Newsletters: Shalshelet

Spring 2015: Libraries And Genealogy - by Nancy Tauman; Immigration Quotas 1925-1927; Gregorian v. Julian Calendars from a post on IAJGS Digest; Railway Maps From E. Europe To Ports Of Immigration posted on Gesher Galicia SIG; Calculating Distances posted on Ukraine SIG; New Hungarian Website posted on Hungarian SIG; Quick bytes.

Summer 2014: What You Missed In June by Debbi Korman; New Additions To Gesher Galicia Resources from posts on Gesher Galicia SIG; Ashkenazic Naming Patterns Posted on the Ukraine SIG by Pam Weisberger; Family Search Offers Free Digitization Services At Family History Centers from Nu? What’s New?; Quick bytes

Spring 2014: The International Conference On Jewish Genealogy; My Adventure In Genealogy By George Sidline; Update On Google Books From A Post On IAJGS Digest; New York Philharmonic From A Post On JewishGen; Philadelphia And New York Newspapers Posted On JewishGen.

Fall 2013: Finishing The Unfinished – My Search For Surname Galina By Sandi Root; Vilnius Internal Passport Website From A Post On Litvak Sig; City Of Posen/Poznan - City Residence Registers; Pittsburgh Jewish Newspapers Online From Nu, What’s New?; Ship Tips – Searching Immigration Records .

Summer 2013: Jewish Web Index; Journey Outside The Box by Debbi Korman; New Database At Israeli Genealogy Research Assn (IGRA) Website Posted on JewishGen; Tips On Reading Matzevot Inscriptions.

Spring 2013: Polish State Archives & JRI-Poland Sign Agreement Expanding Access To Records From a post on JRI-PL digest; New Directories On GenealogyIndexer.Org from posts on Nu? What’s New?; A Little History Lesson Or “Goodbye Charlie” by Debbi Korman; Using Worldcat To Find Genealogy Books abstracted from an article in Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter; Have You Noticed A Theme? Editorial by Debbi Korman.

Winter 2013: JewishGen: An Awesome Search Engine by Debbi Korman; Discovering My English Cousins by Marsha Gilbert; Tips For Using Databases From the Genealogy Detective blog.

Fall 2012: The Life Of Lilly Schesser by Allen Kurtz; Why Are They Missing From The 1940 Census? From a post by Joel Weintraub; The Genealogist's Resource for Interpreting Causes of Death From Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter.

Summer 2012: Proving The Stories – True Or False by Debbi Korman; United Kingdom On-Line Resources; 870,000 Photos Of New York from a post on JewishGen; No, Family Names Were Not Changed at Ellis Island from Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter.

Spring 2012: Some Facts About The 1940 Census by Debbi Korman.

Fall 2011: Holocaust Research On-Line Resources by Debbi Korman; Czech Vital Records: What’s New? Abstracted from an article by Daniela Torsh; Jews Of Yamhill County, Oregon.

Summer 2011: Ten Commandments Of Genealogy Research Abstracted from an article by Dick Eastman; Spotlight On Slovakia by Debbi Korman; Finding That Maiden Name by Debbi Korman; Contacts From DNA Testing Lead To Irish Records by Nadine Goldfoot.

Spring 2011: Finding Sam: Another Tale of Family, Fashion and Photo Dating by Ava Cohn aka Sherlock Cohn; Spotlight On Lithuania by Debbi Korman.

Winter 2011: Brooklyn Research On-Line Resources by Debbi Korman; Research Cornerstones: Plan Your Attack by Donn Devine, CG, CGI.

Fall 2010: Census Search Strategies by Juliana Smith; YIVO Encylopedia Of Eastern Europe On-Line Abstracted from a post on JewGen; Familysearch.Org Adds Records To It's Database Project by Debbi Korman.

Spring 2010: Mapping Madness by Ron Arons; Crypto Jewish Resources Abstracted from Tracing the Tribe genealogy blog; Your Library Misses You!!! by Debbi Korman.

Winter 2010: President's Message From Barbara Hershey; Seven Keys to Understanding Naturalization Records by Juliana Smith; Our Visit to Odessa, Nikolaev, And Balta - Part II by Arnold Shirek Chamove; Obtaining Us Military Records abstracted from a post by Jan Maisels Allen; Updates to Kremenets Website Abstracted From Post on JRI-PL SIG by Ron Doctor.

