Bellfountain Cemetery
Benton County, Oregon
Surnames M thru R

MACK, Ethel Starr, 9S, 1876~1961, On stone with Herschel M. [husband], Next to Silas C. & Mary Barnard Starr [parents], [26 Jun 1876~23 Oct 1961]

MACK, Herschel L[eroy], 9S, 1877~1956, On stone with Ethel M. [wife], [21 Dec 1877~13 Aug 1956]

MACK, Jessie C[linton], 15S, 1898~1991, Mother, [8 Jul 1898~31 Dec 1991, w/o James M.]

MALCOM, Fred S[ampson], 18S, 1871~1949, In cement with Silas [son] & Jennie M. [wife], [d. 22 Aug 1949, s/o Lewis & Olive Strong M.]

MALCOM, Ira C[alvin], 18N, 4 Feb 1903~30 Nov 1976, On stone with Ruby M. [wife], also Funeral marker, 30 Nov 1976, Aged 73 Y, 9 M, 26 D, [s/o Fred & Jennie King M.]

MALCOM, Jennie [C.] K[ing], 18S, 1882~1954, In cement with Fred [husband] & Silas M. [son], [d. 12 Apr 1954, d/o Charles William Henry  & Virginia Nelson K]

MALCOM, Lloyd O[rrin], 13S, 1911~1987, On stone with Mary M.[wife], Gideons, Also military marker, AMM1 US Navy WWII, 15 Jan 1911~9 Nov 1987

MALCOM, Mary Lucile Eastman [Bloor], 13S, 1915~1993, On stone with Lloyd M. [husband], Gideons, [md 1st Herbert Eastman]

MALCOM, Raymond Boyd, 18N, 20 Nov 1937~10 Mar 1988, Next to Ira M.

MALCOM, Ruby Ellen, 18N, 5 Oct 1911~24 Jan 1940, On stone with Ira M. [husband]

MALCOM, Silas C., 18S, 1906~1907, In cement with Fred & Jennie M. [parents], [s/o Fred & Jennie King M.]

MANN, Clarence, 8S, 1886~1888 

MATHEWS, Edward R[oscoe], Brother Roscoe, 1N, 1900~1967, [30 Jan 1900~22 Jan 1967, md Cora Langley]

MATHEWS, Maud [A. Lee Bright], 5S, 15 Oct 1877~1 Feb 1921,away from other stones, homemade concrete marker, [d. 2 Feb 1921, d/o Caleb & Martha B., w/o Earl Mathews]

MAY, Wilma A. [Durham], 10S, 24 May 1911~9 Jul 1991, Our beloved mother, Special to Everyone, [d/o William & Eldora Durham, w/o Sam J. May]

McCOMBS, Wilma E. [Wirsing], 15S, 15 Feb 1908~6 Jul 1987, set in concrete with Mike Sausen [cousin], [d/o Albert & Alma Hoevels W., w/o James McC.]

McLAIN, Alonzo J., 5S, 1850~1928, Next to William H. McL. [brother], [10 Apr 1850~18 May 1928, unmd. s/o Wm & Malinda Dennis McL.]

McLAIN, Bettie M[inerva Gragg], 5S, 1864~1941, Mother, On stone with William McL. [husband], Next to George W. G. [brother], [20 Sep 1864~25 Aug 1941, d/o Joseph & Lovina Buckingham  G.]

McLAIN, William H[arvey], 5S, 1866~1948, Father, On stone with Bettie McL. [wife], [11 Apr 1866~12 May 1948, s/o Wm & Malinda Dennis McL.]

MILLER, James Thomas, 17N, 2 Aug 1905~8 Feb 1966

MINTON, Clara May [Lytle], 19S, Wife of J. C. Minton born 31 May 1874, died 3 July 1914, At rest, footstone says 1874~1914, [31 May 1874~3 Jul 1914, d/o Tobias & Melissa Bethers L., w/o James Clayton M.]

MONTGOMERY, Hattie [Melissa], 18S, 29 Jul 1907, Aged 26 years, (Single, b. 1880), Next to Elmer Henkle [nephew], [d/o Charles & Melissa Clarke M.]

MORRIS, J[ohn] C[alvin], 19S, 26 Mar 1842~23 Jun 1914, On stone with Mary M. [wife], [s/o Lewis & Sarah Morrison M.]

