Huntington Hotel closed their doors for eternity.  The railroad depot was torn down.  With the railroad went 34 men and their families.

                 It took some time for the town to adjust to its great loss.  Huntington was constantly reminded of its recent fate whenever a train would pass through without stopping.  Since that day Huntington has adjusted; the scars are still there, but life must go on.

                 The Oregon Portland Cement Company employs most of the men left in Huntington.  There is now threat that a new kiln will be built and the current plant will be closed.  If this happens Huntington will step down one more rung closer to death.

                 Today the town has very poor housing, but why build if the town is ceasing to live?  The retired people flock to Huntington to live.  They like its small size and the fact that you can buy a house for the price of a new car.  The town isn’t getting any larger, but the houses that are livable are always occupied.

                 I hope Huntington will not completely die, or become a ghost town. There is hope that one day a new industry will be built nearby and Huntington will again enjoy a life of prosperity.




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