Spring 2009: Editorial by Debbi Korman; An Eerie Cemetery Experience by Nadine Goldfoot; Local Family History Libraries by Debbi Korman, The Metal Coffin Vicksburg, Mississippi by Joan Mayer Teller.

Winter 2009: It's Not All On The Internet…….Using Archives To Trace Your Family's History by Joanne M. Sher; Meeting Review: Opening Of The International Tracing Service Archives - Guest Speaker, Paul Shapiro by Nadene Goldfoot; LDS Pilot Project by Jan Meisels; Central Archives For The History Of The Jewish People by Ron Doctor; Notes From The Editor by Debbi Korman.

Fall 2008: Power Google’ing by Hal Bookbinder; YIVO Encyclopedia Of Jews In Eastern Europe.

Summer 2008: Impossible to Find by Eileen Starr; Purple Gang by Debbi Korman; FindAGrave - A Great Resource by Nadine Goldfoot; Museum of Family History by Debbi Korman; Free Tools For Family Historians by Juliana Smith; A Portrait Of Kremenets by Barbara Hershey.

Winter 2008: Research Trip to Lithuania - abstracted from a post by Peggy Freedman; Cook County, Illinois Records to go On-Line by Jan Meisels Allen; Manes had a Brother in Chicago by Debbi Korman; Romanian Pronounication Guide by Steven Lasky; Jews of Rhodes Project-New DNA Study by Robert Rubin Mayo.

Fall 2007: New Connections by Nadene Goldfoot; Notes From the Editor by Debbi Korman; Great Find on E-Bay by Debbi Korman; Be Open Minded About Names by Debbi Korman.

Winter 2007: Even In Films by President Joe Mayer; Success Breeds Success by Nadene Goldfoot; Why I Attend? by Eileen Starr; Breaking Through Brick Walls-Some Ideas shared by Hal Bookbinder; Basic Internet Search Techniques-Some ideas shared by Barbara Ellman.

Fall 2006: Beginning Again by Joe Mayer; Steve Morse Revisited by Debbi Korman; Missing Pieces by Jacqueline Lerner Aderman; Family Traditions and Misspellings by Nadene Goldfoot.

Summer 2006: Who’s Standing Next to Tanta Tillie? by Joe Mayer; DNA & Our Genealogy by Ronald Subotnick; Finding Through Family Finder by Joan Teller; Looking for Faige and Finding Joey! by Sandra Garfinkel Shapiro; Where’d That Name Come From? by Eileen Starr; Genealogy As an Academic Discipline by H. Daniel Wagner.

Winter 2005: Meeting the Family, A South African Odyssey by Sue Axel; The Mysterious 1939 Yiddish Letters by Sandra Shapiro; The Doctor Is In: Pearls From Ron Doctor; The Chernoff Saga: Branches of Connection in Hawaii, Missouri, and Washington by Leah Hammer; President’s Message by Sandra G. Shapiro.

Summer 2004: Yehoshua Stampfer And The Stampfer Family by Zahava Ben-Dov; From the Oregon Jewish Museum: We Need Your Help; President’s Column by Sandra Shapiro; Grandma & The Family Tree by Member Leah Hammer.

Spring 2004: Little Boy Lost: The Fantastic Voyage of a 111-year-old Tombstone Ends Where It Began, The Search for Willie Senofsky by Ellen Notbohm; Excerpt from Ukraine Journal, Section 3 Uman by Ron Doctor; From the JGSO President’s Desk by Sandra Shapiro; It’s Here! The JGSO CD-ROM by Ronald D. Doctor.

Fall 2003: Kiev, Excerpt From Ukraine Journal, Section 3 by Ronald D. Doctor; Finding Your Canadian Ancestors; YIVO Publishes Historic Photos on the Web; The Power (Miracle) Of The Internet by Joan Teller.

Winter 2003: Excerpt from Ukraine Journal, Section 2 by Ron Doctor; From the President’s Desk by Sandra Garfinkel Shapiro; Important New Acquisition by JGSO in Library by Harvey Klevit; The Value of a Family Web Site and E-Mail Distribution List by Harvey D. Klevit, M.D..

