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[source: Polk's Portland City Directory. 1924, Volume LIX. Portland, Oregon: R. L. Polk & Co., 1924. page 1806]

Boys and Girls Aid Society of Oregon 166 E. 29th N.
City Isolation Hospital Powell Valley rd and 96th S.E.
Coe Maternity Home 841 Lovejoy
Cottage Maternity Hospital 926 Easy
Emanuel Hospital 212 Stanton at Commercial
Emergency Hospital Police Dept. Building
Ferris Convalescent Hospital 275 22nd N.
Good Samaritan Hospital south side Marshal between 22nd N. and 23rd N.
Drs. Hart & Hart Maternity & Surgical Hospital 1095 Williams Ave.
Morningside Hospital 516 Selling bldg
hospital: Base Line rd at Russellville
Mt. Scott General Hospital 4615 66th S. E.
National Hospital Association Inc. top floor, Mohawk Building
Peninsula General Hospital 312 Trumbull
Pierce Sanatorium Cedar Crest Farm, Terwilliger Blvd, near Hillsdale R.D. 6
Portland Convalescent Hospital 862 Marshall
Portland, Eye, Ears, Nose and Throat Hospital 616 Lovejoy
Portland Open Air Sanatorium Milwaukie
Portland Sanitarium E 60th, se corner Belmont
Portland Surgical Hospital 611 Lovejoy
Rose Bud Maternity Home 452 E. Couch
Rose City Veterinary Hospital Inc. 415 E. 7th
Rosegrant Hospital 475 Pacific
St. Vincent's Hospital Cornell, head of Hoyt
Sellwood General Hospital 575 Harney Ave.
Shriner's Hospital for Crippled Children Sandy Blvd. and E. 82nd N.
Thayer Maternity Home 786 E. Yamhill
U. S. Veteran's Hospital No. 77 Multnomah, Cor E. 2nd N.
Women's Hospital 144 18th N., near Hoyt.

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Ferris Convalescent Hospital

Mrs. Frances R. Ferris, R. N., Manager
275 North Twenty-second Street, Southwest Corner Overton
Phone BEacon 4314

A quiet, refined Home Sanitarium and Hospital at the service of Physicians for Medical, Convalescing, ante and post-hospital patients requiring treatment and conditioning; comprising stomach and intestinal complications as well as the Duodenal Ulcer, for which, accurate Sippi treatment may be received; states of simple depression and exhaustion requiring Rest, Hygiene, Massage, Specialized Dietetics, and approved Hydrotherapy combining the Nauheim Treatment and Medical Gymnastics when desired. All minutiae and specific procedures governed by correct psychical and physical factors essential to prompt return to health. Patients must be under medical supervision during sojourn in hospital.

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Emanuel Hospital

Commercial and Stanton Streets, Phone WAlnut 5930

Axel M. Green, R. D., Superintendent
Sr. Betty Hanson, Directing Sister

Attending Staff:

Richard B. Dillehunt, M. D.
Karl J. Swenson, m. d.
A. K. Higgs, M. D.
j. a. pETTIT, m. d.
rOBERT h. eLLIS, m. d.
c. d. BO DINE, m. d.
a. h. CANTRIL, m. d.
j. eARL eLSE, m. d.
s. h. sHELDON, m. d.
bEN s. wADE, m. d.
h. w. hOWARD, m. d.
a. m. wEBSTER, m. d.
lEO rICEN, m. d.
cHAS. t. cHAMBERLAIN, m. d.
rAYMOND e. wATKINS, m. d.

Training School for Nurses in Connection

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Drs. Hart & Hart Maternity & Surgical Hospital, Inc.

Very Reasonable Prices for Maternity and Surgical Cases. Good Service

Phone Walnut 0166 or Atwater 5975

1095 Williams Ave.



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Portland Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital

Grace Phelps, R. N.

616 Lovejoy Street

Portland, Ore.


Broadway 7626


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Good Samaritan Hospital

Under the Auspices of Protestant Episcopal Church of the Diocese of Oregon

Founded by the Late The Rt. Rev. B. Wistar Morris, D. D., Episcopal Bishop of Oregon

Corner Twenty-Third and Marshall Sts. - Portland, Oregon

Miss Emily L. Loveridge, Superintendent
Miss Asenath Glossop, Ass't Superintendent
Miss Alvilde Aarnes, Supt. of Training School

Hospital Rates $14 to $18 per week in wards.

If occupying private rooms $21 to $56 per week.

There are several endowed beds, which enable the Hospital to provide for the care of Free Patients.

Visiting Staff

Dr. A. J. Giesy

Dr. J. F. Gullette Dr. J. M. Short Dr. H. C. Bean
Dr. Geo. F. Wilson Dr. L. H. Hamilton Dr. Otis F. Akin Dr. A. B. Bailey
Dr. S. E Josephi Dr. Ralph Matson Dr. Paul Rockey Dr. J. W. McCollom
Dr. A. E. Mackay Dr. J. O. C. Wiley Dr. E. J. Labbe



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Pierce Sanatorium

Is situation in a beautiful grove of cedar, fir and dogwood trees, at the head of the famous Terwilliger Boulevard, overlooking the city, mountains, river, and affording a pastoral setting of rare beauty and quietude.

Dr. Edward Allen Pierce, Medical Director

1208 Stevens Building

Portland, Oregon


A six hundred foot elevation, coupled with perfect air, soil, drainage, and bug four miles from the center of Portland makes this an ideal place for those seeking health.


Individual bungalows of the most approved open air California type, with hot and cold water, tub and shower bath, have been erected and furnished.


A complete equipment for diagnostic purposes including X-ray and laboratory. Artificial pneumothorax, serums and vaccines administered in selected cases.


A full time dietician and resident physician in charge.


A Private Sanatorium, devoted exclusively to diseases of the chest.

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Portland Open Air Sanatorium

A Thoroughly Up-to-date Institution for the Modern Scientific Treatment of Tuberculosis


Six miles south of Portland in a grove of fir and cedar on a rock bluff towering 300 feet above the Willamette river, commanding a picturesque view of the river, city and surrounding mountains.


The exclusive treatment of tuberculosis by the careful application of the most modern physical, dietetic, hygienic and specific procedures.


Artificial Penumothorax and Tuberculin in suitable cases: X-ray and Laboratory facilities. Individual Cottages with steam heated dressing rooms, hot and cold running water and shower and tub baths. Trained Nurses. Certified milk from tuberculin tested herd.

write for illustrated booklet. Address all communications to

Drs. Ralph C. and Ray W. Matson and Marr Bisaillon

Medical Directors Portland Open Air Sanatorium

1021 Corbett Bldg.               --                 Portland, Oregon

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Portland Sanitarium

Conducted by the Western Oregon Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists
Established 1892--New buildings Erected 1921

J. W. Norwood, President                --                 W. B. Holden, M. D., Superintendent

Medical, Surgical and Maternity Hospital

Located on the western slope of Mount Tabor, at Belmont and East 60th Streets, amid quiet surroundings and with a magnificent view of the city and surrounding mountains. Employs the rational methods in the treatment of disease, which have made the Seventh-Day Adventist sanitariums famous throughout the world. Thoroughly equipped treatment rooms provide the most modern facilities for the scientific application of hydrotherapeutic and electrical treatments.

No contagious diseases are admitted.

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