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Divorces in Clatsop County, Oregon, From The 1850s To 1913

By Liisa Penner

[email protected]

Whenever I asked the staff at the Clatsop County Courthouse about finding information about divorces, I was always told to look at the Judgment Rolls. Thinking that perhaps an index to divorces in the county would be of value, I began abstracting the names of those in the Judgment Rolls involved in lawsuits in which the plaintiff and the defendant have the same surnames. I deleted those cases where both appeared to be the same sex. In many cases, names were identified only by initials. I decided to keep these on my list although there may be cases in which they are the same sex. This list probably contains some cases that are not divorces but actions brought by a brother against a sister or child against a parent, etc. Without looking up each case, it is impossible to tell. If you find a set of names which should not be on this list, please let me know so that I can make the corrections.

I searched through two sets of books to find these Judgment Roll case numbers. They are: the Index to Journals, Judgment Rolls and Register of Actions and the Circuit Court Index. The indexes to the first are located in the basement of the courthouse through the County Clerk's office. This is also where the earliest Judgment Rolls are now located. They will all be moved eventually to the old jail and workers from the Court will have to go over to the jail to pick up the Judgment Rolls. The Circuit Court Index is located at the office for the Court on the top floor of the courthouse.

You can order a copy of the material in the Judgment Roll by writing to: Circuit Court Clatsop County Courthouse 749 Commercial Astoria OR 97103 or call them at (503) 325-8555. Give them the number of the Judgment Roll and names of the couple.

If you wish to visit the courthouse, you need to obtain the Court's permission to look through the records. Just ask at the office window on the top floor of the courthouse.

The first Judgment Roll Index book contains two indexes, one by the plaintiff and one by the defendant, one on the left hand side of the book and one on the right. There is a separate plaintiff index book and defendant index book in the later years. The second set of books contain all the listings that are found in the first book, but occasionally the spelling of names varies slightly.

Many actions for divorce were not successful. In some cases, it took several tries before the couple was finally divorced. If you find a name in this list, I would urge you to look at the original indexes for all the records. There may be more than one entry for the person, with valuable additional information.

Names, in some cases, have been abbreviated to fit this list.

There were some scattered entries in the Judgment Roll Index that perhaps should have been entered by the court clerk in a book covering a later period. Whether they were entered into the earlier book by accident is unknown. Some entries do not have Judgment Roll numbers listed; these will refer to entries in other records. It will be necessary to scan the indexes in the books described below for these names and references.

Diminutives and nicknames were used to a large extent, so look for Lizzie as well as Elizabeth, etc.

It is possible that some divorces were missed in abstracting. If you see any errors, please let me know.

Index books abstracted: 1. Judgment Rolls Index Lists cases Number 1 through about 3605 for dates from about 1855 to 1899. Contains index by both Plaintiff and Defendant in one book. Index method: All the surnames beginning with a letter are sorted together, for example, Allen, Abbott, Bardsley, Bacon, Coffey, Callahan, Cornelius, Donaldson, etc.

2. Judgment Roll Index Gives the name of the plaintiff, the defendant, the Judgment Roll case number and the volume and page of entry in the Circuit Court Journal. There are two books in the set, one, the Indirect Index by the plaintiff and the other, the Direct, by the defendant. (I've been unable to locate the Direct-Defendant index.) It dates from about 1855 to 1913. The case numbers range from about 2000 to 6900 with a few in the area of 13,000. These later ones probably commenced during the same period as the rest but were completed at a later date. The index method is one in which the first section has names in which the surname starts with A and the first name starts with A; the next section has the surnames starting with A and the first names starting with B. The next has surnames starting with A and first names starting with C, etc.

3. Circuit Court Index (the earliest the Court has) Gives the Circuit Court case number, Judgment Roll number, and names of Defendant and Plaintiff. A's went from 1806 to 6656 H's are 1855-6986, plus one odd case from 8915 These books are alphabetized like number 1 above.

I did not look at the later books and have not extracted any later divorces.

The Judgment Rolls are loose sheets of paper folded together, on the average, numbering about 15 pages. In them will be found a list of charges made against the defendant, the defendants answer and the decision of the court. Often there is a wealth of historical and genealogical information included in these papers that can be found no where else.

Sample dates follow:

Roll Number Year
137 1861
264 1869
353 1874
589 1878
620 1878
763 1880
815 1880
827 1880
874 1880
911 1880
2169 1891
2201 1891
2378 1892
3480 1898
3569 1898
4711 1907
4805 1907
4822 1907
4965 1908
5193 1907
5314 1909
5967 1912
6106 1912
6202 1913
6315 1913

The five digit numbers such as 13496 were found in the second Judgment Roll Index book and refer to cases initiated within the range of years, probably from the 1880s to 1913. They may have been closed at a later date than these cases or have been assigned these numbers for some reason I haven't learned.

In the cases in which we can identify a male and female, it appears that sixty-five percent of the same surname lawsuits in Clatsop County were initiated by women.

* is Schoenbaechler

I'd like to thank Karen Lowery for helping to abstract these names.

Liisa Penner September 9, 1996 Rt. 3, Box 525, Astoria OR 97103 (503) 325-7852 E-mail [email protected]

The copyright for this book belongs to the the Clatsop County Genealogy Society, 1996. An exception to this is: The Family History Library of the LDS Church is given the right to microfilm this book and use it in any way they wish.

Defendant    Plaintiff    JR No.

