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"Historical Atlas Map of Marion and Linn Counties, Oregon." Compiled, Drawn and published from Personal Examinations and Actual Surveys, by Edgar Williams and Co., San Francisco, California, 1878, reprinted by the Marion County Historical Society, 1975-76.

Elisha H. Randall

Was born in Halifax, Windom County, Vermont, on Christmas Day, in 1810. When he was two years of age, his mother died, and one year later his father removed to Pennsylvania, where he remained until his death. Elish H. lived in Pennsylvania until he grew to manhood. During his boyhood days he worked hard, and received but three months' schooling each year, but this sufficed to give him a good common school education. He commenced working for himself at the trade of house carpenter, at which he soon made himself a thorough mechanic, and succeeded well. In 1836, he married Miss Susanna Earl, who was the daughter of John Earl, and old resident of Pennsylvania. After marriage, Mr. Randall set to work to make a home and accumulate some property. In 1835 he purchased a city property in Smithport; this he kept for about a year, and sold out. He then emmigrated to Illinois, where he followed his occupation of carpentering.

In 1847, he started for Oregon overland with an ox team, taking with him his wife and four children. The journey was a long one, grass and water being scarce, and the Indians somewhat troublesome.

In the Fall of the same year, he arrived at Oregon City, having been about seven months on the road. At Oregon City he remained eight months, working at his trade, when he went to Polk County and took up a claim. He remained on this farm two years, improving and fencing it. He then sold out and removed to Salem, where he bought property and worked at his trade. At Salem he succeeded well, earning eight dollars per day for his services. He staid at Salem four months, and then removed to the forks of the Santiam, and bought the farm that he now owns. It was but little improved, and its present good condition is almost entirely due to the industry of Mr. Randall. This farm lies about one mile south of Scio, on the Scio and Lebanon Wagon Road. At the present time it is one of the best farms in the precinct. At one time it comprised about 600 acres of fine farming land. He has had nine children, four of whom are still living. Darius, the oldest, born in Pennsylvania in 1837, who fell in battle against the Indians, July 5, 1877. He was captain of a company of volunteers. He was a good citizen and gallant soldier, and perished while defending the frontier from the ruthless savage. The occurrence was as follows: Hearing of a battle having been fought at Cottonwood with the Indians, he hastily formed a company of seventeen young men, and on account of his known courage and manly qualities, he was elected captain unanimously. On their way to the scene of conflict they were intercepted by about 130 savages. The brave little band cut their way out, but their captain fell fighting bravely. His death filled many hearts with sorrow, as he was universally beloved. Chester E. was born in Pennsylvania, in 1840, and now lives in Lake County, Oregon; Elisha S. born in Pennsylvania, in 1842, died in 1860; Mary S., born in 1844, is married and lives within a mile of her parents; Catherine L., born in 1849, in Oregon; she died in 1868; she was married at the time; Julia A., born in Oregon, in 1851, and died in 1872; Sarah J., born in 1854, in Oregon, is married and lives at Scio; John Gilbert, born in 1856, in Oregon, died in 1868; Albert E., born in Oregon, in 1859, now lives at home.

The children are all grown, and are honorable members of society. Mr. Randall is a man who is fond of domestic and home enjoyments, and takes little active interest in politics. He is one possessing the confidence and esteem of all.

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