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Many of these books can be borrowed through inter-library loan. Some have been transferred to microfilm.

topright.gif (3213 bytes)125e Anniversaire-125th Anniversary Paroisse St-Eugene 1855-1980

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Belden, H. and Co., "Historical Atlas of Prescott and Russell", Gorrell and Company, Toronto, 1879.

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Brault, Lucien, M.A. Ph.D.,  Histoire des Comtes Unis de Prescott et de Russell", Acheve d'imprimer et relie aux ateliers, Le Droit, Ottawa, 1965.

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Campbell, R.B., "The Campbells and Other Glengarry, Stormont and Harrinton Pioneers , Lomar Printers Limited, Ottawa, 1983.

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Charbonneau-Hughes, Carole, “Il était une fois ŕ Vankleek Hill - Once upon a time in Vankleek Hill”, Coombs Cottage Design, Dalkeith, 1997

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Clement, Henri & Margaret McMillan & Jean-Roch Vachon, “Hawkesbury 1859-1984”

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Comite du Centenaire 1879-1970  Paroisse St.Isidore

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Cotton, Ross G. H., 1926-. A collection of Prescott County cemeteries : Chesser Protestant Cemetery, North Plantagenet Township, Founders Cemetery, West Hawkesbury Township, St. John the Apostle, West Hawkesbury Township, St. Peter's Anglican Cemetery, Alfred Township, Ontario, Canada / researched, transcribed and compiled by Ross G.H. Cotton and Leslie P. Higginson  -- [Ontario : s.n.], 1996.

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Counties of Carleton, Lanark, Prescott, Russell and Ottawa directory [microform] -- Montreal : O.L. Fuller, [188--18-- or 19--]

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Elliott, B.S. & D. Walker & F. Stratford-Devai, “Men of Ontario-Militia Rolls 1828-29”, Ontario Genealogical Society, 1995.

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Emard, Michel, 1942-. Inventaire sommaire des sources manuscrites et imprimees concernant Prescott-Russell, Ontario / Michel Emard ; presentation par Lucien Brault  -- Rockland [Ont.] : M. Emard, 1976.

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Fraser, Alex W., 1940-. Title guide of local histories for the counties of Glengarry, Dundas, Prescott, Stormont and area : with selected references to Argenteuil, Eastern Townships, Soulanges, Vaudreuil, in Quebec : also with selected references to Scotland : including the HH/GGS titles / arranged by Alex W. Fraser Rev. 1st ed. -- Lancaster, Ont. : Highland Heritage/Glengarry Genealogical Society, 1991.

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Fraser, Alex W., 1940-. Addenda to the Title guide of local histories for the counties of Glengarry, Dundas, Prescott, Stormont and area, 1992 revised edition, addenda, September 1994  -- Lancaster, Ont. : A.W. Fraser, 1995.

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Fraser, Alex W. & Rhoda P. Ross, “Gravestones of Prescott Co. Volume 1”, Glengarry Genealogical Society, 1985

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Fraser, Alex W., 1940-. List of cemeteries transcribed in Stormont, Glengarry, Prescott County, Ontario and Soulanges & Vaudreuil County, Quebec / by Alex W. Fraser  -- Lancaster, Ont. : Highland Heritage/Glengarry Genealogical Society, 1987.

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Fraser, Alex W., 1940-. Rev. James McNally, partial parish register in Prescott and Russell : baptisms, marriages, 1836-1865 / arranged by Alex W. Fraser, Rhoda P. Ross   -- Lancaster, Ont. : A.W. Fraser, 1995.

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Guillet, Edwin Clarence, "Pioneer Days In Upper Canada", University of  Toronto Press, Toronto, c. 1964.

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Hancocks, Elizabeth, Editor, “County Marriage Registers of Ontario, 1858-1869 Volume 31 Prrescott & Russell

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Harkness, John Graham, K.C., "Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry", Mundy-Goodfellow Printing Company Limited, Oshawa, 1946.

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Hay, William Cameron, 1925-. The Canadian Hay crop, 1815-1983  -- [Ottawa : W.C. Hay, 1983]

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Higginson, Maria & Mrs.James Brock (Agnes M. Higginson), “The Village of Hawkesbury 1808-1888”, Ladies Guild of Holy Trinity Church, Hawkesbury, 1961

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Higginson, Thomas Boyd, "Descendants of the Reverend Thomas Higginson", Research Publishing Co., London, 1958

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Higginson, Thomas Boyd, Editor, “The Diaries of Thomas Tweed Higginson 1844-1902”, Research Publishing Co., London

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Houle, Hubert A. “Repetoire des Mariages de Compte d’Prescott 3 Volumes.”, Centre genealogie SC, Ottawa , 1978.

topright.gif (3213 bytes)L'Orignal, 1876-1976  -- Hawkesbury [Ont. : s.n.], 1983 (Hawkesbury [Ont.] : Impr. Prescott et Russell)

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Martin, Gail, 1959-. A genealogical history of the Martin family of Bellevue, Les Cedres, Soulanges, St. Polycarp, Vaudreuil, Curran and Limoges, Prescott / compiled by Gail Martin   -- Ottawa : G. Martin, 1987.

topright.gif (3213 bytes)McCrimmon, Madeleine, MacLeod, Donaldson R., “Lochinvar to Skye 1794-1987”,  Lomor Printers Ltd., 1988

topright.gif (3213 bytes)McKinnon, Alan Douglas, "The Story of Vankleek Hill and Its Environs" Mika Publishing Company, Belleville, 1979.

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Parker, Neil, Editor, “Fournier 1867-1992” L.A. Sproule Publishing, Vankleek Hill, 1992

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Paroisse St-Gregoire (Vankleek Hill, Ont.) Comite du centenaire. Comite de l'album-souvenir. St-Gregoire, Vankleek Hill, 1878-1978 = St. Gregory [Vankleek Hill, 1878-1978] / realise par le Comite de l'album-souvenir -- Vankleek Hill, Ont. : Comite du centenaire, [1978?]

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Pringle, J.F., "Lunenburg or Old Eastern District", The Standard Printing House, Cornwall, 1890.

Robbins, Douglas A., “Early Marriges In Ontario’s Eastern Townships 1800-1900

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Rumpel, Renie A., Editor “Index to Marriage Registers, Ontario 1869-1873 5 books”

topright.gif (3213 bytes)The Clan MacLeod Society of Glengarry, "The MacLeods of Glengarry, 1793-1971", Iroquois Printing Limited, Iroquois, 1971.

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Thomas, Cyrus, "History of the Counties Argenteuil, Quebec and Prescott, Ontario, From the Earliest Settlement to the Present", John Lovell and Son, Montreal, 1896. Reprinted 1981.

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Union Publishing Co's (of Ingersoll) farmers' and business directory for the counties of Dundas, Glengarry, Prescott, Russell and Stormont -- Ingersoll, Ont. : The Company, 1888-[189-?]

topright.gif (3213 bytes)Wilson, Thomas B., Editor & Publisher, “The Ontario Register, Vol. 1-8”, Madison, NJ, 1968


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