Abelsen, Edward   Gehardina 5679
Abelsen ,Edward   Gehardina 5897
Abrahams, Philip   Minnie Jean 3211
Ackley, Margaret A   Clyde 6080
Adair, John   Bethena OA 4805
Adams, Clara M   J M 4516
Adams, J M   Clara E 13014
Adams, James N   Laura R 6198
Adams, Jane   J L 4361
Adamson, Anna Matild   Nils P 4386
Aho, Eva   Paul 4561
Ahola, Hiljanni Justina   Jos 13017
Albers, Folkert   Anna 4892
Alcarez, J E   Sarah F 2767
Alexander, G W   Lulu S 7868
Alisky, Ethel D   Chas W 3238
Allan, Maude   Frank A 6049
Allen, Carrie E  B F 3216
Allen, Charles   Hilda 5839
Alley, Mary E   C W 5051
Allison, James   Lizzie 4555
Amme, Marie   Julius H 3841
Anderson, Beret   Andrew 1341
Anderson, Carrie M   Jacob 5540
Anderson, Hanna   Joseph 4314
Anderson, Justina   John 2434
Anderson, Lewis P   Cassie C 0353
Andrus, John   Nellie 4051
Angus, A V   Minnie 5083
Antonio, Louis D   Sadie 6104
Aplin, Georgia E   J S 5633
Applewhite, Edith L P   J C 3796
Arrigoni, Ida   S J 4009
Arsenau, Thomas P   Mitilda 13459
Ashlock, May B   A L 6225
Atchison, Saml   Alice 2121
Austin, Cleveland L  Anna Emali 6339
Austin, F S   J P 1724
Austin, Jessie W   F C 4548
Axtell, Flora I   Everett V 6257
Bachelder, Carroll   Nora 5013
Bachman, Hattie   John 6473
Backman, Jenny N   B S 3933
Bagley, H T   C R 4489
Bagley, Jennie   W H 4213
Bailey, Rena M   Myron A 5902
Baker, Dryden   Anna 6230
Baldwin, Effie Mae   George 6263
Ballew, Walter   Nellie 6070
Baltis, Frederika   Casper 0310
Barber, Arden C   Hattie M 5019
Barber, Mary J   Wm 4817
Barnaburg, Jordan C   Balsora 0840
Barnard, Angie M   Joseph H 5832
Barnett, John W   Nancy 2253
Barnett, John W   Nancy 2458
Barr, Anna   Hiram C 6109
Barrett, George   Gertrude 6003
Barrows, Chas F   Cynthia 1250
Barry, W J   Isabel L 2090
Beaizley, Wm B   Evlyn 4888
Beasley, Rebecca J   Wm 0933
Beasley, Rebecca J   Wm 0942
Beck, Regina   Wm 0867
Belknap, Eugene C   Grace L 4944
Belknap, Jane   Isaac 1015
Bell, Josephine   John H 5199
Bell, Kate   Thoms Harry 2668
Bell, R B   Wm 3657
Bell, R B   Wm 3715
Bell, Robert   Martha E 3033
Bell, Theresa Eva   Charles T 4810
Bender, J F   C C 1558
Benett, Charles W   Nellie R 5955
Bennett, Albert A   Maude 5767
Bennett, Arthur   Mattie 5668
Bennett, Henrietta   L F 5535
Bennett, Ida   B B 0973
Beno, John R   Geneviv M 6202
Benson, George H   Florence A 5373
Berendes, Henry   Matilda 2129
Bergman, C   Borglund F 1441
Bergman, Vict   Eman Alexandria 3907
Bergstrand, V A   Mabel L 5037
Berkman, Albert   Mary C 1686
Bertram, Gurdon   R F 6134
Biddison, Minnie   Harry C 4833
Bille, Nils   Assarina 5639
Birnie, James Jr   Julia A 0167
Bishop, Harry G   Agnes D 4929
Bishop, Joseph   Susan Ruth 5317
Blake, Albert A   Maud 5767
Blew, M H   R S 3999
Blouin, Urban F   Edith 3946
Blumenthal, Sid   Clara 5964
Bohnart, B   Julia 1114
Bohnart, B   Julia 1851
Bohon, Flora G   Lawrence 6205
Bolero, George   Etta 3828
Bonner, Thomas   Allie 4211
Bonner, Thos   Allie 4337
Bostrum, John G   Hannah 4321
Bowe, Henry   Sanna 4439
Bower, Jennie M   P F 5537
Bowlsby, Joseph H   Nancy 5717
Bowman, Harry W   Grace 6159
Boyce, John   Laconia 4420
Boylan, Asa   Lydia 5973
Bozarth, A L   Fanny 1646
Brady, Joseph   Margaret 5820
Brakke, Cora H   Alfred T 4259
Brallier, Henry   Charlotte 2418
Brandenburg, Mike   Julyn 6057
Brandt, Chas   Gurine 1670
Breithaupt, Berthold   Augusta 4625
Briggs, M E   G H 1346
Brill, Bertha   Abrah A 6118
Brintnell, George   Edna J 6282
Broadwell, William   Loretta 5212
Brock, Elenor   Mahlon 0276
Brown, Allen   Margaret 0317
Brown, Bessie   Percy J 5824
Brown, Charles E   Alice A 4836
Brown, D S   Martha A 0783
Brown, J W   Concordia 3032
Brown, J H   Hattie M 5833
Brown, Jane   Charles 2508
Bryan, W H   Maud 4383
Bryce, John   Addie 1683
Buffington, Enos   Marilla J 2205
Buffum, Keturah S   W E 5268
Buffum, Keturah S   W E 5337
Bullay, Arthur B   Jennie V 6305
Burnham, E E   Bessie 2451
Burnside, D W   Laura 3669
Burtis, Zella   Jesse 5840
Butts, Henrietta   Stephen 0927
Butts, J L   E C 0818
Buys, Jenette   Claus John 4408
Cadonau, Freda M   Lee 4772
Callahan, Frances   B J 4641
Campbell, Alex   Theresa 1527
Campbell, Augustin   Grace 3480
Campbell, Charles E   Jennie A 4788
Campbell, Grace   Gus 3783
Campbell, Harry P   Alma M 13468
Campbell, J F   Florence 5843
Campbell, James   Isabella 0488
Cantiello, Janne   Luigi 5418
Carlson, Hattie   John 4995
Carlson, Josephina   Otto 5596
Carlyle, John W   Lydia A 3925