MORRIS, Mary [Jane], 19S, 1 Jan 1840~27 Feb 1922, On stone with J. C. M. [husband]

MOSER, Alvin C. [York], Row 21S, 14 May 1919 ~26 Jan 1998, Together Forever, Parents of Katie, Alvin L., Jerry W., Jimmy, Jerry N., Bobby, Carlis, Nancy, Alvin E. & Cathy, On stone with Ruby Lee M. [wife]

MOSER, Donna Mae, 19S, 14 Apr 1947~blank, Together Forever, Parents of Jerry, Cara, Tina, Sherry & Teri, On stone with Jerry M. [husband]

MOSER, Jerry Neal, 19S, 12 Mar 1951~blank, Together Forever, Parents of Jerry, Cara, Tina, Sherry & Teri, On stone with Donna Mae M. [wife], Parents adjoin in Row 21S, [s/o Alvin & Ruby Palmore M.]

MOSER, Ruby Lee [Palmore], Row 21S, 12 Feb. 1922 ~29 June 1998, Together Forever, Parents of Katie, Alvin L., Jerry W., Jimmy, Jerry N., Bobby, Carlis, Nancy, Alvin E. & Cathy, On stone with Alvin M. [husband]

MOSS, Calvin Loyd, Annex 2, 6 Feb 1919~4 Jun 2003, age 84, McHenry F.H. marker

MULLIN, Prudence Ann [Boyd], 4S, 1889, Pioneer 1844, On slab with Mary Ann Palmer [sister] & Lucinda Boyd [mother], [d/o Robert & Lucinda Scritchfield B.]

NASH, Britney Lynn, 20S, 2 Sept 1991~29 Jan 2000, Daddy’s Little Girls, Mommy’s Little Angels, Sisters First, Friends Forever, Beloved Daughters of Jim & Tina NASH, To Everything There Is A Season And A Time To Every Purpose Under Heaven.  Ecclesiastes, To Plant A Garden Is To Believe In Tomorrow, On stone with Nicole N. [sister]

NASH, Kyle James, 17S, 4 Mar 1997~16 Apr 2001, Our little Pooh Bear Forever in our hearts, minds and dreams, [s/o ___&____ Reinbold N.]

NASH, Nicole Christina, 20S, 8 May 1990~30 Jan 2000, Daddy’s Little Girls, Mommy’s Little Angels, Sisters First, Friends Forever, Beloved Daughters of Jim & Tina NASH, To Everything There Is A Season And A Time To Every Purpose Under Heaven.  Ecclesiastes, To Plant A Garden Is To Believe In Tomorrow, with Britney N. [sister]

NASH, Walter Bruce, 1N, 20 Aug 1887~13 Mar 1954, Illinois, Pvt Co D, WW I, 359 Inf., American Legion metal insignia, [s/o Jesse & Martha N.]
NEWBILL, Ina Gladys, 18S, 1913~1984, On stone with Kellie N. [husband], Next to Jimmie Ray N., Also McHenry F.H. marker, 9 Jan 1913~5 Jul 1984, Aged 71

NEWBILL, Jimmie Ray, 18S, Oregon, Cpl U S Marine Corps, Korea, Vietnam, 13 Mar 1935~16 Nov 1972, Next to Kellie & Ina N.

NEWBILL, Kellie [John], 18S, 1906~1996, On stone with Gladys N. [wife], Next to Jimmy Ray N., [s/o Escar & Hopie Tosh N.]

NEWMAN, Flora J[anette], 17S, 1898~1914, Daughter, On stone with Richard N. [father], [d. 31 Jul 1914]

NEWMAN, Richard D[udley], 17S, 1863~1908, Father, On stone with Flora N. daughter], Next to James & Frances Benson, [15 Mar 1863~20 Nov 1908, Richard md Eveleena Benson in 1886]

NIGH, Donald Lee, Sr., Annex 1, 21 Aug 1940~6 Oct 1996, Loving Grandpa, Dad & Brother

NIXON, Edward Emery, 20N, 3 Apr 1918~13 Feb 1999, On stone with Mable N. [wife]

NIXON, Mable Rozena [Blackwell], 20N, 14 Aug 1924~blank, On stone with  Edward N. [husband]

NOBLE, David Lewis, 12N, 12 Nov 1900~11 Oct 1973, On stone with Myrtle N. [wife], [s/o Harvey & Eliza N.]

NOBLE, Myrtle Eunice [Larkin], 12N, 8 May 1890~1 Sep 1981, On stone with David N. [husband], [d/o Ed & Mary Whitehead L., md 1st William Coe]

NUSBAUM, C[ora] Grace [Humphrey], 12S, 16 Dec 1889~24 Feb 1958, On stone with Frank N. [husband], [d/o George & Lizzie Perin H.]

NUSBAUM, Earl E., 12S, 15 Aug 1911~15 Jun 1999, On stone with Norma N. [wife], [s/o Frank & C. Grace Humphrey N.]

