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tHOMAS R. CRAIG, who recently purchased outright the building, property, business and good-will of the old-established firm of C. W. Cresswell, Martintown, is forty-one years of age and recognized as one of the most progressive merchants in the County of Glengarry. Mr. Craig proposes carrying a full stock of general merchandise and has made many modern improvements to his new place of business. As the name of Cresswell is universally known and respected, and Mr. Craig is bound to prove a worthy successor, his future business is assured a splendid success. Mr. Craig also purchased the handsome three-story frame dwelling formerly owned by William Irvine. He has established a Delco lighting plant in both house and store.
       Although still a young man, the career of Mr. Craig is an interesting one. He has been a resident of Martintown since 1901, opening a barber shop there after having served an apprenticeship in that business in New York City. In 1905 he opened a livery stable in connection with his barber shop, starting with one horse and rig and having a complete livery equipment for eight horses at the end of the first year.

Thomas R. Craig and His Store, Marintown
Thomas R. Craig and His Store, Marintown

       In 1911 he disposed of this business and bought out B. Warner's bake shop at the corner of Dundas and Grant Streets, operating this business successfully until the present time. Mr. Craig's baking establishment was the first word in bakery completeness and equipment in every department. It was fitted with all modern baking appliances and his 350 customers covered an area of over twelve miles in all directions.
       Starting with the manufacture of eighteen bags of flour into bread per week in 1911, he in four years reached the splendid total of over eighty bags. A Delco lighting plant was one of the features of his bakery.
       Mr. Craig's father's name was Chas. W. Craig, and his mother's maiden name was Helen Anne Snider. He married Catherine Ida McFarlane, and is the father of two daughters. In religion he is a Presbyterian, in politics a Conservative, and is a Scotch-Canadian.
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