Carmichael, Rufus Elmer   Lulu 6069
Carpenter, Charles H   Ellene H 6097
Carr, Frances B   Geo S 5055
Carroll, Alice   Thos F 2974
Carroll, Phillip   Winnie 13037
Carrothers, James H   Jennie 5579
Carson, Florence R   Robert B 6139
Carter, Lester A   Ida M 5331
Carver, E W   Mary R 4694
Casey, Alice C   James 4277
Cassidy, M   Fred 3947
Casto, Alice J   F M 5033
Cearnes, Richard A   Mary A 5583
Cebell, Frank W   Myrtle C 4824
Chance, John M   Sarah E 0547
Chance, Martha A   William 3757
Chance, Wm   Mariah 0433
Chard, Mildred   Philip 6228
Childs, S W   Mary 0842
Chilton, Wm B   Lizzie 13462
Chin, Lung   Fee Lung 3871
Chine, E H   Laura E 4890
Christiansen, Bertha   Nels W 4338
Christie, James R   Annie 0542
Clancy, Edward J   Alta A 4889
Clark, George S   Maggie G 5821
Clark, Jennie E   W P 5485
Clark, John R   May 3134
Clarke, Katie   C C 4741
Clase, Mary Hall   John 4340
Classen, J P   Magdalena 4249
Clayton, Geo A F   Sarah F 0948
Clifford, Lena May   Benjam F 6223
Coffenberry, S M   Mary 1466
Coffey, P H   Edra 4886
Coffman, Madge Strait   Percy 5486
Coleman, Harry   Edith 4623
Collins, Thomas   Laura 1342
Colvin, A F   Grace 1602
Combs, Anna C   John C 5907
Condak, Annie   B S 1477
Condit, Mary O   Philip 0941
Contos, Antonio   Elizabeth 3849
Cook, Isabella   James ------
Cook, Ralph W   E Lulu 6266
Cooper, Fred   Stella 6226
Corno, Joseph   Margaret 0997
Costello, Martin   Marguerite 5368
Cottnam, George   Charlotte 1511
Coyle, William D   Hattie H 4828
Craft, F H   Elizabeth 1459
Craig, I F   Augusta W 3931
Craig, Ida A   Joseph D 3736
Crane, Jasper   Caroline H 4629
Craw, Elizabeth   Geo W 3821
Crispin, Sydney J   Alice R 4132
Cronk, Daniel   Fannie 1315
Cronk, Daniel   Fannie 1664
Crosby, Angie   George 0827
Crowne, Eugene P   M B 4149
Culley, Thomas   Venta 5361
Cummings, D C   Sadie 4288
Cunningham, Frank   Rosetta 5816
Cunningham, Frank   Rosetta 6967
Cunningham, Maggie R   G L 4083
Dalgity, James   Ann 2598
Dallas, Evan M   Myrtle Agn 6002
Daniel, Myrtle   W J 4884
Darling, Norman   Emily C 4821
Davenport, Estella   J T 6112
Davidson, Alex H   Mary Ann 4046
Davidson, Alexander H   Mary Ann 4102
Davidson, Wm   Zilla 4920
Davis, Alfred   Emma 5077
Davison, Chas H   Augusta 2228
Davison, Geo W   Clara A 4547
Davisson, J C   Della 1716
Dawson, Alfred Jr   Emma 5362
Day, Jane N   O F 1813
DeForce, C E   J H 3571
DeForce, J H   C E 3573
Degan, Giovani   Angelia 1547
Degen, Robert H   Fannie 6287
Dellinger, Georgia V   John S 4869
DeLosa, Frank   Anna 0926
DeLosa, Frank   Anna 1232
Dench, Charles Perc   Maude M 6083
Denck, Jacob   Mary 4385
Dennison, Edgar Jay   Nellie 5565
DeRock, Peter   Ida 4173
Desch, Walter    Dorothy 6138
DeSomers, Mabel   C M 3617
Deveney, Frank   Irene C 5844
DeVroy, Frank   Rosa 5020
DeWelt, Lennie   Leo 6310
Distler, Olive C   R O 4996
Dodge, Chas R   Charlott 0680
Douglas, Abbie A   John 1691
Douglas, John   Abbie A 1690
Dourel, Peter   Lizzie 3486
Drake, Nellie   E 3743
Duke, A W   Alta C 5593
Dunbar, Oran L   Martha E 5193
Dunn, Levi   Elda E 4529
Dunphy, Frank C   Lulu L 2558
Durham, Oscar   Elta M 5086
Durphy, Margaret E   B F 3848
Duzan, Lillie   J C 5609
Eagan, Chas M   Mary E 3788
Eagles, Wm G   Carolina C 5706
Earls, Frank   Mary C 0247
Easterbrook, Adna A   John 1535
Easterbrook, John   Adna A 3119
Eastwood, A J   A M 4405
Ebeling, Louis E   Emma F 4787
Eberman, J P   Ada 5074
Eberman, Nora Agnes   R L 5008
Eklund, Charles   Ellen 5510
Eklund, Charles   Ellen 5520
Ellenburg, Robert   Mabel 3948
Ellis, Sam C   Cora M 6261
Endicott, Louis L   Eva I 4785
Engelke, Alice   George C 3939
Epley, Joe   Mamie 1997
Ereleigh, Henry   Frankie E 5779
Erickson, John H   Ida V 5272
Erickson, John   Sophia 4017
Erickson, Peter   Grace 6154
Erwin, Sarah L   A W 6222
Estes, George   Maud J 5822
Etters, James   Angeline 6044
Evans, Richard   Nellie 3806
Everts, Jesse   Melvin R 6240
Faber, H C   M L 4696
Falangas, Demetri   Minnie 5928
Farrell, Patrick   Ellen 1840
Feakes, Richard   Annie 5580
Felter, William W   Emma M 4887
Ferbrache, Wm J   Zylpha 6158
Fergusson, John   Elizabeth 13456
Ferree, V Morris   A Mai ------
Ferry, Catherine   John 3765
Finch, E H   Laura 6221
Finch, Fred D   Minnie 5311
Finch, William E   Elizabeth E 4783
Fish, F M   Jessie 4050
Fisher, Lulu Inez   Alonzo 5701
Fisher, Matilda   W F 4061
Fitzgerald, William   Jennie 5266
Flansburg, Loretta D   W N 13445
Flink, Mats   Annie ------
Flower, George   Grace 5681