NUSBAUM Frank A., 12S, 31 Mar 1885~8 Mar 1956, On stone with Grace N. [wife]

NUSBAUM, Hermon F[rank] 12S, 9 Jul 1917~blank, On stone with Nita N. [wife], [s/o Frank & C. Grace Humphrey N.]

NUSBAUM, John P., 12S, 1881~1907

NUSBAUM, Nita E., 12S, 30 Nov 1925~blank, On stone with Hermon N. [husband]

NUSBAUM, Norma M. [Peters], 12S, 23 Sep 1908~1 Jan 1999, On stone with Earl N. [husband], [d/o James & Minnie Rickard P.]

NYE, Adam C[linton], 12S, 1879~1962, On stone with Mabel N. [wife], [d. 22 Jan 1962, s/o Samuel & Sarah Michael N.]

NYE, Emmett R., 12S, 30 Mar 1910~8 Jul 1986, Two stones, Next to Adam & Mabel N. [parents]

NYE, Mabel F., 12S, 1889~1963, On stone with Adam N. [husband], [d. 17 Jul 1963]

NYE, Robert Earl, 12S, 1917~1936, Next to Adam & Mabel N. [parents], [d. 30 Jun 1936]

OAKES, Bertha M[ay Hull], 14N, 13 Apr 1916~21 Apr 2001, Together forever, Mom, On stone with J. Chester O. [husband], [13 Apr 1916~21 Apr 2001, d/o William & Ethel Tompkins H.]

OAKES, Brandy, 9S, 28 Sept 1973 ~27 November 1998, Free Spirit, Love Papa, Bud & Mom, [w/o Duane O.]

OAKES, Doris D., 18N, 4 Aug 1935~24 Feb 2003, On stone with Kenneth W. [husband]

OAKES, Edward L[ee], 10S, 1881~1966 Next to Ransom & Mary O. [parents], [2 Feb 1881~23 Apr 1966, s/o Ransom & Mary Garrett O.]

OAKES, J[ames] Chester, 14N, 23 Feb 1913~26 June 1983, Together forever, Dad, On stone with Bertha O. [wife], [s/o Benjamin & Cora Starr O.]

OAKES, Kenneth D., 1S, 29 Oct 1911~24 Sep 2001, On stone with Velma O. [wife], [s/o Benjamin & Cora Starr O.]

OAKES, Kenneth W. “Bill”, 18N, 1 Jun 1933~blank, On stone with Doris O. [wife]

OAKES, Mary Ellen [Garrett], 10S, 1854~1935, At rest, (Age 81 Y, 2 M, 22 D), On stone with Ransom O. [husband], [7 Jan 1854~29 Mar 1935, d/o Moses & Elizabeth Cunningham G., sister of Nancy Jane G. who md John Stanturf]

OAKES, Randy Kenneth, 18N, 24 Mar 1962~27 May 1966, Forever in our hearts, Next to Kenneth & Doris O.

OAKES, Ransom, 10S, 1840~1925, Civil War veteran, (Age 84 Y, 5 M, 4 D), On stone with Mary Ellen O. [wife], [23 Nov 1840~27 Apr 1925, s/o John & Sarah O.]

OAKES, Russell Benj[amin], 16N, 21 Jul 1914~27 Jun 1988, Friend and dedicated worker, [s/o Benjamin & Cora Starr O.]

OAKES, Velma V[iola Wallace], 1S, 15 Jul 1914~31 Jul 1982, On stone with Kenneth D. O. [husband], [d/o Charles & Mary Foster W.]

OAKES, Virgil Allen, 1S, 2 Sep 1935~14 Sep 1935, Next to Velma & Kenneth O. [parents], [s/o Kenneth & Velma Wallace O.]

OSBORN, Vina Bernice [Wooley], 6S, 1920~1964, Next to Clifford Wilson, Hattie Wooley [mother], and an illegible marker from Murphy F.H., Junction City---all these graves decorated Memorial Day 2003, [OR Death Index calls her Vina R. Osborn, d. 25 Dec 1964, age 44, d/o Clayton & Hattie Wallace W., w/o William O.]

PALMER, Mary Ann [Boyd], 4S, 1838~1918, Pioneer 1844, On one slab with Prudence Ann Mullin [sister] & Lucinda Boyd [mother], [28 Nov 1838~14 Sep 1918, md 1st Randolph Buckingham, md 2nd William P., d/o Robert & Lucinda Scritchfield B.]

PARKER, Arlene J., Annex 1, 3 Oct 1928~blank, On stone with Richard P. [husband]

PARKER, [Clarence] Fenton, 8S, 1894~1960, On stone with Lela P. [wife], [25 Sep 1894~22 Jul 1960, s/o Henry P.]

