WPA Documents
 Mark Phinney
WPA      Series 1
WPA Historical Records
July 10, 1939

This site is in its infancy.  Quite a bit more is planned, but I wanted to get something published just to let you know that we are working on it!  (We, being the Benton County Genealogical Society, and various volunteers). 

 Published by the Benton County GenWeb Project. 

 Original copies are courtesy of the Oregon State Library, Salem, Oregon. 

 Eventually all of the following files will be transcribed and published. 
 They will be added as they are completed.



Boxes 23-28

The file names that are underlined are available for viewing.

Agriculture   Beginning of Box 23
Arts and Crafts
Bible Records
Churches - Assemblies of God   Beginning of Box 24
Churches - Baptist
Churches - Roman Catholic
Churches - Congregational
Churches - Christian
Churches - Episcopal
Churches - Evangelical
Churches - God of Abraham's Faith
Churches - Holy Rollers
Churches - Lobster Church of Christ
Churches - Lutheran Zion Evangelical
Churches - Methodist Episcopal
Churches - Miscellaneous
Churches - Nazarene
Churches - Pentecostal
Churches - Presbyterian - Congregational
Churches - Scientist, Christian
Churches - United Brethren
Commissioners' Journal 1850 -54
Commissioners' Journal 1854 - 55
Education   Beginning of Box 25
Education -- Oregon State Agricultural College
Education -- Oregon State Agricultural College
Education -- Oregon State Agricultural College
Education -- Philomath College
Education -- Philomath College
Finance   Beginning of Box 26
Flora & Fauna
Historic Buildings
Historical Manuscripts
Historic Towns
Historical Sketch of Benton County
Interviews -- A
Interviews -- B
Interviews -- C
Interviews -- D
Interviews -- E
Interviews -- F
Interviews -- G
Interviews -- H   Beginning of Box 27
Interviews-- J
Interviews -- K
Interviews -- L
Interviews -- M
Interviews -- N
Interviews -- P
Interviews -- R
Interviews -- S
Interviews -- T
Interviews -- V
Interviews -- W
Interviews-- Y
Map of Early Benton County Sites
Monuments and Markers
Pioneer Graves
Pioneer Cemeteries
Place Names - Political
Public Utilities
Roads and Bridges
Social Welfare
Societies & Organizations
Statistics   Beginning of Box 28
Veterans Graves
Waterways and Ferries

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