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Information from: Historical Atlas of the County of Wellington, Ontario.
Toronto: Historical Atlas Publishing Co., 1906

MITCHELL, Robert , (d.) came to Canada from Aberdeen, Scot., in 1835, and set. in Fergus, and in 1848 he moved to Arthur Tp. He was a well educated man, and did a great deal of surveying, also gravelled the Owen Sound road from Arthur to Mount Forest, and was a conveyancer. He was Township Clerk and Treasurer of Arthur from 1851 until 1854, and again Clerk from 1855 until 1860. He also served as valuator and helped in settling the disputes at the time of the division of the township. Mr. Mitchell was a Conservative in politics and a Presbyterian in religion. He m. Margaret Anderson. Mr. Mitchell died in 1882, and Mrs. Mitchell died in Pennsylvania some years ago. Issue: John C., Robert, Francis, set., Arthur; Mrs. Smith (d.), Agnes, Man.; Mrs. Wm. Scott, Arthur; and James, Man.

Of his sons, John C. Mitchell, was b. Aberdeen, Scot., 1832, and came to Canada and Arthur Tp. with his parents. He served four years in the first gristmill in Arthur, where he learned the trade. He started for himself in 1859, and took up the present homestead 140 acres, lots 27 & 28, con. 2, Arthur, which was all bush, and is now assessed for $9,000, being originally worth $825. Mr. Mitchell has made all of his property by his own exertions without help from others. He has educated his large family, and started them out well fitted to start life's battles. Mr. Mitchell has retired from active work, and lives in Arthur in comfortable circumstances and is respected by the entire community. He has been Trustee of the Presbyterian church for years, and in politics is a Conservative. In 1858 he m. Eliza Smith. Issue: Robert J., Arthur; George W., on the homestead; John, N.W.T.; Frank, merchant in Arthur; Ida S., (d.) Margaret, teacher in Toronto; Mrs. George Thompson, in Petrolia; Archie (d. young); and Alexander (d. 29). Of this branch: Robert J. lives upon and owns lot 25, con. 1, Arthur Tp.. He carries on mixed farming and is a successful man and a Presbyterian and a Conservative. He m. Mary Thompson Issue: Archie, Norman, Ida, and Neil.

George W. lives upon an owns the homestead to which he has added by purchasing 50 acres, making 157 acres in all. He is successful farmer, and feeds cattle for export. In 1904 ha m. Sophia Shaw. Issue: Wilma J.

Robert, son of the late Robert Mitchell, was b. Aberdeen, Scot, 1834, and came to Arthur Tp. with his parents. He helped his father in the sawmill business, and experienced all the hardships on connection the pioneer life. He won 150 acres lot 32, Owen Sound road, and has been very successful raising and educating a large family, also helping his boys to start in life. He is much respected, a Presbyterian and a Conservative He m. Janet Hunter, Issue; Margaret, George, Man.; Robert (d.), Mary, Agnes, in Fergus and William and Frank at home; Arthur, Mount Forest, and Jessie and Ella at home.

From: Historical Atlas of the County of Wellington, Ontario. Toronto:Historical Atlas Publishing Co., 1906

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