PARKER, Lela [Gray], 8S, 1903~1992, On stone with Fenton P. [husband], Next to Anne E. Gray [mother], [21 Mar 1903~20 Jan 1992, d/o Charles & Anne Hoffman G.]

PARKER, Richard F[enton], Annex 1, 2 Mar 1924~4 Nov 2000, On stone with Arlene J. [wife], 2nd military stone Tec 5 US Army WWII, [s/o Fenton & Lela Gray P.]

PARKS, Charles Edward, location unknown, 6 Oct 1942, Age 72 Y, 4 M, 11 D, [25 May 1870~6 Oct 1942, s/o Jerome & Margaret Smith P., not found 2003]

PATTERSON, Elizabeth J., 16S, 1880~1956, [d. 31 Aug 1956, w/o Walter P.]

PEACOCK, Florence G[ertrude], 17S, 1909~1995, md 23 Sep 1958, Wife & Mother, On stone with Willie P. [husband], [28 Dec 1910~7 Apr 1995]

PEACOCK, Willie F., 17S, 1922~blank, md 23 Sep 1958, On stone with Florence P. [wife]

PEAKE, M. [Millard] Al[bert], Annex 1, 1933~1998, On stone with Patty P. [wife], Too well loved to be forgotten, [6 Nov 1933~27 Apr 1998]

PEAKE, Patty A., Annex 1, 1942~blank, On stone with M. Al P. [husband], Too well loved to be forgotten

PERIN, location unknown, (Wife of Charles Archie Perin), No dates, [Not found 2003], [Charles Archie Perin, 19 May 1902~13 Nov 1982, wife was Lillian Luella Banton, 17 Apr 1902~5 Feb 1991, d/o Charles & Clara B. who are buried in Row 6N.]

PERIN, Charles H[enry], 9S, 1866~1954, On stone with Sarah P. [wife], Next to Gladys Powell [daughter] & Olin P. [son], [15 Sep 1866~12 Apr 1954, s/o David & Martha Crouch P.]

PERIN, Claud D., 16S, Oregon, Pvt lCL 162 Inf 4th Div, 17 Jan 1918

PERIN, David, 12S, Co K, 23 Ia Inf, In bordered plot with Frank [son] & Martha P. [wife], [12 Dec 1837~14 Jul 1919, s/o Lemuel & Catherine Maggard P.]

PERIN, Frank Arthur, 13S, 1875~1955, In bordered plot with David & Martha Crouch P. [parents], [1st postmaster at Bellfountain Post Office, b. 17 Oct 1875]

PERIN, Martha [Crouch], 12S, 19 Oct 1840~23 Feb 1914, In bordered plot with Frank [son] & David P. [husband]

PERIN, Olin, 9S, 1893~1901, Next to Charles & Sarah P. [parents], [s/o Charles & Sarah Stanturf P.]

PERIN, Sarah Ellen [Stanturf], 9S, 1869~1961, On stone with Charles P. [husband], Next to Gladys Powell [daughter] & Olin P. [son], [22 Mar 1869~31 Dec 1961, d/o John & Nancy Garrett S.]

PETERS, James W., 16S, 1880~1916, On stone with Minnie P. [wife], [16 Jul 1880~2 Jul 1916, s/o James & Mary Sensibaugh P.]

PETERS, Minnie G. [Rickard], 16S, 1883~1964, On stone with James P. [husband], [24 Dec 1883~23 Dec 1964, d/o Michael & Emma Tracer R.]

PETERSON, Clara Evelyn [Starr], 18S, 1872~1906, Between rows, Next to Grove Albert P. [husband], [15 Jan 1872~16 Apr 1906, d/o William & Phebe Herbert S.]

PETERSON, Frank C[hristian], 8S, 1870~1930, Next to Rena P. [wife], [d. 18 Oct 1930]

PETERSON, Grove Albert, 18S, 1870~1936, Between rows, Next to Clara P. [wife], [3 Jun 1870~20 Feb 1936, s/o Samuel & Rhoda Brown P.]

PETERSON, Laurence C., 5S, 1903~1977, On stone with Bessie J. White [wife], [11 Apr 1903~16 Aug 1977, s/o Frank & Rena Starr P.]

PETERSON, Rena [Laurena Starr], 8S, 1880~1947, Next to Frank P. [husband], [12 Sep 1880~16 Sep 1947, d/o William & Phebe Herbert S.]

PFAFFENGUT, Alvin, Annex 1, 12 April 1924 ~16 July 1999, Married 10 Nov 1945, Until That Day!  Thessalonians 4.13~18, On stone with Bonnie P. [wife], deer and tree etching on left side of stone and fisherman etched on the right, [s/o William & Dorothy P.]

