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Locations of land records

Where have the land records gone?
APOLROD is the Association for the Preservation of Ontario Land Registry Documents. This site indicates the disposal/dispersal of the Ontario land registry office documents and provides a list of land registry offices.

Land Registry
Thunder Bay Land Registry Office #55
189 Red River Road, 2nd Floor
P.O. Box 2060
Thunder Bay, Ontario P7B 5E7
807 3433-7436

Quebec Land Grants, 1763 - 1890
Ontario land records before 1792 are held in Quebec as today's Ontario was part of the Province of Quebec until 1792.The Quebec Family History Society (QFHS) has indexed the Quebec land grants for 1763 - 1890. They can be bought as an unbound set or as individual volumes (except IJ, UV, and YZ). See the QFHS publications page for information on ordering.

If you are looking for early records, you can also contact the Ontario Archives:
Archives of Ontario(AO)
77 Grenville Street
Toronto, Ontario M7A 2R9
416 327-1600

Note: Land records are organized by townships, concessions and lots. Early townships were divided into concessions. A BF concession refers to a broken front, i.e., an uneven piece of land along a river or other geographical feature. A Gore may be a leftover piece of land in a township after being surveyed; it is not as wide as a regular concession.

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Relief Land Settlement Scheme (also called Back to the Land Movement)

"The Back to the Land Movement 1932-1935" in Families, Vol. 43, No.1, 2004, pp. 39 - 45
Bruce W. Taylor
ISSN 0030-2945
Consult at: OGSL
According to this article, there were 67 applicants from Port Arthur and 103 from Fort William. Thunder Bay District got 80 of the 782 applicants who were settled in 14 townships.

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