Ford, Frank W   Anna M 4519
Ford, Mable N   Chas E 3463
Ford, W A   E J 2557
Foreman, Maggie E   George W 6058
Fosberg, Charlotte   N A 2631
Foster, Wilbert S   Beatrice H 4258
Fouts, Eveanna Seneca   F 4599
Fouts, Marjorie E   Seneca 5957
Fox, Fleetwood   Kate 5000
Franciscovich, Louis   Vera 5626
Franklin, Wm J   Mary E 2052
Frary, J H   J H 0249
Frenzel, Hulda   Charles 4997
Friend, Albert L   Amanda L 3060
Fritz, Leonora   Jacob 2845
Froom, Ambrose C   Josephine B 4697
Fruit, M E   George 1812
Fry, Ellen   Henry O 3967
Funk, Geo C   Phillipina 5091
Furcich, Mathew   Kate O 3477
Furney, Mathew   Kate 2104
Furrer, Emelie   Ambrose 5092
Fussell, Annie   George 5539
Gantz, Constantine   Katie 4808
Gardner, Frank   Hattie 3672
Garletz, C W   Ida 6147
Garletz, Maude   C W 5369
Garness, Helen M   Andrew O 6426
Gates, Anna N   Ira E 4862
Gates, Ira E   Anna M 4879
Gates, W W   Lucy 0864
Geddes, Wm H   Alice Pearl 4807
Geddes, Wm H   Alice Pearl 4915
Gee, Symus   Etta 4691
Gerhard, Philip   Anistina 1592
Gerlinger, Edward E   Gertrude 6003
Germain, Edward   Rose 6145
Giardina, Vincent   Maude P 4370
Gibbs, Geo   Annie ------
Giboni, Peter   Bertha 3247
Gibson, W H   Beatrice G 5541
Gieseker, Fred E   Ida 6141
Gillett, Nettie   Wallace L 2936
Gillette, W L   Rebecca F 4737
Gilmore, F W   Edythe 5780
Gist, Henry   Margaret M 0377
Goldbeck, Henry   Lulu 4373
Goodman, Arthur   Clara 6082
Gor, Angus   Dora 5439
Gorman, Peter   Bridget ------
Gragg, Israel S   Clara H 2170
Grant, William   Isabella A 5468
Gratton, Mary J   Isaac 5011
Green, Charles   Lena 3695
Green, Samuel F   Ida E 3057
Greenwood, John   Frances 0041
Gribler, Grace   Joseph 3904
Griffin, J L   Laura 3125
Griffiths, Lloyd   Fannie 4715
Grigg, John A   Josephine 6235
Grimes, C C   S A 4392
Grimes, Mary E   Roy 13006
Grimes, S A   C C 4012
Gross, John A   Clara S 1167
Grote, Ella   Johannis 6157
Gulick, A D   B H 6152
Gullickson, Ingebor   Peter 5082
Gunn, Frank M   Clara W 4732
Guyre, Clara B   Edward 4814
Haaven, Iver A   Mary D 3360
Hagberg, Chas   Minnie M 3355
Hagerman, Hattie   Harry D 4123
Halbertstaen, B H V V J C J H ------
Halferty, P F D T ------
Hall, C H  Rovella 6260
Hall, Jas B   Mabel B 6113
Hall, William P   Rebecca 3842
Halloran, Catherine   John 4479
Halloway, Alexandria   Fred 5707
Hanberg, Erick   Lena 4381
Handlein, Joseph   Emily 2051
Haney, Milton   Edna 4813
Hanna, William   Martha A 0610
Hansel, O C   Nettie 5202
Hansel, Oswald C   Nettie 6264
Hansen, Anna   Andrew 1540
Hansen, Anna   Andrew 1644
Hansen, Gertrude L   Charles B 4454
Hansen, H A   Margaret E 5951
Hansen, Hans Mart   Gunhilda J 1684
Hansen, John   Cathrina 1582
Hansen, Mary   Andrew 4860
Hansen, Victor   Maria C 4038
Hardey, Henry J   Annie J 5572
Hardie, Myrtle   Andrew 6046
Hardie, W C   Minnie 4189
Hardie, William   Minnie 4689
Harding, Lily B   C E 5825
Harding, Perry   Lillian B 4835
Harman, Wm E   Flora A 4235
Harmon, Geo   Lottie M 1754
Harmon, George   Lottie 1759
Harms, Adolph H   Lillian Lou 4670
Harper, Mary   Wm 13472
Harris, George W   Susan 0149
Harris, J J   Addie G Ch 6289
Harrison, Frank   Roma 6064
Harrison, J Henry   Sophia 4379
Hart, Georgiana   E A 6068
Hartman, Marie   J E 6096
Hauber, Chas A   Nellie E 4246
Hawes, Maggie J   William 6071
Hawk, Alta R   Chas W 1999
Hawkins, Clayton F   Clara Aval 6325
Haworth, Henry M   Sarah J 4798
Haworth, Samuel   Catherine B ------
Hayes, Albert N   Mellie 4632
Heater, Frank   Mildred 4256
Hedrick, J W   Mina A 4658
Heidlebeck, C W   Lue C 4822
Height, S A   H L 4262
Hemingray, Robert   Lois 5659
Henderson, Benj B H   Ida 5312
Hendricks, Jessie L   Retta 3511
Henrickson, Albert   Clara 2596
Henry, Lola Bell   J C 5903
Hibbard, Claude   Grace 5894
Hibbert, George   Rosa Allice 3476
Higginbottem, Mary C   Geo W 5079
Hill, Herbert   Remathy 3824
Hill, Isaac   Elizabeth 4990
Hill, John   Mary 2095
Hill, Wm   Annie 1720
Hills, George L   Jane B 3814
Hinckley, Jay Richard   Julia 6135
Hoben, Andrew J   Pearl M 6067
Hodgson, John M   Ida Mae 5367
Hogue, H W   Blanche H 4871
Holland, George   Margaret 0583
Holland, Lena   Theodor 6375
Hollaway, Rebecca S   H G 0863
Holmes, Augustus   Ella M 2204
Holmes, Charles W   Mary E ------
Holmes, Mary E   Charles W 13013
Holyfield, James   Rilla 6229
Horinstein, Mary   Max 6326
Houghton, Eleanor   Willard 5532
Houghton, R C   Emsley 5043
Houston, Wm   A E 0947
Howard, Carrie E   S B 2120
Howard, S H   Kate M 3980
