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The following is a list of churches within the Sudbury District. If you are aware of e-mail or web site addresses for any of these churches, I would appreciate your letting me know about it. If I have missed any please let me know. (As I obtain postal codes I will add them to the list).

Note: The local French churches will be found listed alphabetically under 'Paroisse'.

(All area codes below are "705" unless otherwise stated)

* - Those marked with an asterisk are not in the Sudbury 2007-2008 phone book

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All Nations Church 885 Prete SUDBURY, Ont, P3E 3X9 673-6110
All People's United Church 400 Antwerp SUDBURY, Ont, P3C 4M7 675-8670
All Saints Anglican Church, 44 Pine St, CONISTON, Ont, P0M 1M0 694-4297 [email protected]
Annonciation Eglise de 1168 Northway SUDBURY, Ont, P3A 3A8 524-3438
Azilda Baptist Chapel 294 Notre Dame E AZILDA, Ont, P0M 1B0 983-5271

Beaver Lake Lutheran Chapel Hwy 17 WORTHINGTON, Ont, P0M 3H0 866-0214
-- No Longer a chapel
Berean Baptist Church 95 Pine SUDBURY, Ont, P3C 1W9 674-4910 [email protected]
Bethel Baptist Church 97 St Pothier Rd, WHITEFISH, ON P0M 3E0 866-0847 [email protected]

Calvary Baptist Church (Closed in Fall 2015) 493 Ontario Street SUDBURY, Ont, P3E 4K4 673-5371
Calvin Presbyterian Church 1114 Auger SUDBURY, Ont, P3A 4B2 566-0652
Catholic Charities 299 Willow SUDBURY, Ont, P3C 1K2 674-9940
Chaplaincy Long Term Care 1476 Sparks SUDBURY, Ont, P3A 2E1 566-9999
Chapleau Pentecostal Church 26 Pine W CHAPLEAU, Ont, P0M 1K0 864-0828 [email protected]
Christ Anglican Church 231 6 Ave LIVELY, Ont, 692-3344 [email protected]
Christian Congregation 332 Montague Ave SUDBURY, Ont, P3C 4G5 671-9757
Church Of Christ 2663 Bancroft Dr SUDBURY, Ont, P3B 1T7 560-3964 [email protected]
Church Of Christ The King 30 Beech SUDBURY, Ont, P3C 1Y9 674-6447
Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints 900 Cambrian Heights Dr, Sudbury, ON P3C 5L8, 705-524-9097
Church Of St John The Divine 34 Godfrey Dr COPPER CLIFF, Ont, P0M 1N0 682-2623
-- Site seems to have been hacked
Church Of The Ascension 1476 Sparks SUDBURY, Ont, P3A 2E1 566-2790
Church Of The Epiphany (Anglican) 85 Larch SUDBURY, Ont, P3E 1B8 675-2279 [email protected]
*Church Of The Resurrection 363 Regent S SUDBURY, Ont, P3C 4E1 673-5571
 - Church Of The Resurrection was sold in 2006
Copper Cliff United Church 26 Park COPPER CLIFF, Ont, P0M 1N0 682-1127
Cornerstone Community Church 225 - 6th Ave, Lively, Ont, P3Y 1M5 692-1658 [email protected]
Croatian Catholic Church Sveti Marko 140 Alder SUDBURY, Ont, P3C 4J8 675-5758 [email protected]

Emmanuel Christian Fellowship The Unchurch 1621 Valleyview Rd., Val Caron, Ontario p3n 1k7 Pastor Jeff Edwards 705.845.8148
Espanola Community Church 869-5181

Faith Bible Church (1971-1980) Loellen Park Area by the Four Corners
Finnish Pentecostal Church 1843 Paris SUDBURY, Ont, P3E 3C5 522-2164 [email protected], blog
First Baptist Church 25 Bloor CAPREOL, Ont, P0M 1H0 858-3860 [email protected]
First Baptist Church Sudbury 2603 Falconbridge Hwy GARSON, Ont, P3L 1K6 693-3278

