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These are transcribed and published cemeteries in York Region, Ontario, Canada. Most contain a brief history of the cemetery; a general location map or description; a marker plot map; and a name index. They can be ordered at meetings or by mail, using the convenient Mail Order Form. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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Reference Description Price
RCH-002 St. John's Anglican Church Cemetery (Jefferson) Revision $10.00
RCH-003 Wise Family Burying Ground $3.00
RCH-005 Atkinson Family Burying Ground $3.00
RCH-006 Richmond Hill (Presbyterian) Cemetery $25.00
RCH 007 St. Mary's Anglican Church Cemetery $4.00
RCH-009 Temperanceville United Church Cemetery $3.00
RCH-010 Headford Church Cemetery $4.00
VGH-002 Baker-Cober Cemetery $4.00
VGH-005 Carrville Cemetery $5.00
VGH-006 Christ Church Anglican Cemetery (Woodbridge) $8.00
VGH-008 Dalziel Pioneer Cemetery $3.00
VGH-010 Edgeley Mennonite Burying Ground $6.00
VGH-011 Hillcrest Cemetery (Woodbridge) $17.00
VGH-012 Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery (Thornhill) $12.00
VGH-013 Hope Primitive Methodist Cemetery $3.00
VGH-015 Old Methodist Cemetery (Kleinburg) $3.00
VGH-016 Zion Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery (Sherwood) $8.00
VGH-017 MacNaughton Cemetery $3.00
VGH-018 Knox Cemetery (Vaughan) $5.00
VGH-020 (Kleinburg) $3.00
VGH-021 Nashville Cemetery $12.00
VGH-023 Old St. Stephen's Church Cemetery (Langstaff) $3.00
VGH-024 Old Methodist Church Cemetery (Woodbridge) $4.00
VGH-026 Pine Grove Congregational Cemetery $3.00
VGH-027 Fisherville Church Cemetery $3.00
VGH-029 Reupard's Settlement Pioneer Burying Ground (Sherwood) $3.00
VGH-030 Maple Cemetery $20.00
VGH-032 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Cemetery / Maple Presbyterian Church Cemetery /
"Aulde Kirk" Burying Ground (Maple)
VGH-033 St. Paul's Vaughan Cemetery $8.00
VGH-034 Presbyterian Free Church Pioneer Cemetery (Purpleville) $3.00
VGH-035 Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery (Purpleville) $3.00
VGH-036 Reaman Family Burying Ground $3.00
WHS-001 Baker Hill Cemetery $3.00
WHS-003 Bloomington Methodist Cemetery $4.00
WHS-004 Brillinger Farm Cemetery $3.00
WHS-005 Brownsberger Farm Cemetery (Ringwood) $3.00
WHS-006 Christian Church Cemetery (Churchill) $8.00
WHS-007 Cook Farm Cemetery I $3.00
WHS-008 Hartman Cemetery $8.00
WHS-009 Lemonville Church Cemetery $5.00
WHS-010 Stouffville Cemetery plus record books and much more $35.00
WHS-011 Pine Orchard Friends' Cemetery $12.00
WHS-013 Steckley Farm Cemetery (Bethesda) $3.00
WHS-014 Petchville Cemetery / Wesley Pioneer Cemetery $5.00
WHS-015 Heise Hill Brethren in Christ Church Cemetery / Heise Hill Dunkard Cemetery $17.00
WHS-016 Springvale/2nd Markham Baptist/6th Line Baptist $4.00
WHS-018 Lee Grave $3.00
WHS-019 Cook Farm Cemetery II $3.00

Aurora | East Gwillimbury | Georgina | King | Markham | Newmarket | Richmond Hill | Vaughan | Whitchurch-Stouffville

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