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Church of England, 1907, Plantagenet
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This picture of the Church of England, Plantagenet was originally sent
as a postcard to Alice Spaul of Chicago. It was postmarked August 16, 1907.
The family of Alice Spaul's husband lived in Plantagenet from 1900 to
1902. Alice Spaul was the great-grandmother of  Ms. Daryl Johnson who
provided the image.

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Anderson-Hay -- includes many Glengarry  & Prescott names such as Hay, Steele, Eaton, Robinson, McDonald, McDonnell, MacPhee, McCaskill, Quesnel, McClure, Welden, Falkner, McInnes, Cameron, Coleman, Noble, Millar, Villeneuve, Jamieson, Stephens, Yenor, Peyto. Sandra Anderson

bullet MacDonalds,MacPhersons & Related Families of Glengarry County by Jamie Moira MacPherson-MacDonald

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