Glad Tidings Tabernacle-PAOC 1101 Regent S SUDBURY, Ont, P3E 5P8 522-4523
Good Shepherd 280 Barber Street, Espanola, Ont, P5E 1B3 869-0025 (see Saint Jude)
Grace Outreach Ministries 468 Antwerp Ave SUDBURY, Ont, P3C 4N1 673-1512
-- is at the same location as Grace Family Church (705-855-0878) and Church of the Way Sudbury Chinese Evangelical Missionary Church 493 Ontario Street SUDBURY, Ont, P3E 4K4 705-524-0356
Gospel Hall 215 Alder SUDBURY, Ont, P3C 4J3 674-6083

Hillside Presbyterian Church 73 3 Ave SUDBURY, Ont, P3B 3P7 566-5405
Holy Redeemer Church 1887 Bancroft Dr SUDBURY, Ont, P3B 1S7 566-8330
Holy Trinity Church 426 Burton SUDBURY, Ont, P3C 4K7 673-5124
- closing as of Jan. 1, 2011

Immaculate Conception 160 Darby St, Box 488, MASSEY, Ont, POP 1PO, 865-2035 FAX: 865-3284 [email protected]

Jehovah's Witnesses 1050 Lonsdale SUDBURY, Ont, P3B 3X4 566-7001
Jehovah's Witnesses 25 Normand CHELMSFORD, Ont, P0M 1L0 855-4443
Jehovah's Witnesses 3720 Hwy 69 N VAL CARON, Ont, P3N 1N2 897-6971
Jehovah's Witnesses Regional Rd 55 LIVELY, Ont, P3Y 1E8 866-1165

Knox Presbyterian Church 73 Larch SUDBURY, Ont, P3E 1B8 675-8891

Lansing Ave Baptist Chapel 1192 Lansing Ave SUDBURY, Ont, P3A 4C3 566-8588  [email protected]
Larchwood Memorial United Church 15 Douglas Cr DOWLING, Ont, P0M 1R0 855-3937
-- did it move to 44 Third Avenue North, Levack, ON P0M 2C0 705-966-3823 ?
Lord Of The World Church 2080 Lasalle SUDBURY, Ont, P3A 5P5 566-1640

Maranatha Inc 75 Elm E SUDBURY, Ont, P3C 1R6 669-0239
Mattagami Full Gospel Church Mattagami Indian Reserve GOGAMA, Ont, P0M 1W0 894-2140

Naughton Congregational Church 10 Mary Ave NAUGHTON, Ont, P0M 2M0 692-0513
New Life Christian Centre, The 1528 Hwy 144 AZILDA, Ont, P0M 1B0 983-9296
New Sudbury Pentecostal Church-PAOC 264 Levesque SUDBURY, Ont, P3B 3T4 566-9447
Notre Dame De La Riviere 60 Hill Wahnapitae, Ont, P0M 3C0 694-5019 [email protected]

Our Lady Of Peace Church 26 Dennie CAPREOL, Ont, P0M 1H0 858-1374
Our Lady Of Perpetual Hope Rectory 591 Brennan SUDBURY, Ont, P3C 5L6 673-1774

Paroisse La Toussaint 1519 Bellevue SUDBURY, Ont, P3B 3G3 524-3322 [email protected]

    Note: An article in the Northern Life says, "Crystal North's proposed water bottling plant for the vacant Eglise de la Toussant church in Minnow Lake got the green light at the planning committee of city council Tuesday night," so it has been closed.

