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General Information

 I am trying to gather together background information on the Sudbury area. If you have any comments or info that you are willing to contribute along these lines I would appreciate hearing from you!

Sudbury Neighbourhoods.

Flour Mill
Little Britain
Long Lake
Minnow Lake
Moonlight Beach
New Sudbury
North End
Ramsey Lake
Richard Lake
South End
Sudbury Junction*
St. Charles Lake
West End


Ghost towns

Possibly the community in which your ancestor was raised is no longer in existence. Town sites often grew up close to mining operations - when the ore ran out, the towns were usually demolished or abandoned. I am interested in these old communities; if you have any knowledge about such sites within the Sudbury District, I would be interested in hearing about them and any historical knowledge you may posses about them. I recently bought a book titled Ontario’s Ghost Town Heritage by Ron Brown. It contains over 200 pages of information on many ghost towns including Victoria Mines and Creighton.

Victoria Mines -this town site was located at the site of the Mond Nickel Co. refinery about 3 kilometres south of Victoria Mine, West of Sudbury
Mond - the town site at Victoria Mine itself which was operated by the Mond Nickel Company (The refinery and roast yard were moved to Coniston in 1912. The mine itself closed in 1936.)
Creighton - an INCO town site, demolished in 1986 Creighton Mine is currently the site of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory.
Murphy - INCO? roast yard
Frood Mine - INCO town site, demolished in 19..?
Happy Valley - Falconbridge Nickel Co., east of Falconbridge town site.

Many of the communities within the Sudbury District were founded around the mining industry. The International Nickel Co. (INCO), often built, and rented, housing to its' employees. The City of Sudbury itself, was a center for the Canadian Pacific Railway, lumbering and mining before the turn of the century.

Townsite Origins?

(INCO - International Nickel Co.) (FNM - Falconbridge Nickel Mines) (CPR - Canadian Pacific Railway) (CNR - Canadian National Railway)

Lively - INCO
Falconbridge - FNM
Garson - INCO
Worthington - INCO
Copper Cliff - INCO, smelter
Coniston -
Levack -
Cartier - railway CPR?
Capreol - CNR
Gogama - lumbering
Espanola - Eddy Forest
Ramsey - mining, logging


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