O.S.S.C.A.R.- State Contests

State contests

  • National President: Buy a T-shirt, scarf, or other program item or donate $15 to the National Project.
  • National 1st Vice President: Host a holiday party at a local veteran's hospital or send a package to active duty members.
  • National 2nd Vice President: Encourage members to attend regional and national meetings.
  • National Chaplain: Learn about the 2008 stained glass Veterans' tribute at C.A.R. headquarters. Color a picture of it.
  • National Recording Secretary: Develop a style of shorthand and share it.
  • National Organizational Secretary: Discuss the importance of the Constitution at a society meeting. Share your findings in the newsletter.
  • National Assistant Organizational Secretary: Write an article on the importance of being an active C.A.R. member. Send it to the newsletter.
  • National Corresponding Secretary: Write a letter to a service member. See National website for links.
  • Treasurer: Make a donation to the operating fund or help someone become a national promoter.
  • National Registrar: Search for information on your patriot on line. Write an article for the newsletter.
  • National Assistant Registrar: Design a slogan and draw a picture that explains the importance of life membership. Submit to newsletter.
  • National Historian: Create a C.A.R. trivia game and submit it to the newsletter.
  • National Librarian: Research the events that occurred on September 11, 2001. Write about what you learned.
  • National Curator: Share information on the N.S.C.A.R. museum and the Children's room with parent organizations.
  • American Heritage: Research when and why the Zip code was developed. Learn about the zip code mascot.
  • American History: Find out why the Battle of Gettysburg was considered the "High Water Mark of the Rebellion" Draw a picture of Robert E. Lee or George G. Meade. Visit www.nps.gov/gett//index.htm
  • American Indian: Learn about the role of American Indian children in the American Revolution. Share a story at a society meeting.
  • Archives: Create a family tree to better understand your family's lineage. Why can you only go back so far?
  • C.A.R./SAR/D.A.R./SR Relations: Enter DAR/SAR/SR essay contests. DAR Essays, Knight Essay, Rumbaugh Oration, and Eagle Scout.
  • CAR magazine/newsletter: Write a story about a veteran from your family. Send it to the newsletter.
  • Magazine Editor: Create a magazine or blog for your society.
  • Conservation: Go to www.epa.gov and learn ways to help conserve and protect our environment.
  • Endowment Fund: Decorate a cookie or cupcake like the endowment fund and submit a photo to the newsletter.
  • Govornment Studies: Write your own "I Have a Dream" speech and submit it to the newsletter. Visit the NEW Martin Luther King Jr Memorial in Washington DC via the online National Park Service website.
  • Information Technology: Present a program on how the use of the Internet has changed since its public release in 1993 or read the state newsletter on line. Fill out the pee wee page and turn it in.
  • Kid's Helping Kids: Invite children of active duty military to attend an event with your society.
  • Magazine Fund: Design a cover for the C.A.R. Magazine promoting the National Project. Submit to newsletter.
  • Membership: Keep a list of the friends you invite to C.A.R. activities. Member with the most friends that came to C.A.R. activities
  • Mountain Schools: Learn about the mountain schools and why they were created.
  • National Merit Award: Individual with the most entries. Submit photos with your entries.
  • Patriotic Education Program: Discover your ancestors who fought for the Union and /or Confederate forces. Submit names.
  • Public Relations: Volunteer at community and school events. Wear your C.A.R. apparel.
  • Tomb of the Unknown Soldier: Celebrate patriotic holidays in remembrance of those who have given their lives in service to our country. Submit photos.
  • Veterans: Find ways to support a veterans' group in your area.
  • Bonus: Submit a picture of yourself wearing a C.A.R. shirt in an unusual or historic place.
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