Howarth, Samuel   Kathryn B 6150
Howe, Frank B   Elizabeth J 13469
Howes, Frank B   Elizabeth J ------
Hoyt, Herbert   Rena D 5080
Hubbard, Chas S   Josie A 3890
Hubbard, Ida May   S J 3351
Hubbard, Laura E   Paul H 6066
Hubend, Joseph   Sophia 2646
Hughes, Anna J   J M 4000
Humble, Lizzie   Frank A 6316
Hungerford, Anna I   Arthur M 5733
Hunt, Albert   Mamie L 5021
Husman, Mary   Henry C C 13474
Imboden, L M   Harry A 6290
Imhoff, Marie   Jacob H 6012
Ingalls, Herbert C   Lucy T 5818
Ingalls, Mary E   David 0137
Ingalls, S G   Sarah E 4453
Ingalls, Sylvester   Charlotte 0311
Ingebritsen, Lillian   Sigurd 6143
Ireland, D C   Olive M 1957
Ireland, F H   Floy E 5616
Irving, Owen J   Jennie L 4873
Isaakson, Caroline   Josef 2283
Ivey, Henry   Annie 5954
Jackson, Ella H   Carl H 5901
Jackson, M R   F E 6149
Jacobs, Henry   Lena 0581
Jamison, J M   A B 4663
Jeffrey, Mary R   R L 1551
Jensen, Carl   Louise 6060
Jensen, Peter   Ida 5917
John, Lucina N   W J 4297
Johnson, Charles A   Mae 6482
Johnson, Constanse   Minnie 5489
Johnson, Ford   Signe 6250
Johnson, Freda E   Charles N 4528
Johnson, Harry W   Minnie B 5638
Johnson, J A   Andrina 4322
Johnson, John   Sarah 1564
Johnson, John   Sarah 1741
Johnson, Nels J   Tomelia A 1953
Johnson, P H   Anne 3029
Johnson, Robert   Mary 5313
Johnston, John M   Elenor Ely 4597
Johnston, Joseph B   Mary M 2404
Jones, Frank D   Rosetta 5678
Jones, J T   Ellen 8079
Jones, Mary   Nathaniel 5416
Jones, Olive   J N 3735
Jorjuson, Emil   Gusta 4704
Juhrs, August   Kate 4965
Juntey, Iver   Alma H 5211
Juntilla, Jacob   Amanda 2634
Kaboth, Geo W ------
Kahn, Garson J   Rose C 5262
Kamane, J B   Maude 4631
Kamin, Mary   Charles 1620
Kanoff, Louis   Pearl 13470
Kari, Andrew   Jennie 5971
Kearns, Wood   Nora 3299
Keats, Carrie   John 5830
Kees, John S   Marjorie E 6267
Kellman, Caroline M   David 0850
Kellough, Herbert   Letta 6374
Kelly, B L   Cath Ruth 6201
Kelly, Guy C   Sophia 4826
Kenney, John J  Lizzie 2330
Kernan, Charles   Alma 6144
Kerola, Andres Emil   Hilma Soph 4734
Ketchum, Josephine   Fredrick 0245
Kilbourn, Annie   A H 6236
Kiljunen, A   Erika Tihila 6185
Kiljunen, Adam   Erika 13028
Kimball, Ada   Clyde 6119
Kincade, Jas   Lilly M 3418
Kindred, Bernard   Cora 3605
Kindred, W E   Alma 4659
King, Katherine   H C 5075
King, Robert   Clara A 4827
Kingsley, Ellen Julia   J M 5953
Kinney, Maud E   Frank A 4765
Kirkland, Armour D   Anna A 4967
Kirkwood, Blanche   R J 5192
Kissel, John A   Zella 6204
Klaetsch, Otto C   Lelah M 3972
Knapp, R P Fred   Marie 1238
Knudson, Josephine   Hans 1035
Koell, Maud   C F 13019
Konigsberg, Madora N   Charles S 3974
Kornstad, Gunder   Ingeborg 2439
Kottemann, Louisa   Wm P 6259
Kraemer, Paul   Appolonia 0232
Kramp, Paul   Blanche 5646
Krause, Wm M   Mary 13030
Kulper, Francesca A   Otto H 4989
Kyle, Thos F   Mary J 2231
Lacy, G S   C M 6056
Ladone, Tony   Elsie C 4415
Lally, Jos M   Ellen 3006
Lambercht, Albert J   Anna S 5972
Lander, Charles   Anne Emily 5081
Lang, Charles W   Rose G 6103
Langford, Geo H   Emma 5723
Langford, Geo H   Emma 5842
Lapudora, Josie   Salvadora 2406
Larsen, Clarence   Leona 6265
Larsen, Fannie L   Christian 5932
Larson, Erick   Lizzie 5089
Latham, Thos   Ida May 3017
Laurila, Oliva   John A ------
Laurilla, John A   Olivia 1111
Lauterman, Mary   J H 4954
Lauxmann, J G   Hulda 0778
Lawler, Lawrence   Sarah 3645
Lawson, Thos   C A 1129
Leasy, E E   Mildred 13449
Leasy, John T   Sarah E 6268
Leighton, Arthur A   Theresa U 5896
Leighton, Thomas M   Catherine C 4185
Lemon, Harry   Bessie 5631
Lemon, John   Rosina E 4480
Lempinen, Frank M   Anna 5078
Lewick, George P   Jennie 6327
Lewis, Ella S   James Y 5034
Lewitz, Agnes   John F 4815
Libke, E F   N C 4525
Lindberg, Blanch   John 5827
Lindberg, Blanch   John 6048
Lindell, Ida   Carl 2405
Lindroos, Charles   Sofie 5719
Lindross, Charles   Sophia 6111
Linti, Karl   Sofia 4866
Linton, Maud E   Charles E 4618
Linville, M O   Katie 2078
Lockwood, L J   Hettie 6333
Logan, H F   L Florence 3803
Logan, W C   Stella 4804
Looney, Ada F   B C 4961
Lopakka, Lizzie   Peter 4260
Lorentzen, P G   Annie C 3720
Lousignont, Frank   Caroline 1687
Lousignount, Caroline S   Frank 1567
Lovell, James L   Rose A 6027
Lovell, Rosa R   James L 5771
Lovett, Alvina   William 0264
Lupton, Chas Shipley   Margaret 5194
Lutz, Ludwig   Eliza 1222
Lyle, Sylvia   R M 5969
Lyle, Sylvia   R M 6010
Madden, Isabella   M P ------
