Prescott Extractions from Reid/Wilson
Prescott Extractions from Reid/Wilson
The following marriages are extracted from Marriage Notices of Ontario by William Reid and Ontario Marriage Notices by Thomas Wilson.  These are only those weddings that list a place in Prescott County.  Wilson's work is a continuation of Reid's. The books are arranged by periodical then date.  Names are bolded for easier identification.

Page #
Newspaper & publication date
Wedding information


pg. 48
Christian Guardian, Toronto, 7 Dec 1831
At Hawkesbury, U.C., on 5th Oct, Holland R. Parsons to Elizabeth Coulhart, both of Hawkesbury. (Rev. John McLawrin) {See Wilson Addenda  below]

pg. 60
Christian Guardian, Toronto, 6 Feb 1833
Lately, Nathaniel Bates to Lydia Darlington, both of Plantagenet, U.C. (Rev. J. Black)

pg. 62
Christian Guardian, Toronto, 22 May 1833
On 10th March, David B. Warren, of Longuil (sic), to Lorenze Winters, of Alfred. (Rev. J. Black)
On 29th April, Samuel Bates to Sarah Darlington, both of Plantagenet. (Rev. J. Black)

pg. 64
Christian Guardian, Toronto, Wednesday, 25 Sep 1833
In Plantagenet, U.C., on July 21st, James Cummins to Lorinda Baldwin, both of Papineau's Seignory, L.C. (Rev. J. Black)

pg. 70
Christian Guardian, Toronto, 19 Feb 1834
In Plantagenet, on Feb. 2nd, Hiram L. Cooke to Lucinda Hayes, both of Little Nation. (Rev. J. Black)
In Plantagenet, on Feb. 3rd, Matthew Stringer to Grace Hughes. (Rev. J. Black)

pg. 72
Christian Guardian, Toronto, 9 Apr 1834
On March 18th, Alexander Bagsley to Harriet Bailey, both of West Hawkebury. (Rev. J. Black)

pg. 133
Patriot, Toronto, 23 Feb 1844
At Lachine, on 6th inst., Mr. A. Fraser, of Hawkesbury, C.W., to Jane, eldest daughter of John Fraser, of Lachine, and niece to the Hon. Alexander Fraser, of Glengary. (Rev. Mr. Simpson)

pg. 146
Constitution, Toronto:
5 Jul 1837: On 29th May, George Willis to Anne Wait, both of Hawkesbury, Ottawa District, U.C. (Rev. James McNally)
ibid. On June 7th, Levi Clark to Anne Colbert, both of Hawkesbury. (Rev. James McNally)
ibid. On June 19th, John Hughes to Catherine Darlington, both of Plantagenet, Ottawa District, U.C. (Rev. James McNally)

pg. 173
The Church, Toronto, 18 Nov 1842
At Aylmer, on 5th inst., Thomas Smith, of Vankleek Hill, to Miss Klock, of the former place. (Rev. J. Johnson)

pg. 204
The Church, Toronto, 14 Aug 1846
In Trinity Church, Cornwall, on 5th inst., George Hamilton, second son of the late George Hamilton, of Hawkesbury Mills, C.W., to Julia, eldest daughter of George S. Jarvis of Cornwall. (Rev. H. Patton)

pg. 205
The Church, Toronto, 2 Oct 1846
At West Hawkesbury, on 21st ult., George Higginson, of Buckingham, to Harriet, eldest daughter of Samuel Stevens, of West Hawkesbury. (Rev. Mr. Tremayne)

pg. 221
The Church, Toronto, 31 May 1849
On Thursday last, at Hamilton Hall, Hawkesbury, Walter Scougall to Georgina Henrietta, eldest daughter of the late William Hamilton. (Rev. Charles Forest)

pg. 231
Examiner, Toronto, 25 Nov 1840
On 23rd inst., Neil Stewart, of Hawkesbury, U.C., to Anne, eldest daughter of the late Major Roderick Macleod, of 14th Regt., and Balmeanack, Isle of Skye. (Rev. Dr. Mathieson)

pg. 253
Transcript, Montréal:
1 Feb 1842: At L'Orignal, Ottawa District, on 15th inst., Stephen Hillman to Charlotte Cooke. (Rev. James Byrne)
ibid. At L'Orignal, on the same day, George Hillman to Sarah Ann Wilcox, of the Ottawa District. (Rev. James Byrne)
5 Feb 1842: On Monday, 31st ult., at St. Andrew's, Charles S. Ouimette, merchant, of L'Orignal, to Christiana Marquis, of Vaudreuil. (Rev. Mr. Anderson).