PFAFFENGUT, Bonnie Boyd, Annex 1, 14 Oct. 1927 ~blank, Married 10 Nov 1945, Until That Day!  Thessalonians 4.13~18, On stone with Alvin P. [husband], deer and tree etching on left side of stone and fisherman etched on the right

PIERSON, Winnie [Monrovia] Hull, 14S, 1879~1952, Next to Wm & Ellen H. [parents], [13 May 1879~May 1952, d/o William & Ellen Reasoner H.]

POOLE, Jesse, 2S, 1900~1904, Grandson, Next to Elizabeth Ann Goldsworthy [grandmother], stone matches 3 Goldsworthy stones, [d. 14 Dec 1903, s/o Walter & Nora Goldsworthy P., note death dates]

PORTER, Caroline [Rees], 1S, 1859~1930, Members of pioneers of 1848, Mother footstone, On stone with Jesse P. [husband], [d. 24 Sep 1930, d/o William & Sarah Perin R.]

PORTER, Elizabeth [Winkle], 8S, 13 Nov 1826~9 May 1888, On obelisk with Wm. P. [husband], bordered plot with Isaac [son] & Geniva P., [d/o Isaac & Martha Bragg W.]

PORTER, Geniva [Hill], 8S, 1847~1943, On obelisk with Isaac P. [husband], bordered plot with Wm & Elizabeth P., smaller stone “Mother”, [d. 10 Oct 1943]

PORTER, G[eorge] M., 1S, 18 Aug 1852~7 Aug 1897, Next to Nancy P. [wife], [s/o George & Elizabeth Winkle P.]

PORTER, Infant, 1S, Son of J. & C. Porter, Next to Jesse & Caroline P.[parents], [s/o Jesse & Caroline Rees P.]

PORTER, Isaac W[inkle], 8S, 1847~1910, (Age 63 Y), (Info from M. S. Bovee records), On obelisk with Geniva P. [wife], smaller stone  Father, bordered plot with Wm & Elizabeth P. [parents], [d. 23 Mar 1910, s/o William & Elizabeth Winkle P.]

PORTER, [James] Lee, 8S, 1872~1935, Next to Wm. & Elizabeth P. [grandparents], [d. 9 Feb 1935, s/o Isaac & Geneva Hill P.]

PORTER, Jesse, 1S, 1857~1934, Members of pioneers of 1848, Father footstone, On stone with Caroline [wife], [d. 26 Feb 1934 s/o McCauley & Martha Winkle P.]

PORTER, McCauley, Sr., 8S, Son of Samuel & Mary S. Grason Porter, 28 Nov 1829~3 Oct 1923, Born in Todd Co., Ky, Obelisk, [md Martha Winkle]

PORTER, Nancy J[ane Slagle], 1S, 1858~1928, Mother Lamb, Next to George P. [1st husband], [27 May 1858~15 Dec 1928, d/o Jacob & Martha Cantwell S., 2nd husband James Milton Lamb is buried at Monroe Cem.]

PORTER, Wm. G[rayson], 8S, 24 Jan 1820~5 Mar 1908, On obelisk with Elizabeth P. [wife], smaller stones: Gone but not forgotten, Father, bordered plot with Isaac [son] & Geniva P., [s/o Samuel & Mary Grayson P.]

POST, John L[incoln], 18S, 1876~1953, On stone with Josie P. [wife], [7 Jul 1876~21 Dec 1953, s/o Daniel & Lucy Olmstead P.]

POST, Josie I[rene Larkin], 18S, 1888~1976, On stone with John P. [husband], [14 May 1888~15 Dec 1976, d/o James & Ida Starr L.]

POST, Nellie May, 18S, 8 Jun 1907~18 Oct 1921, Next to Josie & John P. [parents], [unmd. d/o John & Josie Larkin P.]

POWELL, Gladys E. [Perin], 9S, 1907~1960, In loving memory, Next to Carl Smith [1st husband] & Charles & Sarah  P. [parents], [d. 24 May 1960, d/o Charles & Sarah Stanturf  P., 2nd husband J. Powell]

POWERS, Frederick, buried by Strattons in Row 18S per Roger Powers of Madras, [s/o William & Lavinia Celley P.]

[Celley] POWERS, Lavinia, location by big tree at bottom end of cemetery per Roger Powers of Madras, With husband William P.

