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  Allan J. McDougald
Allan J. McDougald aLLAN J. McDOUGALD, fuel dealer, is a new comer in the coal and wood supply business in Cornwall, having established here in April, 1918. Mr. McDougald is a Cornwall boy, son of John A. McDougald, Registrar of the High Court.
       Mr. McDougald handles all kinds of the famous Scranton coal, and is prepared to make deliveries any month of the year. His facilities for unloading and receiving coal are unsurpassed. His coal yards, corner of Water and Adolphus streets, are ideally located, and both railway and water deliveries are made at his doors.
       For the unloading of barges in the Cornwall Canal, Mr. McDougald has installed the latest clam shell device which is capable of mechanically unloading a boat in fourteen hours. A one ton car operated on a carrier-rail twenty feet high receives the coal from the clam shell and dumps it in the yards.
       Prior to embarking in the fuel business, Mr. McDougald was engaged extensively in railway contracting in the Western States and British Columbia. Latterly he was successfully engaged in mining in the Cobalt and Porcupine districts. He intends to devote his entire attention to building up a lucrative business locally.

Coal Yards of Allan J. McDougald
Coal Yards of Allan J. McDougald
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