pg. 254
Transcript, Montréal, 6 Aug 1842
At L'Orignal, on August 2nd, William Lees to Harriet Baird, both of Petite Nation. [(officiant not given)]

pg. 255
Transcript, Montréal:
28 Feb 1843: On Tuesday last, 21st inst., at South Nation, Plantagenet, James Fraith, Jr., to Margaret, eldest daughter of Henry Metcalfe, all of the same place. (Rev. Mr. Reynolds)
11 Mar 1843: In this city, on 21st ult., Archibald McKinnon of East Hawkesbury, to Mrs. Harriet Woodman, lately of Clintonville, N.Y. (Rev. W. Taylor)

pg. 260
Herald, Toronto, 7 Nov 1842
On Tuesday, 11th ult., Roderick McDonell, of East Hawkesbury, to Jane McDonell, daughter of H. McDonell, of the 3rd Concession Indian Reservation, Co. Glengarry. [(officiant not given)]

pg. 266
Herald, Toronto, 17 Feb 1845
At Compton, on 20th ult., George E. Brown, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of the late Tylor Parker, of Caledonia Springs. (Rev. James Robertson)

pg. 268
Herald, Toronto, 19 May 1845
At the Beech Ridge, near St. Andrew's, C.E., on 8th inst., Henry W. McCann, of West Hawkesbury, Ottawa District, to Ann, eldest daughter of Capt. D.C. MacLeain, of the former place. (Rev. William Abbot)

pg. 297
Globe, Toronto, 17 Jan 1847
At St. Andrew's, on 5th inst., R. B. Johnson, formerly Captain in the 16th Lancers, and Major of the Brigade on the Staff, to Sarah Jane, youngest daughter of M. Cass, of Hawkesbury, C.W. (Rev. W. Abbot)

pg. 308
Globe, Toronto, 11 Dec 1847
At L'Orignal, on 16th November, the Colin Gregor, Kirk of Scotland Minister at L'Orignal (sic), to Christiana, eldest daughter of John O'Brien, of the same place. (Rev. Wm Mair)

pg. 379
Christian Guardian, Toronto, 5 Jan 1853
On 23rd December, Heman Ward Stone, late of the Christian Guardian Office, Toronto, to Polly, eldest daughter of Abel W. Wells, Of l'Orignal. (Rev. D. Clappison)

pg. 394
Christian Guardian, Toronto, 24 Aug 1853
At the residence of Chauncey Johnson, L'Orignal, Rev. D.C. McDowell, Wesleyan Minister, of the town of Perth, to Sarah Ann, eldest daughter of the late Rev. Franklin Metcalf, of East Hawkesbury. (Rev. William Morton)

pg. 403
Christian Guardian, Toronto, 23 Nov 1853
At Longueil, on 17th October, John Burrows, of Longueil (sic) to Mary Sabrian, of the same place. (Rev. W. Morton)
On 27th ult., at the residence of Major Dale, G.L. Parker, of Petit Nation, to Miss L.A.B. Hamilton, adopted daughter of Major Dale. (Rev. W. Morton)

pg. 415
Christian Guardian, Toronto, 26 Apr 1854
On 16th March, at West Hawksbury (sic), William Mohr, of torbolton, to Ellen Taylor, of West Hawksbury (sic). (Rev. W. Morton)


pg. 14
Christian Guardian Addenda, 30 Jul 1831
At Alfred, 14th inst., Alexander Robinson, of Little Nation, and Catherine Hughes. (Rev. George Pool)
At Alfred by the same on the 14th inst., James Hughes, of County Wexford, Ireland, to Huldah Robinson.

pg. 16
Christian Guardian Addenda, 5 Nov 1831
On 5th ult., Holland R. Parsons & Elizabeth Courtland, both of Hawkesbury. (Rev. John McLaurin)

pg. 69
Christian Guardian, Toronto, 25 Nov 1840
12th October, William Kingston, teacher at U.C. Academy & Maria, only daughter if Chauncey Johnson, on Longuiel (sic) [(officiant not given)]

pg. 74
Christian Guardian, Toronto, 3 Mar 1841
18th Feb. at L'Orignal, Alexis Johnson & Miss Parthena Johnson, both of that place. (Rev. Thomas Harmon)

pg. 81
Christian Guardian, Toronto, 3 Nov 1841
21st Sept., Burgess Hall, of Hawkesbury Tp., & Ann Hemphill, of Trafalgar Tp. (Rev. R. Heyland)

pg. 85
Christian Guardian, Toronto, 23 Feb 1842
On Monday, 17th Jan., Geo. Winters, of West Hawkesbury, & Arabella Cross, of Caledonia. (Rev. Geo. B. Butcher)

pg. 115
Christian Guardian, Toronto, Wednesday, 10 Jul 1844
24th June, at the residence of C. Johnston (sic) Esq., L'Orignal, the Rev. J. Gemley, Wesleyan Minister of Prescott, & Maria Ann, eldest daughter of Lieut. I. Inman, Staff Officer, and late of the 74th Regiment. (Rev. W.H. Williams)

