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Jewish Businesses in Oregon
Jewish Activities in Oregon
Oregon Jewish History: South Portland

Jewish Businesses in Oregon

Fruit and Vegetable standFruit and Vegetable stand
Four men stand behing outdoor display of produce.  Shopping bags with handles and pinapples are at the front corner.  "Sunkist" banners hang above men's heads.  Located between Glisan and Flanders, on 5th Avenue
OJM 01959
Bodner TailorBodner Tailor
L-R Jacob Bodner, Mr. Christenson

OJM 2159
Sam Margulies - Grocer
Sam Margulies - Grocer
OJM 56
Pacific Fish Co.
Pacific Fish Co.
Dora Levine and Daughter
OJM 265
Runi Hyman - Caterer
Runi Hyman - Caterer
OJM 635
Mosler Bakeries Inc.
Mosler Bakeries Inc.
circa 1936
OJM 641
Independent Junk Co.
Independent Junk Co.
Max Stein - Owner
OJM 1682
Fountain Gallery
Fountain Gallery (Schnitzer)
OJM 1984
Stern's Grocery, Borenstein Store
Stern's Grocery, Borenstein StoreInterior of grocery store/ 4 people, 2 at back, one on either side (left: Tom Stern, Kate Braunstein (Sarah’s  younger sister), Sarah Stern, Joe Tushin (Sarah’s younger brother).  Ornate "GoldenRod Cereals" display above back counter. Back reads, "Borenstein's Grocery Store, So. Portland" (Tom Stern sold the grocery to the Borensteins when he bought the 4th Street Garage)
OJM 1227
Arnold HopferArnold Hopfer
OJM 2235
Colistro and Halperin
Colistro and Halperin
OJM 2271
Mosler Bakeries Inc.
Harry Mosler. 
On First near Caruthers
OJM 2451
Gerson's Stamps and CoinsGerson's Stamps and Coins
Ted and Susie Gerson - Owners
OJM 3232
Harsch Investments
Harsch Investments
Jordan and Harold Schnitzer
OJM 3240
Mike Horenstein - Barber
Mike Horenstein - Barber 
c 1918-1919
OJM 3318

Jewish Activities in Oregon

South Portland Football team 1915
South Portland
 Football team 1915
OJM 5081 - Courtesy Oregon Jewish Museum
Young men and women at a social gathering. c.1925Young men and women at a social gathering.  c.1925
Max Simon, Morton J. Goodman, Rabbi Alvin Fine, Sam Solomon, Hilda Simon, Leo Levinson, Irvin Goodman

OJM 01910 - Courtesy Oregon Jewish Museum
Golden Age Club
Golden Age Club meeting at the Neighborhood House 1949
Mrs. Wendla Sand
OJM 163 - Courtesy Oregon Jewish Museum
Boys studying Torah.Boys studying Torah. (no date).
Teacher Asher Etinger
Copyright William Galen, OJM 2266 - Courtesy Oregon Jewish Museum
NH May Court for Rose Festival
Neighborhood House May Court for the Rose Festival 1928
Minnie Berg (or maybe Mona Pautel), Grace Rogoway, ? Leopold, Helen Wolfman, ? Goldstein
OJM 4052 - Courtesy Oregon Jewish Museum

Oregon Jewish History: South Portland 

Neighborhood House

Neighborhood House

Nearly all Jews arriving from Eastern Europe settled in South Portland at the edge of the central city.  There were few Jews living in South Portland before the influx of immigrants after the turn of the century, but within twenty years, the Jewish population of the area had
mushroomed to over six thousand people
Neighborhood House, was the center of Jewish activity and offered the immigrants English classes, a clubhouse, sewing classes, and regular lectures and discussion groups (1)
Oregon Jewish Oral History was a project led by Shirley
Tanzer in 1975.
 The archives are kept at the Oregon Jewish Museum.  This sampling tells the stories of
Jews that settled in South Portland at the turn of the
century.; Because of the archives age and condition this is displayed in image rather than text format.

Gertrude Feves: This is the story of the life of a woman of Russian parents who came to Portland via Colorado and Baker, Oregon.  There are some very valuable recollections of Neighborhood House and its functions and Jewish life in Portland.

Bessie Harris: lived across the street from Neighborhood House.  She describes growing up in the neighborhood.

National Council of Jewish Women 
The officers of the Ladies Hebrew Benevolent Society founded the Portland Chapter of the National Council of Jewish Women 1896.   This was established to provide help and education to the Immigrants in South Portland.   They were leaders in establishing Neighborhood House in 1905

National Council of Jewish Women

National Council of Jewish Woman 1910
From left: Mrs. L. Altman, Mrs. Ben Selling, Mrs. Alex Bernstein, Mrs. Julius Lippitt, Mrs. Rose Selling, Mrs. S.M. Blumauerer, Mrs. Max Hirsch, Mrs. Isaac Swett.  Photo Courtesy, JHSO.

Jewish Shelter Home

Jewish Shelter Home
975 Corbett Street
Portland, OR

Jewish Shelter Home
The Jewish Shelter Home was established in 1920.  Typically, children were admitted because parents were separated, had recently died, or were too ill or poor to care for them.  The Shelter Home was merged with the Jewish Service Association in 1947 to form the present Portland Jewish Family and Child Service(1)


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(1) Steven Lowenstein, TheJews of Oregon 1850-1950 (Portland, OR: Jewish Historical Society of Oregon, 1987).