the Administration of Justice During Territorial Period--First term of the Supreme Court Organization of Multnomah County Court--Sketches of Leading Attorneys of Portland Prior to 1855--Interesting Cases before the Supreme Court--Organization of the United States District Court--Portland Attorneys after the Admission of Oregon as a State Re-organization of the Judicial System of the State in 1878--Judges who have Served in Portland and Multnomah County Courts--Cases of Historic Importance Tried Before Portland Courts--United States vs. Randall--The Holladay Cases --List of Attorneys Who Have Practiced at the Portland Bar


Churches, Benevolent Organizations and Hospitals.

Methodist, Catholic, Congregational, Episcopal, Baptist, Presbyterian, Jewish Unitarian, Lutheran, German Reformed and Christian Churches Ladies' Relief Society--Children's Home--German Benevolent Association Boys' and Girls' Aid Society--City Board of Charities--Portland Woman's Union--Kindergarten Association--Oregon Humane Society--Portland Seaman's Friend Society--St. Vincent's Hospital--Good Samaritan Hospital--Portland Hospital


Educational Institutions.

First Schools in Portland and their Conductors--Early Advocates of Free Schools--Growth and Development of the System--Central School--Park School--Harrison Street School--Atkinson School--High School--Couch and Failing Schools--Course of Study Pursued in Public Schools-Plan and System of Management--Names of Teachers--City School Officers from 1856 to 1890--Portland Academy and Female Institute--St. Mary's Academy--Bishop Scott Academy--St. Helen's Hall--St. Michael's College--Independent German School--International Academy--Medical Colleges--Business Colleges


Financial Institutions.

Early Banks--Causes Which Stimulated the Growth of Banking Interests--Financial Condition of Portland Banks--Ladd & Tilton--First National Bank--Bank of British Columbia--Oregon and Washington Mortgage Bank--Portland Savings' Bank--London and San Francisco Bank--Merchants' National Bank--Oregon National Bank--Portland National Bank--Ainsworth National Bank--Commercial National Bank--Northwest Loan and Trust Company--Portland Trust Company--Northwest Fire and Marine Insurance Company--Pacific Fire Insurance Company


The Press.

Early Efforts to Start a Newspaper--Growth and Progress of the Oregonian--The Evening Telegram--The Western Star--Democratic Standard--Portland Daily News--Pacific Christian Advocate--Daily Evening Tribune--Oregon Herald--Portland Daily Bulletin--Daily Bee--Daily Evening Journal--Evening Post--North west News--Oregon Deutsch Zeitung--Staats Zeitung--Freie Press--List of Newspapers which Appeared from 1870 to 1880--Catholic Sentinel--The New Northwest--Portland Journal of Commerce--North Pacific Rural Spirit--East Portland Papers--The West Shore--Sunday Mercury--Sunday Welcome--Pacific Express--Oregon Times--The World--Newspaper Mortuary Record from 1880 to 1890


A General Description of The City.

Present Appearance of Portland--View from River and Hills--Prominent Buildings--Character of Streets--Albina--Parks--Exposition Building--Chinese Quarters--Hotel Portland--East Portland--Cemeteries--Casualties of Nature--Floods and Fires


Social Features And Noted Public Events.

The Cosmopolitan Character of Portland Changing Character of its Early Population--Their Vices and habits--Moral and Social Conditions of Early Days--General Stability of Present Society--Culture and Refinement of the People--Public Amusements--Excursions, Public Festivities and Celebrations--Events Connected with Celebration of the Completion of the Northern Pacific Railroad


Men of Portland.

Biographical Sketches of Prominent Citizens

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