POWERS, William [Hartwell], location by big tree at bottom end of cemetery per Roger Powers of Madras, With wife Lavinia P., [born c. 1851 IL]

PRICE, Clara [Cecelia] Akin, 12S, 1863~1937, (Age 73 Y, 2 M, 5 D), Next to William P. [husband], stone matches nearby Srigley, Hoeflein, Delancey, Spencer, Akin, [8 Dec 1863~13 Feb 1937, d/o John & Harriet Hurlburt A.]

PRICE, Emil R[aymond], 7S, 1883~1970, md 15 Nov 1911, On stone with Lillian P. [wife], [23 Jul 1883~10 Mar 1970, s/o William & Clara Akin P.]

PRICE, Lillian M[ae Srigley], 7S, 1888~1974, md 15 Nov 1911, On stone with Emil P. [husband], [Nov 1888~1 Apr 1974, d/o Henry & Mary O’Neal S.]

PRICE, William I[saac], 12S, 1860~1923, (Age 62 Y, 4 M, 9 D), Next to Clara P. [wife], stone matches nearby Srigley, Hoeflein, Delancey, Spencer, Akin,  [27 Dec 1860~5 May 1923, s/o Levi & Elizabeth Applegate P.]

PROUDFOOT, W[illiam] M., 16S, 15 Oct 1834~9 Sep 1915 (Came from Portland to Coon Mill near Bellfountain in 1870's), Next to Thomas  & Vivian Coon , [born in Scotland]

PUTNEY, Ben F[rancis], 9S, 1892~1979, [24 May 1892~12 Apr 1979, s/o Rolland & Sarah Jones P., md Laura Poindexter]

PUTNEY, “Buck” Charles M., 9S, 8 Feb 1940~3 Aug 1969, bordered plot, [s/o Charles & Gladys P.]

PUTNEY, Charles O., 9S, 19 Dec 1915~blank, md 7 Apr 1996, On stone with Maggie P. [2nd wife], [s/o Rolland & Sarah Jones P.]

PUTNEY, Maggie Lee [Charles], 9S, 10 Aug 1927~10 Mar 1999, md 7 Apr 1996, On stone with Charles O. P. [husband]

PUTNEY, Rolland Lee, 9S, 1859~1935, funeral home marker, 20 Aug 1935, Age 76 Y, 4 M, 22 D, On stone with Sarah P. [wife]

PUTNEY, Sarah A. [Jones], 9S, 1874~1948, On stone with Rolland P. [husband], [d. 31 Oct 1948]

RAGAN, Jeanne M., 5N, 1919~blank, On stone with Robert R. [husband]

RAGAN, Robert V., 5N, 1910~1972, R. I. P., On stone with Jeanne R. [wife], [24 Nov 1910~4 Jun 1972]

RANDALL, Betty [Elizabeth J. Hayert], 21S, 1908 ~2003, praying hands etched inside of a heart, On stone with Wesley R. [husband]

RANDALL, Joyce E., 21S, 18 Jan 1925~22 Mar 1974, Great is thy faithfulness, Next to Betty & Wesley R., [w/o Donald W. R. who is s/o Wesley & Betty Hayert R.]

RANDALL, Wesley W., 21S, 1906 ~1996, praying hands etched inside of a heart, On stone with Betty R. [wife], [16 Sep 1906-14 Jul 1996, s/o Arthur & Grace Wickham R.]

READER, Alice M., 12S, 1879~1965, Next to large Reader stone with Mary [step-mother], Martha [mother], Samuel R. [father] & Fannie Shaffer, [Aug 1879~23 Dec 1965, unmd. d/o Samuel & Martha Plumbe R.]

READER, Angie [Angeline Lemon], 9N, 20 Aug 1879~7 Jun 1967, On stone with Thomas R. [husband], [d/o James & Bersheba L.]

READER, Chester B., 17S, 1906~1986, Married 14 Jun 1927, On stone with Leora R. [wife], [2 Jun 1906~3 Nov 1986, s/o Thomas & Angeline Lemon R.]

READER, Frank B., 9N, 1873~1960, Next to Angie & Thomas R. [brother], [d. 4 Aug 1960, s/o Samuel & Martha Plumbe R.]

READER, Leora M[ae Malcom], 17S, 1904~1989, Married 14 Jun 1927, On stone with Chester R. [husband], [1 Feb 1904~18 Apr 1989, d/o Fred & Jennie King M.]

READER, Martha [Plumbe], 12S, 1841~1911, Next to large Reader stone with Alice [daughter], Mary & Samuel R. [husband] & Fannie Shaffer, [21 Jun 1841~7 Sep 1911, born in England, 1st wife of Samuel R.]

READER, Mary, 12S, 1851~1937, Next to large Reader stone with Alice, Martha & Samuel R. [husband] & Fannie Shaffer [born in England], [d. 25 May 1937, born in England, 2nd wife of Samuel R.]

