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Malheur County, Oregon Queries

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Phillip SNOW Mon 2 Sep 2002
I'm looking for marriage data on Lorene SNOW REDSULL, who was born in Arkansas in 1908, but living in her father's (Joseph Bea and Emma Whiteley SNOW) household in the 1920 and 1930 census in Arcadia, Malheur Co., OR. She died in Union, Union Co., OR and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Ontario Malheur Co. She was married to Charles REDSULL and may have also been married to an Elmer BAILEY.

Kay DEVINE Sat 12 Oct 2002
I am trying to trace details of my grandfather, Francis (Frank) CAMPBELL b. Carrigallen, Ireland, 1898, d. Ontario, OR 12/30/60. He married Vina (?) MOYES (b. 4/2/15, d. 9/10/86) 6/19/43? Her previous husband was Matt HILL. I am trying to find further details of grandfather plus any children with Vina.

Jim GARBER Wed 16 Oct 2002
I'm looking for information on Clinton, Mary Elana, William E., William P., and Leona BEERS who all lived in the Jordan Valley area.

Glenn BUTLER Wed 6 Nov 2002
There is a book titled "Pioneers of Malheur County" or close to that name and it has information on the BUTLER family. I know that the book is not available for sale but I wonder if somehow the information on those pages could be faxed or mailed to me .My father is Conley BUTLER, son of Elbert and Ada (GLENN). This part of the family lives on the east coast and would appreciate any help on our family history. FAX #407-339 9601, or contact me for my mailing address. Thank You.

Janice ABLE Wed 13 Nov 2002
Listed in the 1910 and 1920 census of Malheur City are Mike ABLE with wife Mary and children. Also listed is a Mathias OLK with wife, daughter and grandson, Leo. All were of German descent. Has anyone ever run across these families in their research? I believe Mathias is buried in the Malheur City Cemetery. All families were gone by the 1930 census to Walla Walla, WA. Please contact me if you have any information at all on these families. Mike and Mary ABLE immigrated to the United States in 1892 and were naturalized in 1900 according to the census records.

Diane YOUNG Mon 6 Jan 2003
I'm looking for information about Milan E. CURTIS and Mary C. LINN CURTIS, married 2 Dec 1887, probably in Iowa. The only information is that they moved to Ontario, Oregon, in the late 1800s.

Viki Belisle MASON Sun 12 Jan 2003
Hello! I'm running out of luck with the DAVIS family. Many of my family are buried at Evergreen Cemetery, including my grandfather, Victor CRESCENT who was married to Dora Edith DAVIS. She is buried near her last husband, Jerry HENSLEY. I believe William Henry and Martha Sullivan DAVIS are my great-grandparents. I know she has/had a brother who lived in Ontario, my Uncle Em - I don't know if he's still living. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Shirley MORRISON Tue 14 Jan 2003
I'm searching for descendents of John Tracy MORRISON, Governor from 1902-1904. His son, John M., died in Boise in 1971. His daughter, Louise GRAHAM, lived in Vale, OR. (She was previously married to a DIXON in Idaho). Three grandchildren were Mrs. George F. STACY, Ashland, OR; Mrs. Vern ATKINS, Vale, OR; and Mrs. William R. RENWICK, Burns, OR. Governor MORRISON originally came from Jefferson Co, PA. Thanks.

Randall CLYDE Tue 14 Jan 2003
I am trying to locate my brother, Douglas Billy CLYDE. His last known address was 717 NW Second St., Ontario, OR and his wife's name is Mary CLYDE.

Joan Brown DERRY Sat 1 Feb 2003
I'm researching Basil Bois DAIRY (DEARY, DERRY) who purchased 160 acres in Jordan Valley, Malheur Co, OR in 1916 from the Vale Land Office. Basil was born on Mar 22, 1852 in Jacksonville, Oregon Territory. As a young man he joined his older brother, Jacob DEARY, in Owyhee County, ID. Basil never married. According to his obituary, he was a "pioneer rancher and stockman of the Jordan Valley country, having lived there for the past 33 years." He died in a Boise hospital on August 16, 1918 and is buried in the Jordan Valley Cemetery, Malheur County, OR. Thank you for any additional information!