Maddox, John W   Phoebe 0271
Maden, Frank   Edith 5952
Mahone, Adelle   L D 4613
Mahoney, Rose   James 6121
Mains, George A   Elizabeth M 4254
Malar, George   Laura 5657
Malehorn, C   Lena 5913
Mann, Rose   Ray 4620
Mardesich, Andrew   Salvestra 13008
Mark, Cora   Julius 6110
Martin, Benjamin   Castella 0995
Martin, Eva M   A W 4728
Maschke, Andrew   Ida 5716
Masterton, Thomas E   Dollie 13029
Mathews, Wm   Ada D 1624
Matier, Emma   John 3285
Matock, Theresa   C G 6383
Mattson, John   Mary 4343
Mattson, Martin   Sophia 3173
Mattson, William   Frances 4742
Maxwell, Max A   Edith 6084
May, C A   Mary 2327
May, George W   Josephine 4604
Maynard, Jennie   Walter 5076
Mayregger, Mary   Frank 4962
McAyeal, Edith   James 4774
McBroom, Frances J   J J 6081
McCarty, Edward L   Daisy M 5087
McCaughtry, Alexander   Elizabeth A 0327
McClean, J W   Elizabeth 1618
McCormack, W E   Josie 4261
McCormick, Helen   George 6095
McCormick, Hesakia S   Olena 2787
McCormick, John   Sophia 4328
McCormick, Margaret A   Charles 4335
McCullom, D L   J A 0925
McCullum, D L   J A 1467
McDermott, T H   Etta 6114
McDonald, Hector   Gertrude 6317
McEwan, Emeline   Geo B 0043
McGee, James   A B 0928
McGee, James   A B 1000
McGuire, C A   Jane 0763
McGuire, C A   Jane 0838
McGuire, Robt E   Rosetta 3470
McIntyre, William   Ethel 5699
McIsaac, Colin H   Edna 4671
McKaig, John   Zilpha 6404
McKain, Elizabeth   Wm 5271
McKay, Wm E   Ollie C 4770
McKenzie, Effa Mae   J H 5084
McKenzie, John A   Mary A 1253
McKinney, George B   Bellini 5190
McLaughlin, Kipp   Kate 0541
McLaughlin, Kipp   Kate 0620
McLellan, Edna E   F W 6061
McMicking, Fred L   Emma 6151
McNelly, Olive   George F 4626
Mead, Earl F   Evelyn H 5933
Meany, Mary   P J 2208
Melby, Hans   Amanda 5909
Menzen, Emma   W A 4524
Merrifield, Alice B   J P 4184
Merrifield, Hattie   J P 4622
Merrifield, J P   Leona 5506
Merrifield, Luella   J P 5474
Merrifield, Mary   James P 3223
Merritt, Geo Henry   Annie May 3569
Messenger, Harry E   Ida K 5826
Messiaur, Maude D   F E 5838
Meyer, J S   Barbara 0593
Meyer, Michael   Paulina 0364
Michelone, Palmira   Gio 4746
Michels, Theodore   Philomena 0777
Mickleson, William M   Pauline 2961
Miller, D M   Lena 4698
Miller, Edward   Ida Duke 5475
Miller, Maude F   Clifford L 6227
Miller, Thomas   Rose 5647
Milne, John M   Catherine S 2640
Mitchell, Alexander   Amelia 0691
Mitchell, Charles H   Ida T 4177
Mitchell, E L   E M 3440
Mitchell, Maria   E L 5880
Moe, Charles   Ellen 0331
Monteith, Thos   Nettie E 3722
Mooer, Adelbert   M Euraney? 2786
Morgan, Pearl M   J S 6212
Morrow, E V   Ivy C 6232
Motter, Frank   Ethel P 3891
Mulder, Getrude L C   Emile H S 4720
Murphy, Hughey   Mary ------
Murphy, James T   Clara M 6206
Murphy, Ralph S   Lulu 5817
Murry, Birdie   William 4998
Mustala, Emma   Andrew 5588
Mutch, E W   Francilia 1763
Nealley, Odin L   Maud 4660
Neefus, Harry T   Freda M 5093
Neilly, Matt   Ina 4264
Neilson, Francis   John E 1680
Nelson, Clifford S   Dora 4917
Nelson, Mary C   Niel 3420
Nelson, Maude   Lester 4885
Ness, Anna   E 1475
Newhouse, Wm   Matilda 4188
Newman, Samuel   Lenore 4677
Niblitte, Sarah E   John W 2326
Nichols, Mary A   Thomas H 6136
Nichols, Ralph A   Mary E 6153
Nichols, Wm W   Elsie 1539
Nielson, Fritchoff   Ellen 5536
Niemi, Andrew   Fiina 4377
Niemi, Charles   Winnie J 6014
Nilson, Elna   Magnus 6239
Nilson, Nils   Matilda C 4911
Noble, Joseph H   Leah 5568
Noonan, Frank   Margaret 5841
Norris, Darius   Mary D 1486
Norris, Darius   Mary D 1545
Norton, R T   L Willa ------
Nowlen, John F   Sarah M 0386
Nowlen, M O   John F 2193
Nyberg, Wm   Efrasyna 5314
Oatman, L B   Olive 6148
Ohls, Lena   Alex 3869
Oliver, Mary   Saml 3362
Oliverson, Anna   H 2058
Olsen, Niels Peter   Sarah K 3202
Olsen, Selma   P 4060
Olsen, Sophia   Martin 1262
Olson, Paul   Helena 5595
Ongendahl, Helena   Hans 2199
Ongensdale, Hans J   Helena 2862
Osborn, Elizabeth A   Geo L 4861
Osgood, I L   Mary 3065
Osler, Jacob   Elizabeth 4103
Osmundson, Olaus   Inga 2069
Overbeck, Fred   Anna L 2970
Overton, Catherine E   Daniel W 2706
Overton, Daniel W   Margaret 4487
Owens, Elizabeth   R J 1887
O'Connor, Thos   Mary Ann 2652
O'Harra, Patrick   Jennie C 3860
O'Neil, John J   Minnie M 4388
Packer, Ada Pearl   Hubert Erw 6199
Page, Chas H   Anna 2976
Paldanius, Louis   Annie 5574
Palmer, Aurora W   John E 2076
Palmer, Clarence   Mary 5778
Palmquist, Auroria   John E 1529
Parker, Eben P   Nellie E 4234