READER, Samuel, 12S, 1844~1920, Next to large Reader stone with Alice [daughter], Martha [1st wife] & Mary R. [2nd wife] & Fannie Shaffer [born in England], [16 Oct 1844~26 Feb 1920, born in England]

READER, Teresa Jean, 9N, 10 Feb 1960~2 May 1960, Our darling baby, Next to Frank R.

READER, Thomas L., 9N, 16 Oct 1874~8 Jun 1954, On stone with Angie R. [wife], [s/o Samuel & Martha Plumbe R.]

REES, Florence, 1N, 1877~1968, On stone with Henry R. [husband], [d. 13 Dec 1968, born in Canada]

REES, Henry I., 1N, 1864~1947, On stone with Florence R. [wife], [d. 8 Nov 1947, s/o William & Sarah Perin R.]

REES, Sarah [Perin], 2S, 1841~1920, bordered plot, Mother, On stone with William R. [husband], [3 Aug 1841~11 Dec 1920, d/o Lemuel & Catherine Maggard R.]

REES, William N., 2S, 1834~1916, bordered plot, Father, On stone with Sarah R. [wife], [d. 5 Dec 1916, s/o William & Betsey Meek R.]

REEVES, Rose [Henkle], 18S, 1901~1939, Next to W. A. R. [husband] & Grace F. Henkle [mother], [d. 2 Aug 1939, d/o Sylvester & Grace Montgomery H.]

REEVES, W[endall] A[llen], 18S, 1901~1937, Next to Rose R. [wife], [3 Sep 1901~12 Mar 1937, s/o Harry & Laura Trowbridge R.]

REYNOLDS, Samuel, 1S, 1851~1903, Father, Stone against large tree, [9 Apr 1851~12 Apr 1903, s/o Allen & Mary Gibson R.]

RICE, Joel L[aFlavor], 14S, Corp, Co K 29 Wis Inf, No dates on stone, [24 Oct 1836~4 Feb 1921]

RICH, James T., 18N, 1866~1946, Funeral marker, [not found 2003], Next to Ray Malcom, [d. 20 Apr 1946]

RICHARDS, Albert P[hilip], 10S, 1905~1980, Dad, On stone with Dorothy R. [wife], [8 Dec 1902~2 Jun 1980, s/o Nathan & Lizzie R., note birth dates]

RICHARDS, Dorothy E., 10S, 1918~1975, Mother, On stone with Albert R. [husband], [Mar 1918~26 Apr 1975]

RICHARDS, Nathan [Allen], 13N, 1866~1941, [d. 8 Jan 1941, h/o Lizzie]

RICKARD, Betty Jean, 6S, Dau of H L. & Velma R., 25 Mar 1925~31 Oct 1926, Next to Velma R. [mother], [d/o Harvey & Velma Buckingham R].

RICKARD, Bird Lee, 2S, 17 Jul 1877~26 May 1958, On stone with Leona R. [wife], [s/o Samuel & Susan Banton R.]

RICKARD, Clive H., 16S, 1895~1941, Next to William & Ida R. [parents], [d. 15 Jul 1941, s/o William & Ida Purdy R., md Gladys Rycraft]

RICKARD, Delta [Bernice], 2S, 1913~1926, Next to Leona & Bird R. [parents], [d. 11 Jan 1926, d/o Bird & Leona Cain R.]

RICKARD, E[dward] Elvin, 16S, 1909~1930, At rest, Next to Ida & William R. [parents], [d. 2 Aug 1930, s/o William & Ida Purdy R.]

RICKARD, Frank [William], 18S, 22 Apr 1966~22 May 1975, Together , On stone with Gene R. [brother]

RICKARD, Garth L., 17N, 1913~blank, md. 20 Oct 1934, On stone with Veryle R. [wife], [s/o Irven & Greta Bristow R.]

RICKARD, Gene [Glen], 18S, 18 Apr 1967~22 May 1975, Together, On stone with Frank R. [brother]

RICKARD, Greta E. [Bristow], 5N, 1886~1969, On stone with Irven R. [husband], [14 Sep 1886~23 Mar 1969, d/o Henry & Joysey Laird B.]

RICKARD, Ida J. [Purdy], 16S, 1873~1934, Mary's Peak Circle No. 14, (Age 61 Y, 4 D), On stone with William R. [husband], [d. 9 Oct 1934]

RICKARD, Infant, 16S, Dau of W. H. & I. J. Rickard, 12 Feb 1906, Aged 4 D, [d/o William & Ida Purdy R.]

RICKARD, Irven J., 5N, 1883~1969, On stone with Greta R. [wife], [d. 21 Jan 1969, s/o Jasper & Anna Castell R.]