Paroisse Notre Dame Du Rosaire Poupore GOGAMA, Ont, P0M 1W0 894-2093
Paroisse Notre Dame du Rosaire 2758 Main BLEZARD VALLEY, Ont, P0M 1E0 897-4045 [email protected]
Paroisse Notre-Dame De La Merci 42 Edward CONISTON, Ont, P0M 1M0 694-4063 [email protected]
Paroisse Notre Dame De La Riviere 60 Hill Wahnapitae, Ont, P0M 3C0 694-5019 [email protected]
Paroisse Notre Dame-de Lourdes C.P. 98, ALBAN, Ont, POM 1AO, 857-2726 FAX: 857-2726 [email protected]
Paroisse St-David 17, rue Notre-Dame, C.P. 126, NOELVILLE, Ont, POM 2NO, 898-2592 FAX: 898-2592 [email protected]
Paroisse St Dominique 1241 Diane SUDBURY, Ont, P3A 4H4 566-1204 [email protected]
Paroisse St-Etienne-Martyr Arlington Dr, C.P. 550, [email protected], Ont, POM 1RO, 855-3660 FAX: 855-7780
*Paroisse St-Eugene 40 Eyre SUDBURY, Ont, P3C 4A5 673-3961 [email protected]
 - St-Eugene’s was sold in January 2008
Paroisse St-Francois-Xavier rue Elm, C.P. 70, CARTIER, Ont, POM 1JO, 966-3762 [email protected]
Paroisse St Jacques 46 Cote Bl HANMER, Ont, P3P 1X5 969-2324 [email protected]
Paroisse St Joseph 3594 Errington Ave CHELMSFORD, Ont, P0M 1L0 855-4575 [email protected]
Paroisse St-Louis-de-France, 313, boul. Mead, ESPANOLA, Ont, P5E 1B3, 869-1103
Paroisse St-Marc C.P. 49, MARKSTAY, Ont, POM 2GO, 853-4553 FAX: 853-4553 [email protected]
Paroisse St Mathieu 1608 Pioneer Rd SUDBURY, Ont, P3G 1A8 522-2238 [email protected]
Paroisse St-Thomas Apotre 17, rue Rutland, C.P. 130, WARREN, Ont, POH 2NO, 967-2773 [email protected]
Paroisse Ste. Agnes 15, rue Ste-Agnes, C.P. 519, AZILDA, Ont, POM 1BO, 983-4392 FAX: 983-0310 [email protected]
Paroisse Ste-Anne des Pins 14 Beech SUDBURY, Ont, P3C 1Z2 674-1947
Paroisse Ste-Marguerite d'Youville 3080 Hwy 69 N VAL CARON, Ont, P3N 1R8 897-5261 [email protected]

R L D S Church Camp Monetville NOELVILLE, Ont, P0M 2N0 898-2548
Redeemer Lutheran Church 1199 Lansing SUDBURY, Ont, P3A 4C4 566-0853
Reorganized Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints 72 Hillcrest Dr LIVELY, Ont, P3Y 1H8 692-3743