pg. 132
Christian Guardian, Toronto,
27 Aug 1845: At L'Orignal on 12th inst., the Rev. James Elliott, to Miss Harriet Flinn of L'Orignal. (Rev. James Hughes)
10 Sep 1845: 8th July, the Rev. Ozias Barber, Wesleyan Minister, & Sarah, fifth daughter of John McIntyre, of Hawkesbury. (Rev. Franklin Metcalfe)

pg. 142
Christian Guardian, Toronto, 1 Apr 1846
At L'Orignal, C.W., 12th March, Joshua Hall Johnston, Model School Teacher, of St. Andrews, Canada East, & Orithia, daughter of Elijah Kellogg, of L'Orignal. (Rev. James Hughes, Wesleyan Minister)

pg. 166
Christian Guardian, Toronto, 12 Jan 1848
On 20th Oct., Allen Cobb, of West Hawkesbury, & Caroline Cass, of Longueil (sic) (Rev. Joseph Reynolds)
Dec. 2nd, John Young, of West Hawkesbury, & Sarah Howes, of Longueil (sic) (Rev. Joseph Reynolds)
(con't page 167)
Dec. 23rd, Robert McCann & Elizabeth Cross, both of West Hawkesbury. (Rev. Joseph Reynolds)

pg. 173
Christian Guardian, Toronto, 3 May 1848
March 15th, Samuel Frith, of South Plantagenet & Lois Waite, of West Hawkesbury. (Rev. J. Reynolds)
(con't on pg 174)
April 5th, Abner Hannum, of L'Orignal, & Sarah McLeod, of Kenyon. (Rev. J. Reynolds)
By the same, on the same day, Simeon Waite, of West Hawkesbury, & Sarah Eastman, of Coteau-Landing.
April 10th, John Erratt, of North Plantagenet, & Cynthia Doel of L'Orignal. [(officiant not given)]
April 11th, Eli Robinson & Margaret Erratt, all of North Plantagenet. [(officiant not given)]

pg. 181
Christian Guardian, Toronto, 15 Nov 1848
Oct. 18th, at the residence of the bride's father, John Brown, of Augmentation, & Lydia Young, of West Hawkesbury. (Rev. J. Greener)
Oct. 19th at L'Orignal, John Gauly, of Grenville, & Sarah Brown, of Augmentation. (Rev. J. Greener)

pg. 205
The Church, Toronto, 11 Apr 1850
13th March, at Grenville Church, R.D. Byers, of Hawkesbury, & Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Owen Owens, merchant, of Chatham. (Rev. Mr. Lewis)

pg. 219
The Church, Toronto, 31 Jul 1851
On 22nd inst., at St. George's Church, the Rev. John Travers Lewis, Missionary at West Hawkesbury, eldest son of the Rev. John Lewis, late of St. Ann's Shandon, Cork, & Anne, eldest daughter of the Hon. Henry Sherwood, M.P.P. for Toronto. (Rev. Dr. Lett)

pg. 229
The Canadian Churchman (successor to The Church), 9 Sep 1852
Aug 28th at Hawkesbury, John Roberts & Catherine Hickey. (Rev. J.T. Lewis)
(cont on pg. 230)
On Wed. 1st Sept. at Trinity Church, Hawkesbury West, Hellen, youngest daughter of William Coffin, of Coffin  Lodge, Longueille (sic), C.W., & Bolton Waller O'Grady, of Hazelbank, Peterboro', second son of John Waller O'Grady, R.N., Toronto, nephew to the O'Grady of Kilballyowen, and grand nephew to the late Lord Chief Baron of Ireland, Viscount Guillamore. (Rev. J. Travesr Lewis)

pg. 230
The Canadian Churchman, 16 Sep 1852
At Stratford, Sept. 11th, by the Rev. J. Travers Lewis, brother to the bride, John Hamilton, of Hawkesbury Mills, & Rebecca Louisa, second daughter of the Late Rev. John Lewis, A.M., Cork, Ireland.

pg. 270
Christian Guardian, Toronto, 17 Jan 1855
On the 5th inst. at the residence of the bride's father, H. Hughs, of Alfred, nephew of the Rev. John Black, Wesleyan Minister, & Miss L. Hughs, of North Plantagenet. (Rev. W. Morton)
On the 8th inst. at Longueil (sic), G.F. Bellows, of Westmeath, & Miss C.M. Stone, of Longueil (sic). (Rev. W. Morton)
At the Wesleyan Parsonage, Longueil (sic), on the same evening, G. Brown, of Grenville, & Mary Dewer, of Harrington (same)

pg. 288
Christian Guardian, 4 Jul 1855
By the Rev. W. Morton, brother-in-law of the bride, at the residence of her father, on 21st inst., John Cowan, merchant, East Hawkesbury & Anne, third daughter of W. Rutherford, of Oxford, near Kemptville.
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