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Our Program Meetings

The public is invited to join us at 1:00 p.m. the first Saturday of every month (except July & August) in the meeting room at the Albany Public Library on 14th Avenue.

Linn Genealogy Research Room

The Linn Genealogical Society Library is located on the second floor of the Albany Public Library on 14th Avenue in Albany Oregon. The Research Room is open when volunteers are available and the Public Library is open. Please check the Volunteer Calendar for times when volunteers are staffing the LGS Library.

Mailing Address

Linn Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 1222
Albany, OR 97321-0537

Query E-mail

Please use the following e-mail address if you have a question concerning genealogy research or history in Linn County:
query_4_lgs @ tobon.lgs.oregon . org

Business E-mail

Please use the following e-mail address if you want to contact the LGS Board of Officers:
linn.gen.society @ tobon.lgs.oregon . org


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The Linn Genealogical Society is based in Albany, Linn County, Oregon with approximately 200 members from the United States, Canada, and Japan. Our common goal is to "study, share, collect, and preserve genealogical and historical information" concerning Linn County's culture and heritage. For over 30 years, the Society has encouraged interest in family and regional history through its many projects.

Notice: The Linn Genealogical Society has a new Internet address: All material is at our new address. Please, update your bookmarks to use the new address.
LGS Library The Society has over 1,240 historical and genealogical holdings in the LGS Library. It is open to the general public when volunteers are available and the Albany Public Library is open (except Thursdays). The LGS Library is located on the second floor (near the Adult Fiction section) of the Albany Public Library at 2450 14th Avenue in Albany Oregon. Please refer to the Volunteer Calendar at for times when volunteers are staffing the LGS Library.
Program Meetings The Society holds its monthly meetings on the first Saturday of each month in the meeting room of the Albany Public Library at 2450 14th Avenue in Albany, Oregon. The program presentation starts at 1:00 p.m., followed by fellowship and the Society meeting. The meeting is open to the public and everyone is invited to attend.
Membership To join our society, the membership fee is $15 per year and includes 12 issues of the The Heritage Newsletter. To become a member, send remittance and your complete address, including e-mail address, and your surnames of interest to the Society at the address on the left.
Newsletters The Society publishes The Heritage Newsletter every month. You receive 12 issues as part of your annual membership. The newsletter contains articles concerning genealogy research and the history of Linn County. Back issues are available for purchase. The Society participates with other societies to exchange newsletters.
Projects The Society focuses on the preservation, organization, and publication of local information of historical and genealogical interest with the following projects:
  • Digitizing Early Linn County Newspapers
  • 1890 U.S. Census Reconstruction
  • Cemetery Survey and Indexing
  • Obituary Publications
  • Oregon Donation Land Claim Series
Look-ups As time allows, Society volunteers respond to limited requests for information and look-ups that relate to history or genealogy in or about the Linn County area. Please send a message to query_4_lgs @ tobon.lgs.oregon . org with your request.

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