Sacred Heart Parish 21 Lansdowne N CHAPLEAU, Ont, P0M 1K0 864-0747
Salvation Army The 107 Lorne SUDBURY, Ont, P3C 4P3 675-2850
Serbian Orthodox Church Of St Peter & Paul 515 Antwerp SUDBURY, Ont, P3C 4M9 675-3222
Seventh-day Adventist Church 835 Churchill SUDBURY, Ont, P3A 4A2 566-6150
Siion Church 1843 Paris St., Sudbury Ont. P3E3C5. 705-920-9819, [email protected]
St Alban's Anglican Church 36 Dennie CAPREOL, Ont, P0M 1H0 858-2550
* St Alexander Church St Jean AZILDA, Ont, POM 1BO, 983-4354 FAX: 983-0361
-- (the diocese website has both this and the Chelmsford site on one webpage)
St Alexander Church 100 Gaudette Chelmsford 855-2525
St Andrew The Apostle Church 1250 Barrydowne Rd SUDBURY, Ont, P3A 3V7 566-1876
St Andrew's United Church 111 Larch SUDBURY, Ont, P3E 4T5 674-0721
St Anthony's Church 19 Mary SUDBURY, Ont, P3C 1B7 674-2259
- closing as of Jan. 1, 2011
St Bartholomew's Catholic Church 30 Church LEVACK, Ont, P0M 2C0 966-3762
St Casimirs Church 210 Paris SUDBURY, Ont, P3E 3E2 674-9404
St Christopher Church WHITEFISH, c/o Box 99, Lively, Ont, P3Y 1M2, 692-3138
* St Clements Church 328 Albert SUDBURY, Ont, P3C 1M2 674-6463 / 969-6697
St James Anglican Church 1815 Paris SUDBURY, Ont, P3E 3C5 522-2333
St James In The Valley United Church 4510 Tate VAL THERESE, Ont, P3P 1S8 969-5315
St Jean De Brebeuf 26 Kathleen SUDBURY, Ont, P3C 2M1 675-1343
St John The Evangelist 255 Church GARSON, Ont, P3L 1A6 693-2032
St John's United Church Third N LEVACK, Ont, P0M 2C0 966-3823
St-Joseph Chelmsford 705-855-4575 [email protected]
-- (Only found on the Roman Catholic SSM Diocese Directory
St Jude (formerly Good Shepherd Church) 247 Mead Boulevard Espanola, Ont, P5E 1B3 869-0025 [email protected]
St Kevin's Parish 4610 St Therese VAL THERESE, Ont, P3P 1S5 969-3663
St Luke's United Church 1520 Bancroft Dr SUDBURY, Ont, P3B 1R5 566-8836
* St Mark's Anglican Church 154 Church St GARSON, Ont, P3L 1V7 693-1901
St Mark’s The Good Shepherd Church Garson 858-2550 (same phone as St Alban’s above)
St Mark's United Church 45 Walford Rd SUDBURY, Ont, P3E 2H2 522-3454
St Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church 40 Notre Dame SUDBURY, Ont, P3C 5K2 675-8244
St Mary's Anglican Church, McGowan St, GOGAMA,Ont, P0M 1W0
St Matthew's Ev Lutheran Church 264 Mackenzie SUDBURY, Ont, P3C 4Y6 673-2933
St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church 486 Ester SUDBURY, Ont, P3E 5C4 522-5181
St Patrick's Church 39 Walford Rd SUDBURY, Ont, P3E 2H2 522-3900
St Paul The Apostle 38 Cedar CONISTON, Ont, P0M 1M0 694-5529
St Paul's United Church 131 Regent Street, SUDBURY, Ont, P3C 4C1 675-6189
St Peter's United Church 203 York SUDBURY, Ont, P3E 2A2 675-2171
St Pius X 45 A St LIVELY, Ont, P3Y 1A1 692-3138
St Stanislaus Church 78 Balsam COPPER CLIFF, Ont, P0M 1N0 682-4683
St Stephens On The Hill United Church 1248 Lauzon SUDBURY, Ont, P3A 3E1 566-2933
St Stephens United Church Charlotte CHELMSFORD, Ont, P0M 1L0 855-5225
St Timothy's Lutheran Church 12 Collins Dr COPPER CLIFF, Ont, P0M 1N0 682-2511
Sudbury Alliance Church 1565 Briar SUDBURY, Ont, P3A 4H9 566-5599
Sudbury Bible Fellowship 1661 Lansing SUDBURY, Ont, P3A 5M5 560-3889
Sudbury Chinese Missionary Church 2100 Regent SUDBURY, Ont, 522-7694

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church 189 Regent S SUDBURY, Ont, P3C 4C4 674-4834
Trinity United Church 174 Church GARSON, Ont, P3L 1V7 693-4324
Trinity United Church 6 Ave LIVELY, Ont, 692-4683
Trinity United Church 72 Young CAPREOL, Ont, P0M 1H0 858-2591
Trinity United Church Beech E CHAPLEAU, Ont, P0M 1K0 864-1221
Trinity United Church Edison Rd FALCONBRIDGE, Ont, P0M 1S0 693-4324

Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church Of St Volodymyr 190 Baker SUDBURY, Ont, P3C 2G1 673-2403
United Pentecostal Church 2080 LaSalle Blvd SUDBURY, Ont, P3A 5P5 674-0346

Valley East Baptist Church Po Box 142 VAL CARON, Ont, P3N 1N6 897-4446
Valley Pentecostal Church PAOC 231 Martha HANMER, Ont, P3P 1G4 969-7940
Valleyview Community Church 1621 Valleyview Rd VAL CARON, Ont, P3N 1K7 897-6200

Waters Mennonite Church Regional Road 55 LIVELY, Ont, P3Y 1C2 692-7655
Western Ont, District Of The PAOC 1101 Regent SUDBURY, Ont, P3E 5P8 522-0529






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