Cemeteries in Benton Co, OR

Benton Co, Oregon


Map of Cemetery Locations

         Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these records.  Each cemetery, except the small family burial grounds, was visited and enumerated.  Collected data was then cross-checked with the information compiled by the following sources:

        These volumes are being published again by the Benton County Genealogical Society (see link below). Copies are also available at many major libraries. If the cemetery that you are interested in, is not yet published here with a link, contact the Benton County Coordinator  for a free look-up.
Vol. I Alsea, Armstrong, Blodgett, Claremont, Emerick, Henderson, Hendrix/Lobster Valley, King Family, Kings Valley, Lone Fir, Mays/Strouts, Pleasant Valley, Powell Summit, Wren

Vol. II - Crystal Lake

Vol. III - Alpine, Bellfountain, Monroe, Mount Union,
Oakridge, Reeves/Edwards, St. Rose,
Winkle Buttes Burying Grounds:
     Winkle Buttes Includes:
          1. Irwin Burying Ground,
          2. McBee Burying Ground,
          3. Winkle Family Burying Ground

Vol. IV - Davidson, Gingles, Locke, North Palestine, Oddfellows, Ridders, Robinson,
St.Mary's, Zion Lutheran,

Vol. V - Oaklawn

Vol. VI - Military Personnel Buried in Benton County
(Partial list for Oaklawn Cemetery)

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