About Newspaper Project
About the Newspaper Project

Benton County newspapers that will eventually be part of this list are: The Corvallis Gazette 1865-1909, The Oregon Union - 1897-1899, The Daily Gazette Times 1910-1922, The Weekly Gazette Times 1907-1920, The Corvallis Times, The Benton Democrat, and The Corvallis Gazette Times 1922-1926. There are microfilm copies of these papers at:
The Benton County Historical Museum, Philomath
The Corvallis-Benton County Public Library, Corvallis
Oregon State University, The Valley Library
University of Oregon, Knight Library, Eugene
Oregon State Library, Salem
Newspaper names have been designated by abbreviations after the dates.

Please Note: Dates shown are when items appeared in the paper - not the dates when the events occurred.

     * = Data incomplete
     b. = Birth reported
     d. = Death reported
     dv. = Divorce reported
     m. = Marriage or marriage license reported
     l. = Legal notice
     o. = Other info of interest
     p. = Parent
     (2) = Two stories in same paper
     BD = Benton Democrat
     GT1 = Oregon Union
     GT2 = Corvallis Gazette
     GT3 = Daily Gazette Times
     GT4 = Weekly Gazette Times
     GT5 = Corvallis Times
     GT6 = Corvallis Gazette - Times
     GT7 = Union Gazette

Thanks are due to these members of the Benton County Genealogical Society
who are contributing their efforts to abstracting these records:

     Cecilia Anderson
     Janice Barclay
     Ken Bielman
     Ray and Lou Carroll
     Kathleen Coan
     Leila Crawford
     Emily Dashiel
     Nancy DeBoie
     Esther Forsythe
     Margaret Fox
     Daniel Froehlich
     Frances Grotefend
     Jean Grube
     Dean Johnson
     Judy Juntunen
     Rebecca Kiger
     David Kribs
     Gene Newcomb
     Linda Olsen
     Sandra Potter
     Lew Schaad
     Ed Stratton
     Betty Swan
     Charlene Talbot
     Robert Tarrant
     Betty Vogel
     Mary Yoke

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