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>1—Isaac C. Adler came to Portland from Odessa , Russia with his wife Julia Levy (Adler) in 1891. She died soon after arrival, 26 Nov 1892 at St.Vincent's Hospital, Portland at the age of 41, according to her death certificate.   

 2—My grandfather, the above Isaac C. Adler, had 4 kids.  One son, Joseph Adler, married Florence Levy b. 1880 Germany .  In 1921 they moved to San Francisco , and in 1952 Joseph died there.   She was married in the home of an “A. Levy” in Portland July 1899, from her marriage certificate.  Could this be Arnold Levy b. 1874 who married Emma Ricen and lived in Portland 1910 census on Commercial St ?

3—The above couple, Joseph Adler and Florence had a son Arnold Adler b. 1901 in Portland .  He married Eleanor Zepenuck in 1928 who was born in Russia .  In 1920 Arnold was in Portland ; in 1930 in San Francisco , and he married Elearor Zepenuck in 1928. seeking any information related to:

Fanny Lorch Kaufman and Sam Kaufman ,   William Pessels, Edward Pessels, Tanita Pessels, Carolyn Lorch Wolfson, Joseph Wolfson, Julian Wolfson of New Orleans, LA  and Manila, Philippines

Henry Cohen,  born Vicksburg, Mississippi, 1842

Jacqueline Lerner-Aderman
Lerner Shapiro Shulman Samuel Harry Lerner (aka Harry Shapiro) born in New York 9-26-07 sister: Sara (Shulman -married name) who lived in the Bronx; younger brother, Charles. Parents: Goldie and Meyer Lerner who emigrated from Russia in 1904.

My families are from Mielnitza/Mielnica, Galicia, now Mel'nitza Podolskaya, Ukraine somewhat in the same region. I have REITER family in Portland but have lost touch with them and I wondered if there are any members of your Society researching this surname that I could contact. Nemerofsky

I looking for information on relatives that may have lived in Portland around the turn of the century. I have not been able to find them in the census. Last name was Nemerofsky. Is there anyone you can recommend that can help my investigation. I am willing to pay a reasonable fee for research. auerbach arback

I live in New Jersey and surely cannot attend your meeting. i was wondering  if anyone at your meeting has a tree that contains info on my husbands grandmother's family, possibly making them related to him. perhaps they'd  be willing to exchange, or share their info with me. the surnames are auerbach and arback. His grandmother was jennin(ginendal) and she had  brothers, morris, harry and irving(usher). her father's name could have been noah. she and the brothers came first to portland and she settled later in  nyc with her husband, philip meyers.   

Dorothy Yellin
14770 S.W. Peachtree Drive, Tigard, OR 97224 (503)579-4537  e-mail (
Trachtenberg Schube Shube Neche Levy Yellin Jacob Trachtenberg, Miriam Schube or Shube. Chia Neche married to Joseph Levy and Shalom S. Yellin all of whom were born in Palestine. They lived in Palestine for five generations. 
Ellie Goede
P.O. Box 237 Monmouth,  97361
Geiduscheck Kramer

Geiduschek (or any variation thereof) from Turciansky Svate Martin which was in the Austro-Hungarian empire. My great-grandfather who was born there August 22, 1839, married a Karoline Kramer and eventually moved to Bratislava where he is buried. I do have information on his descendants but nothing about him or his forebears. 

 Michael Steinore Katznelson Margolin Kronik Katznelson, Margolin, Kronik, from the district of Bobruisk, Minsk Gubernia, and particularly the towns of Urechye and Lyuban. 
 Anna Olswanger  ( Olschwanger 

Do you have Olschwanger or a variation of the name on your family tree? Anna Olswanger is starting an online discussion group for members of the Olschwanger families in North America, England, Australia, Israel, Lithuania, and other countries. You can post and request information about your family tree or just shmooze with other members. 

 Myra Himmelfarb, 7136 SW 31st Portland, Oregon 97219 
(503) 245-9223.
PRITZKER ENKELIS Himmelfarb PRITZKER, Rachel and ENKELIS, Jacob- with any spelling variations. In Russia (probably Ukraine) 1870’s, and 1880’s. Possibly in London 1890’s. Parents of Rachel Enkelis Himmelfarb, who moved to New York City and Portland, Oregon. 
Reeva Jacobson Kimble , 
2352 Van Ness, Eugene Oregon, 
(541) 345-8129
Family trees web site: http://darkwing.uoregon.

LAVSKI/LAWSKI/LAVSKY lived in Lomza, Poland from at least 1700 to 1920 then went to US (became Lofsky, Libby and Smith) and Israel. NAIMAN/NAJMAN lived in Wasosz & Lomza, Poland 1750-1900 then went to US (became Newman) and Israel. CIECHANOWICZ/ TZECHANOVITZ lived in Goworowo, Sniadowo & Lomza, Poland from 1750 to 1900. Went to US and became Seakwood and Saxon. ROZENBERG lived in Lomza, Poland from 1850. PIATNICKI lived in Lomza area from 1786-1850. SURALSKI lived in Wasosz, Poland from 1780. GRUDZIEN/ GRUDZIENSKI lived in Lomza area from 1700. ZOLOTOROFE lived in Berezovka and Priluki, Ukraine -1800-1900 went to N.Y. SAMBURSKY lived in Ichnya and Priluki area, Ukraine from 1750 to 1900, then went to New York and Israel. LIFSHITZ lived in Arkenowke, Demitrovke, Srebne, Ukraine from 1760. SUPANITZKE, lived in Serbne, Poltava, Ukraine from 1780. YAROWSKY lived in Ichnya, Ukraine around 1780. JACOBSON and BECKER lived in Mir (now in Belarus) before 1900. Some went to Des Moines, Iowa(1884) and New York(1895) and Israel (1948). GORZALCZANY,  was from Czyzewo in Eastern Poland
Arnold S Chamove
888 Kahuterawa Road, R D 4
Palmerston North 4474
New Zealand
Phone: +64 6 3555889

My grandparents--Samuel Chaimov and Sophia Adler settled in Portland from Odesa, Ukraine.  Sophia came with her sibs Joseph, Harry I., and Rose Adler, and her parents Julia Levy and Isaac Adler.  The family married into Rubenstein Goldberg, and Levy families in Portland. They are linked to Leon Swett's family and Gershkovich in Portland from similar roots in Odesa. There are still Chaimov persons in the Portland area.
Searching :
(Posen/Posnan to CA 1864), SCHEREK/SHIREK (Posnan to CA 1860),
to CA 1863); ADLER/UDLER (Odesa to OR 1893), CHAIMOVITCH (Balta to OR 1890), 
Henry Herz Gustave Herz (b. 1847 Prussia, arrived US 1851, lived in Florida in 1870, bookkeeper for Blumaner Frank Drug Co. in 1890, d. 1936 Portland, OR) married Julia ? (b. 1853 Germany, d. 1912 Portland, OR) their children were: Philip Herz (b. 1880 Titusville, PA, d. 1912 Portland) Therese Herz (b. 1876 PA, d. 1936 Portland) Camilla A. Herz (b. 1885 PA, d. 1967 Portland) Milton Earle Herz (b. 1887 Bradford, PA, d. 1970 Portland) married Florence G. (b. 1887, d. 1975 Portland) Louis Irving Herz (b. 1876 PA, d. 1945 Portland)