Fall 2002: A Journey Multiplied More than a Thousand Times by Jeannette Toppel as related by Lotte Magnus; 22nd IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy by Sue Axel; Getting into the 1930 Census- A Trip to the National Archives - Pacific Northwest Region by Harvey Klevit; Portland Russian Consular Records by Carol Raspler; Excerpt from Ukraine Journal by Ron Doctor.

Spring 2002: My Pioneers by Joan Teller; New Eastern European Archival Database Launched; Volunteers Sought For Dachau Indexing Project; Tales Of Genealogy by Sue Axel; Harvey Klevit's book review of "Uncle We are Ready: Registering America's Men 1917-1918" by John J. Newman.

Winter 2002: This issue of Shalshelet is devoted to on-line genealogy resources.

Fall 2001: How Yizkor Books Can Help Your Family History Research by Ronald D. Doctor; Report on the 2001 IAJGS Conference London by Sandra Shapiro; Success Story by Sue Axel.

Spring 2001: In Memoriam: Amy Levinson; My Great Grandfather’s Immigration to America from Vilna, Lithuania by Jennifer Subotnick; An Old Dog can Learn New Tricks by Joan Teller.

Winter 2001: The IAJGS Salt Lake City Conference, July 2000 by Ron Doctor; Genealogy Leads to Understanding by Lucille R. Kraiman; Adding Data Bases to the Internet by Gary Mokotoff; From Generation to Generation. Book Review by Myra Himmelfarb; Profile of JewishGen; Yizkor Book Update.

Fall 2000: Great Grandpa was a Citizen Spy by Michael Steinore; President's Message by Ronald D. Doctor; Yiddishland, Book Review by Carole Glauber; Sephardic Origins by Robert I. Behar.

Spring/Summer2000: President's Message by Ronald D. Doctor; Book Review by Harry S. Glauber;

Winter 2000: Traveling To Transylvania: A Personal Experience by Lucille R. Kraiman; Jewish Genealogy Society of Oregon Library List as of January 15, 2000; The Cemetery Project By Abby Menashe; Sharpen Your Oral History Skills by Myra Himmelfarb.

Fall 1999: Rare Yizkor Book Collection Added to Neveh Shalom Library; Be Persistent by Ron Doctor; Family Tree Expands To Include Turkey, Greece & Italy by Abby Menashe; Spotlight on the Library by Lucille Kraiman.

Summer 1999: Family Tree from Rhodes Reaches 21,000 Descendants by Abby Menashe; President's Column by Ronald D. Doctor; Looking For More by Lucille Kraiman;

Spring 1999: In Memory of David A. Bernstein by Joan Teller and Sarah Coblens; JGSO Teaches Genealogy to Kids by Abby Menashe; Spotlight on the Library by Lucille Kraiman; The Russian Government Rabbis by Amy Levinson.

Fall 1996: President's Message by Amy Levinson; South African Sojourn by Sam Myers; From the Editor by Claude M. Oulman.

Spring 1996: Koenigsberg Orphanage by Claude M. Oulman.

Winter 1996: My Trip to San Antonio by Joan Teller; From the Editor by Claude M. Oulman.

Spring 1995: Genealogical Resources at Yad Vashem by Sandra Shapiro; The Moon Still Shines by Sarah Orkin.

Winter 1995: From the President by Lorraine Feldstein Greyson; Hereditary Disease by Joan Mayer Teller; GIGO From the Editor by Claude M. Oulman.

Fall 1994: Portals Index by Claude M. Oulman; Mitzvah Needed.

Spring 1994: Reverse Genealogy II by Dave Bernstein; From the President by Lorraine Feldstein Greyson.

Winter 1994: Reverse Genealogy by Dave Bernstein; Fort Wayne Library; From the Editor by Claude M. Oulman.

Fall 1993: Toronto Seminar by Lorraine Greyson; Slovak Records.

Winter 1993: Memories of Buffalo by Lorraine Feldstein-Greyson.

Fall 1992: From The President by Claude M. Oulman; Perservernce Pays Off by Ray Rowe; Holocaust Memorial.

Spring 1992: From The President by Claude M. Oulman; Records from Russia.

Winter 1992: From The President by Claude M. Oulman; Where is the Cup? by Claude Oulman; Announcing the Jewish Genealogical People Finder.

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