Waters Family History
Waters Family History
CHARLES WATERS, son of Abel WATERS and Sarah TOMLINSON, was b. May 29, 1787 Vermont, d. Sept. 9, 1865 Victoria Mills, Quebec. He married Maria FROST, b. July 17, 1799, Vermont, dau. of Bela Fenn FROST and Cynthia. She d. Nov. 10, 1879. David Pattee performed the marriage June 21, 1819 Longueil Twp. They are both buried in the Cassburn Cemetery.
They were the parents of 7 children:
Henriette Maria,
Abel, Apr. 24, 1824
Cynthia Ann, June 14, 1825
Charles Tomlinson, June 24, 1827
Sara Sophia, 1833
Marshall Spring Bidwell, 1835
October 1827 Charles Waters (1st) held a Lieutenant's Commission in Company Number 4, 1st Prescott Regiment of Militia. His name also appears in 1832. Although he did not take part, his commission was stripped from him after the Rebellion.
Charles Waters became a member of the Upper Canada Legislative Assembly in 1834 and was one of three members on a committee that wrote the Seventh Committee Report on Grievances, which led to the Rebellion of Upper Canada in 1837. He was a moderate Reformer and did not take part in the revolt.
Charles Waters was a member of Parliament for Prescott and Russel during the Rebellion of Upper Canada 1837-1838. He was a very religious Baptist.
There are letters from Charles to Robert Baldwin, leader of the Moderate Reformers and co- Prime Minister L. H. LaFontaine, it is believed that he was also friends with Louis Joseph Papineau, leader of the Lower Canada Rebellion. Before Papineau fled to the U.S., he went to Charles in VanKleek Hill where he hid for a few days until he could get organized.

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