Parker, Eben P   Nellie E 4491
Parker, Eben P   Nellie E 4560
Parker, Marguerette   George M 4771
Parsons, Louis H   Helen M 1613
Pate, Isaac   Annie 4883
Patterson, Jos B   Melvina E 0758
Patton, Wm J   Mary W 4037
Payette, Robert Henr   Edith M 5768
Pearson, M R   Johanna 0757
Pederson, Peter   Maren A 0557
Perin, Ida L   Benj F 4294
Perrie, Alexander K   Anna M 0363
Perry, Charles Den   Ida M 6318
Petersen, Grace   Wm 6100
Petersen, P   Emma S 4781
Peterson, Emma   John 6756
Peterson, John   Lizzie A 4312
Peterson, Julius   Augusta 6090
Petterson, Jacob   Mary 6256
Pettigrew, T G   Belle 6137
Petty, Frances E   John 5431
Phillips, James H   Daisy M ------
Pickernell, Margaret   John 2641
Pidgeon, Albert K   Mary Elin 4287
Plummer, Bert   Hazel L 6286
Pohl, F W   Frederika 0573
Pohl, F W   Frederika 0692
Porter, Maggie   L A 4423
Portwood, G E   J O 3499
Potter, Robert J   Minnie E 4717
Powers, Mary   Guy P 6200
Poysky, Peter   Susan 5047
Poysky, Peter   Susanna 5651
Price, George   Lillian 5581
Prior, Cora A   Edward 4291
Pulvermacher, Rudolph   Mary 1444
Quillen, Minnie   J H 4780
Quinn, Bertha   John 4878
Quinn, E A   Rosalie 1121
Raina, Franc Oskar  Serafiina 4959
Rateo, Mary S   Paul R 6146
Rauma, Lydia Kallio   Johan 2882
Raymond, Geo W   Mary E 3245
Raymond, W W   Almira 0218
Rector, Nellie G   E L 3221
Redsecker, Frank J   Nancy J 5009
Reed, Bertha   O D 5516
Register, W G   Martha S 2107
Reid, John   Bertha 4349
Reis, Peter   Hulda 0906
Rentz, Christian   Mary D 1094
Rhea, Henrietta C   Thomas A 4837
Rhoades, Silas   Frances 6474
Rice, Elihu   Emily 2763
Rice, Max   Sallie 2689
Richardson, Amanda   Eugene M 3036
Richardson, Anna   Harry L 4758
Ridley, Elwin F   Hester M 6203
Riner, H E   Alice C 4947
Robbins, Charles E   Ada 5845
Roberts, Chester L   Ethel 6321
Roberts, William   Emma 6106
Robertson, Guy   Florence 6314
Robertson, Ray   Alice 5090
Rollins, Geo W   Ella 4062
Ronning, John   Hanna 6004
Rosafrutelle, Isabelle   Joseph 0824
Rose, C H   Freida 6254
Rose, William   Lucy 2122
Rosen, Isador   Rose 5769
Ross, Hannah   D G 1187
Ross, Wm G   Sarah A 2201
Rothe, Henry   Eva 0815
Rowan, J A   Fannie 3982
Rucker, George W   Alice Lane 2147
Rudd, W G   Ada 6065
Runey, Anna E   Arthur P 5899
Runge, Emma   C 4994
Russell, J S   Elizabeth J 0338
Ryan, Thomas   Margaret 0660
Sackett, C C   L E 1877
Salomon, Jane   Antone 1503
Sanderson, Mary   Victor 3409
Sandy, Gus   Margirita 2123
Saunders, Jas F   Sarah L 0346
Schaumburg, Louise   Gottfried 5828
Schemock, Alice   F A 6213
Schiewe, Christ   Christina 4956
Schmidt, Herman   Matilda A 1345
Schneider, Rosina   Herman 3452
Schoenbaec*, Nettie   Gus 5316
Schuerer, John J   Deborah J 6105
Schuring, Andrew   Sophia 2070
Schuring, Andrew   Sophia 2074
Schwartz, Samuel   Susan C 1904
Scothan, Mary H   J P 0524
Seaborg, Anna   P O 4359
Seaborg, Hilma   Frank 4606
Seaborg, Violet   John 4655
Seaburg, Charles A   Clara J 4257
Searing, Benjamin A   Annie 4736
Seed, John S   Mary J 4345
Sehlin, E F   E W 2108
Seid, Que   You 4418
Seim, A E   Juaquine 0989
Shaffer, Ruth F   Charles 5473
Shane, Carlos W   Laura 0082
Shank, Charles I   Mary Elizab 5914
Sharpstein, Lucile M   Earl P 5573
Sheaffer, H O   Lila P 4951
Sheddrick, John   Anna 5036
Sheibley, G D   Hattie G 6905
Sheldon, George E   Hattie H 4711
Shively, John M   Susan L 0026
Shuck, William   Clarissa 0160
Siebert, Albert R   Alice M 3516
Sigfridson, Maria Sofia   Sigfried 4550
Simmons, Augustus B   Sarah J 5702
Simmons, Henry   Synthia 0982
Simonds, Frank   Jennie 4202
Simons, Eva C   Geo W 4456
Simpson, Wm   Arabella 2762
Sipple, Jennie E   Edward J 4864
Slater, Wm   Emma 3944
Sloop, Bertha L   B J 5538
Smidt, Mary   H A 2041
Smith, Albert W   Laura A 6122
Smith, Chas F   Margaret 1625
Smith, E   Anne B 0887
Smith, E   Annie 5344
Smith, E O   Sarah E 4537
Smith, G A   Sarah M 5198
Smith, George H   Ada J 5518
Smith, H A   Mary R 2994
Smith, Harriet M   George A 2715
Smith, Hazel   Rex 5963
Smith, Henry L   Allie R 6237
Smith, James P   Eva A 5630
Smith, James   Marion 1674
Smith, Jeremiah   Elizabeth W 0664
Smith, Maimie D   Sam J 4934
Smith, Marion   James 1645
Smith, P G   Daisie 5658
Smith, Robert   Edith A L 4993
Smith, Susan   S C 0330
Smith, Susan   William 0153
Snyder, Jennie A   W J 2854
Solomon, Edith I   Benjamin D 6302
Solomon, Mary   Jacob 6059
Soltreich, August   Eliza 2589
Somers, Mabel de   C M de 3617
Sorensen, Hattie   N P 6011
