The Harrigan Family
The Harrigan Family
My known Harrigan's started with Neil Harrigan and his wife Helen or Ellen McCormick. We think Neil came over from County Down in either 1844 or 1845, to prepare for the families arrival.
In 1846, Helen sailed with their kids, Patrick born about 1835, James about 1837, Neil born December 24, 1839, Daniel born around 1841, and Hugh born about 1844. There was also an infant daughter whose name we do not know, but call little Ellen.
There is a family story that little Ellen died just before arrival at Grosse Ile. Wanting to see that the baby was buried on land, she with the help of another passenger continued to pretend the baby was still alive until after the ship was released to sail upstream. By 1850, the family was living along the S. Nations River where their youngest son John was born.
Neil and Helen's boys grew and married, and they spread along both sides of the river. Patrick had a son with Anne McDonald, at about the same time as he drowned in the river. Neil Jr. married Mary Ryan, Daniel married Marie Desjardins, and John married Mary McInnes.
The next generation of Harrigans intermarried with the Blaney's, Robinson's, Muir's, Bradley's, Stuart's, Brown's, Sloan's, Robert's, Paradis', Leblanc's, Blondin's, Reale's, McAuley's and many other local families.
Some of the family spread out across Canada to the west, while others entered the U.S., settling as far away as Southern California. Many still live in and around Prescott County.
Mac McDonald, CA

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