Prescott County GenWeb
Prescott County GenWeb
Welcome to the Prescott County GenWeb site.  My name is Tiffany Fugère, and I am your host.
This site is a collection of genealogical information and resources for Prescott County, Ontario.
Prescott County GenWeb is part of the Ontario GenWeb and Canada GenWeb Project, which are all volunteer based efforts to provide free genealogical information on the Internet.  

Prescott County was formed in 1800 from Glengarry County and is named after Major-General Robert Prescott.

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~1911 Canadian Census!  Extraction of Prescott marriages from Reid/Wilson books
~PHOTOS page added!  Prescott Families page updated!   Old L'Orignal photos!
~Photos added to the Hawkesbury page!  Links to Wikipedia, 1852 census, and Adoption Registry!
Update to links for cemeteries! Page for miscellaneous links.
~Milk coin photo for MacDonald Dairy added to the Vankleek page
~Almost 100 photos from Glenburne Cemetery!
~Historical plaques of Prescott-Russell United links #1 & #2
~Treadwell cemetery link added (St-Léon-le-Grand)
~185 photos from St-Joseph Cemetery in Lemieux, Family page upated
>> 7/12: The Review - VanKleek Hill (1893-1922, 2005-2011; small fee)

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Since I do not live in Prescott County, nor even Canada, please understand that my knowledge of the area comes from researching my own family in Prescott County, and hours pouring through search engines.  I will be happy to provide as much assistance as possible in locating information for, or the answers to questions pertaining to, Prescott County.  If you can provide additional resources, lookups, or assist others in their research in Prescott County, please email me!

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