Southwick, Albert M   Edith G 5908
Sowers, Frank L   Creeta 6255
Spellmire, William   Emma T 3683
Spencer, Thomas   Mae 4266
Spexarth, A G   Minnie G M 1351
Spexarth, Minnie M G   A G 1696
Springer, Delmer   Rowena 13015
Stahl, Martha A   Edgar W 4372
Stahl, Sadie S   Joseph H 4521
Stanley, Stephen Ler   S E 5834
Stanton, Albert N   Blanche 5088
Starbuck, Leroy B   Nancy 0589
Stark, Winnie   John 4677
Starr, Minnie   Joe 5360
Steinberger, Ralph B   Clare M 5491
Stephens, Isabella   E G 2388
Sterzer, Alifia Eunice   James 5967
Stevens, Mary J   W C 1113
Stillwell, M V   Nellie M 4784
Stone, Annie I   W L 1589
Stoner, Myrtle T   M H 3423
Strafus, Alberta   M W 5514
Strange, S R   Catherine 0978
Stren, Emma   Albert 4825
Sullivan, Eugene   Margaret 5004
Sutherland, A E   Nellie 4960
Sutherland, F A   Mary J 3905
Sutton, Jess   Katie 5970
Sverderup, Helen   Mareno 4376
Swigman, Peter   Alice 13036
Takala, Matt   Lizzie 4738
Taylor, Cyrus O   Maria C 4058
Taylor, Hattie May   J A 6241
Taylor, Norma Gail   Thomas W 6294
Terry, Alice   Joseph 2091
Terry, Mary Ann   Edward 5578
Thomas, J E   Ida P 2805
Thomas, Joseph E   Ida 2871
Thomas, Samuel L   Ellen I 4199
Thompson, A   M 5213
Thompson, Jessie   J M 4925
Thomsen, Paul Carl   Blanche Eli 6293
Thorp, Milo E   Annie 6251
Tikkanen, August   Emma 7446
Tilly, Robert   Eva M 6233
Toivonen, Arvo   Annie E 4371
Tolbert, Ross   Mabel 5472
Toothaker, Phoebe   G W 1128
Tracy, Lulu E   Frederick B 5003
Tremblay, Mae   George R 6252
Tronsen, Lena   James H 6467
Tulley, Joseph   Helen C 6224
Turk, Robert E   Mabel L 5720
Turner, Blon   Joseph L 4867
Turner, Lettie M   A C 5005
Turner, William   Mabel G 4667
Tyler, Bertha   Clarence E 4019
Tyler, J C   Margaret F 6932
Tyler, Jessie   C E 5950
Tyler, Mary Arzelie   Wm G 6156
Tyrell, Lee G   Anna E 5960
Ullfers, Peter   Andrea 5676
Ullfers, Peter   Andrea 5680
Ulrick, Frederika   Emil 2866
Underwood, Hattie M   John W 6238
Van Dusen, E   Mary A 0908
Veach, Allen W   Louisa 1220
Venator, Margaret   U G 4484
Vernon, Inez   James Jr 6353
Verschuren, Louisa Rosti   Chas 3058
Vickery, Bert   Margaret 4958
Vivrett, Andrew J   Anna C 6336
Vleack, John   Carrie 4137
Wachs, Albert   Gussie 13010
Wallace, Allen R   Rosetta 4739
Wallace, Wm T   Helen 3893
Wallingford, Lorenzo   Rosetta 4750
Walsh, Joseph Ernes   Olive Fenn 6288
Walton, Edward   Olive 6062
Ward, Chas E   Annie B 3197
Ward, Harriet   H H 5904
Ward, Howell   O E 3203
Ward, Rosana   Claude 13473
Waring, Henry   Frances 5191
Warnstaff, Albert   Rebecca G 4100
Warnstaff, Alice L   Chas W 2973
Warren, Julia E   Frank M 4775
Watkins, James   Nellie 6242
Weaver, Tom H   Ruby 4819
Weiman, Laura   Peter 3684
Weir, Henry   Ada 2664
Welch, Ida M   James W 1402
Wells, Elizabeth D   Jonathan 0283
Wensley, Arthur H   Blanche E 4914
West, L G   Etta M 3930
West, Lewis A   Isabel 5895
West, Lutitia   David 4735
West, Viola E   David 1568
West, Wharton L   Nellie A G 4022
Westcott, Bert W   Myra 13016
Westerberg, Edith   Ernest 5315
Westman, Edith   John 5704
Weston, James   Jennie ------
Wherry, Saml A   Cornelia 0865
White, C S   A Ienza? 6315
Whitesell, Merilla   George 6253
Whittle, Durant   Clara 3133
Wilberg, Christina   Wm E 5958
Wilberg, Julius B   Anna 13447
Wilcox, Samuel   Emily 6306
Wilkins, India Chlo   M O 4820
Williams, Henrietta A   Geo F 2113
Williamson, Eliza   John 1198
Williamson, Eliza   John 2334
Williamson, John   Fidela M 0828
Williamson, John   Fidela M 0860
Willoughby, Charles E   Myra 5565
Wills, George W   Anna C 1544
Wilmett, Joseph   Lena 6262
Wilson, John R   Jane 0874
Winchell, John   Henrietta 1146
Winchester, Hugh   Edith 6285
Wineberger, Albert   Annie 2997
Winkley, William   Esther 5815
Wirth, J C   Maud 6120
Wise, Sarah   Herman ------
Wolf, Chas Jacob   Lottie V 5044
Wolf, F M   Grace E 4391
Wong, Sen Guy   Dou Duck ------
Wood, Charles   Lucy A 3041
Worden, Wm   Mary ------
Wornstaff, Etna   Laura 6063
Wright, Charles R   Maude Alic 5048
Wyatt, Margaret F   J B 2403
Wyatt, Robert   Alma 5915
Yandle, Viola   Frank 5837
Yd, August   Laura 4089
Ylitala, Jacob   Mahela E 3738
York, Minnie   R P 5488
Young, Frank N   Matilda L 2059
Young, Herbert H   Clara 3861
Young, Lucy C   Waldo O 2040
Zetterman, Arabella   Alfred ------
Ziegler, Chas F   Blanche P 3570
Zipf, Joseph E   Edith 4664
Zuninovich, John   Giacobina 1669
Zuninovich, John   Giacobina 2057

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