Trudy SHARMAN Wed 12 Feb 2003
Elisabeth SHARMAN (1828-1872) married George Prevost WARD (1814-1881) of Bury, Quebec. They had seven children; Herbert James, Wellington Arthur, Harriet Persis, and John Alden and families all went out to Oregon in the Nyssa and Corvallis areas. Sarah Jane WARD HUNT's family went to New Hampshire. The Charles Henry WARD family stayed in the Quebec and Ontario areas. I have most of the information on these families but need an update from 1975 on. All nine children of Elisabeth's parents are almost complete. I have the Artemus WARD genealogy. I would love to hear via email to get updates and location of this family.

Cindy GILL Tue 21 Feb 2003
I am searching for the burial place of my great great grandmother, Nancy ( of first marriage) LATHROP(E). She died in 1884. I believe she was living in Malheur County at the time of her death. Her husband was P. L. LATHROP(E). Any information on him would be appreciated also.

Jackie Pugh KOGAN Mon 24 Feb 2003
I'm looking for descendents of William Lytle LOGAN and Nancy Jane Shemandine HARRIS who homesteaded on upper Willow Creek in the early 1870s. Also, Frank O'NEILL who homesteaded in the Willowcreek area. I grew up in Brogan, close to the Logan homestead and have information to share, and also would appreciate any information anyone has to share with me about either of these families.

Kenneth C THOMPSON Thu 6 Mar 2003
I want information about any homestead Elmer TURNER may have had in Malheur County in the early 1900s.. His wife was Maggie TIPTON. I would like Army information and place of death.

Andrea ROWE Thu 20 Mar 2003
I learned that my great-grandmother's sister is still alive. Last time I heard, she lived in Vale Oregon and that is why I am leaving this post. Does anyone have access to a relatively new telephone book? It is worth a shot to me to see if her address or telephone number is listed. Because my grandpa has been dead now for 26 years (I'm only 25) our connections to this family are almost nil. Her name is Ornetta Spencer WHEELER. She is my great-grandma, Ona Golden Spencer THOMPSON's baby sister.

Gretchen MORTIMORE-THILL Sun 23 Mar 2003
I am looking for any information on Edward Merritt MORTIMORE who died in Ontario, Malheur Co., OR on Sept 4, 1943. He was married to Martha TUCKER abt. 1895 and she died sometime around 1950, I believe in Malheur Co. They had four children: Merton, Olive, Paul and Evelyn.

Chris KELLEY Tue 8 Apr 2003
I am looking for any information on rodeos and the participants in the years 1944 to 1950. I was told my father-in-law (Lauren KELLEY) was in rodeos in Nyssa and Ontario and other small towns in that area. I don't know who or where to go for this or even if they kept records. Thank You.

Claudia THIBADEAU Thu 10 Apr 2003
My husband's grandmother was Gladys Ardeth WESTFALL, daughter of Nora (Honora) TRUE WESTFALL and Ora E. WESTFALL. Nora was the daughter of Mary Jane (WESTFALL) TRUE CAMMANN MULLEN SCHWEITZER, Levi's WESTFALL's, daughter. Levi is the son of Stephen and Elizabeth MORRISON. Levi founded the town of Westfall in Malheur County about 1880. Any information about this family would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Katherine I. WALTON Sat 26 Apr 2003
I am looking for information on Mr and Mrs Fred STRASBAUGH, Kietha and Stanly of Nyssa, Oregon. In the obituary, they are listed as other relatives attending Grandpa WAGNER's funeral in June 1949. In November 1952, Mrs. F. J. STRASBAUGH is listed as a surviving sister of Alexander WAGNER. She is still from Nyssa. When Jacob WAGNER, who was the father of Alexander, died in 1968, she is not listed as a survivor. I believe that Mrs. STRASBAUGH was Lydia WAGNER, daughter of Jacob and Christina, but have no evidence to back this up. Anyone who has information, please e-mail me. Thank you.

Angela PEHLKE Wed 30 Apr 2003
I'm looking for information on James E. ZITTEL, born 15 Apr 1917, died 19 Jan 1993. The SSDI lists his last known residence as Ontario, Malheur Co, OR. I believe he is the son of George and Mabel ZITTEL.

Cassie HILL Sun 25 May 2003
Are there newspapers available from 1908 or does anyone have any information about a murder of a rancher named L. B. DULL in September, 1908?

Jill C. KNISS Mon 1 Jul 2003
I am searching for any information on my great-grandparents, Leon Andrew HIGBY and his wife Mabel, who lived in Nyssa, Malheur Co., OR approx 1924-1934. Leon worked for General Construction Company and helped build the Owyhee Dam. Mabel was head of the WTCU (Women's Temperance Christian Unit. Thank You!

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