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Waterloo County Family Bibles

Family Bibles are a wonderful genealogy treasure. The Family Register Section is often filled in with Births, Marriages and Deaths of family members.

Sometimes the family bible owner adds a family tree or genealogy to the pages. In some cases, the person entering the information in the Bible may add notes about family. This can help you find your ancestors.

Sometimes obituaries or death notices from newspapers are clipped and put inside the Family Bible. Often Family Bible Records will provide that elusive maiden name of a female ancestor or help you locate the birthplace and birth date of an ancestor.

Some Bibles even contain names of Godparents, baptismal records and cemeteries where an ancestor is buried.

*Family Register (Familien Register) from Hallman Bible The entries are for the marriage of Johannes S. Hallman (born 1829) and Maria S. Clemens (born 1834), their birth dates, and the births of their children. Johannes and Maria Hallman lived about two and a half miles north of New Dundee until they moved to Berlin (now Kitchener) Genealogy Image Hallman Family Bible Waterloo County Ontario
*The family Bible of Moses and Barbara Eby. with names, birth and death dates of Moses, Barbara and their two daughters, Elizabeth and Magdalena
*Bible of Benjamin Eby with a fraktur by Abraham Latschaw
*Family Register for the Christian Eby and Maria Cressman Family in Christian Eby Bible dated 1846
*Family Bible Eli Bauman & Rebecca Schneider Family Register
*Family Bible containing a family record for Henry K. Snyder, Rebecca Sittler and family
*Hoffman family register between the Old and New Testaments of the family's German-language Bible
*Family Bible of Ezra B. Eby with Genealogy
*Family Register (Familien Register) for Daniel Holm, Esther Panabecker and Anna Panabecker families
*Family Bible inscribed Isaac Eby's Bible and with a printed Familien Register
*Family register (Familien Register) for Joseph D. Bauman and Elisabeth Bauman (also her maiden name) and their ten children
*Family Register (Familien-Register) for Heinrich Bauman and Maria Mosser. It lists the birth, deaths, and marriage dates of this couple, and the birth dates of their seven children.
*Family register (Familien Register) for Peter Martin, the youngest son of Joseph and Elisabeth Gingerich Martin, and Magdalena Bauman(n), daughter of Joseph D. and Elizabeth Baumann) Baumann.
*Family Register recording the births and deaths of Noah Bauman and Annie Martin
*Family Register titled The Family of Preacher Moses and Anna Bowman
*Family Register Joseph Baumann and Susanna Bechtel Baumann family
*Family Register Familien Register for Shantz - Family 1880
*Familien Register from Family Bible with handwritten entries in German dated from 1839 to 1903 relating to the Benjamin Baumann family
*Family Bibles on Family Bibles Blog
*Family Bibles on AncestorsAtRest.com
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