Huntington Historical Society

Oregon Museum and Historical Society

The Huntington Museum is board and volunteer operated. Meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 6:15 P.M. Pacific Time.

About Us



The Huntington Historical Society was organized in 1985 to preserve our rich history.  The society has a log cabin and outdoor museum located on main street.  The society purchased the vacant Methodist Church building.  Lora May Raymond Kanyid left a trust  that was used to refurbish the building and buy fixtures. Her bequest helped to create a beautiful museum in which to preserve our areas history, but did not leave any operating funds.  The museum is funded  solely on donations and fund raisers. Help us keep the doors open by sending your tax deductible donations to Huntington Historical Society at PO Box 385, Huntington, OR 97907.



Visit us to view our research library, scrapbooks, birth and death records, photos and other Huntington historical items.  


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