RICKARD, Leona [Cain], 2S, On stone with Bird R. [husband], 5 Aug 1879~18 Mar 1959, [d/o James & Catherine Rees C.]

RICKARD, Velma [Emeline] B. [Buckingham], 6S, 1895~1940, Next to Betty Jean R. [daughter], [6 Mar 1895~26 May 1940, w/o Harvey R., d/o A. H. & Henrietta Dyer B.]

RICKARD, Veryle Bain, 17N, 1914~1995, md. 20 Oct 1934, On stone with Garth R. [husband], [22 May 1914~27 Sep 1995, d/o John & Erma Grier B.]

RICKARD, William H. 16S, 1872~1947, On stone with Ida R. wife, [d. 11 Oct 1947, s/o Samuel & Susan Banton R.]

ROBERTS, Earl Edwin, 2N, 1889~1946, On stone with Mable R. [wife], [26 May 1889~5 Oct 1946, s/o Henry & Harriet Grey R.]

ROBERTS, Mable Clare [Snodgrass], 2N, 1890~1948, On stone with Earl Edwin R., [31 Dec 1890~14 Oct 1948, d/o Jesse & Hattie Hayes S.]

ROBERTSON, Fern, 19S, Infant dau of R. & L. R, 7 Jan 1921, Next to Arnold Smith & Edwin & Ina Bryan, [d/o Roy & Lula Hudelson R.]

ROGERS, Lavina A. [Rhodes], 11S, 1849~1928, Next to Severn R. [husband], [27 Oct 1849~10 Mar 1928, d/o Robert & Jane Teal R.]

ROGERS, Oliver S[evern], 11S, 1880~1947, Next to Lavina R. [mother], Metal marker, [23 Mar 1880~25 Apr 1947, s/o Severn & Lavina Rhodes R.]

ROGERS, Severn R[ichard], 11S, 6 Dec 1841~1 Jul 1896, Next to Lavina R. [wife], [s/o Joshua & Lydia Rickey R.]

ROGERS, William J[oseph], location unknown, 1869~1945, [1 Oct 1868~28 Jun 1946, s/o Severn & Lavina Rhodes R., md Anna C. Rhodes, not found 2003]

ROPER, Isabelle [Bumgardner], 16S, 1861~1926, On stone with Wiley R. [husband], [d. 20 Jun 1926, probably d/o William & Ruth Parrish B.]

ROPER, Wiley [B.], 16S, 1858~1941, (Age 82 Y, 8 M, 7 D), On stone with Isabelle R. [wife], [9 Jun 1858~16 Feb 1941, s/o Wiley B. & Minerva Fry R.]

ROSCOE, [Marian] Aura [Dodge], 4S, 1891~1982, And we will dwell in the house of the Lord forever, On stone with Ora R. [2nd husband], [1 Jul 1891~13 Dec 1982, d/o Norman & Laura Buckingham D., md 1sr Everett Hanshew]

ROSCOE, Ora, 4S, Co G 361 Inf 1917~1919, Veteran WW I, 1895~1971, On stone with Aura R. [wife], [22 May 1895~13 Oct 1971, s/o Julius & Mary Smith R.]

ROSSMAN, Dana C[lair], 18S, 1884~1977, On stone with Ella R. [wife], Next to John & Fern [daughter] Blankenship, [25 May 1884~12 Jan 1977, s/o Lewis & Medora Wright R.]

ROSSMAN, Dana Irene, 18S, Dau of D. C. & Ella R., 1912~1912, Next to Dana & Ella R. [parents], [d. 29 Oct 1912, d/o Dana & Ella Porter R.]

ROSSMAN, Ella M[artha Porter], 18S, 1887~1972, On stone with Dana R. [husband], Next to John & Fern [daughter] Blankenship, [23 Apr 1887~20 Sep 1972, d/o George & Nancy Slagle P.]

RUDDICK, Ralph B., location unknown, 25 Sep 1946, Age 65 Y, 10 M, 14 D, [not found 2003]

RUST, Elmer Otis, 16N, 25 Apr 1876~3 Mar 1955, On stone with Sarah R. [wife], [s/o Henry & Nancy Belieu R.]

RUST, Emmett V[alentine] 16N, Oregon, Tec 5 Co D 25 Medical Bn, WW II, 14 Feb 1915~28 Sep 1967, Next to Elmer & Sarah R. [parents], [s/o Elmer & Sara Starr R.]

RUST, Sara Edith [Starr], 16N, 13 Mar 1882~1 Jan 1948, On stone with Elmer Otis R. [husband], [d/o William W. & Phebe Herbert S.]

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